Sadda Haq 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir end up holding Sanyu’s hand. He throws it away in anger. Vidushi collides with parth. Path says I know what you are doing. SAnyu says in heart everything is going fine I need compressor now. She goes to compressor and takes it. Randhir says I just need rely overload. Sanyu says you won’t get it. She goes and takes all the rely overloads in her hand. Randhir is looking for one. SAnyu says now I will see how will you win. Randhir says sanyu is that you. I have been seeing you for three years I know your smell. sanyu says smell comes from your brain. he ays even if you cheat opening your eyes you won’t win. I will be the winner. He holds sanyu’s hand, sanyu throws all the rely away. He throws sanyu away and says I have left one on the floor it might help you when you clean the floor.

Maya comes to the cabin. Vardhan says some papers have come from your college. They are related to the last competition your team from LTS participated in. I am sorry I have read the papers and I have got to know something interesting. Maya says how could you? He says I a an engineer and I was curious. I figured that so many girls applied but you didn’t select one. Maya says that’s my decision. Vardhan says one girl was even better than your captain yet you didn’t took her in the team. maya says I am not the dean to give you justification specially about LTS. She leaves.

There everyone is busy in working. SAnyu wonders has randhir completed? I can’t even see. Randhir is welding. SAnyu says he has started welding and I am still assembling. I have to hurry up. parth is looking for something. Vidushi take off the blindfold and gives it to him. Parth says who has placed I here? Vardhan is monitoring everything. Sanyu has started welding as well. Randhir says you can’t beat me. SAnyu says you will know Randhir who is the winner. Randhir says you were a loser and you will always be. Vardhan comes and says time is up. Open your blindfolds. he starts checking. He says engineers of FITE can’t recognize parts. he says to vidushi, kaustuki and Yoyo you all are failed. Vidushi says we have completed 50%. Vardhan says anything less than 100 is fail for me.

He opens parth’s refrigerator and the light bursts. Vardhan says you have disqualified. he checks sanyu’s, she hs disqualified this time as well. Randhir qualifies. vardhan says is there only one student who can do his tasks? why do I teach rest of you? I am really disappointed especially from you sanyu. it was my mistake that I considered you a potentiated engineer. Sanyu is in tears. Vardhan leaves. Randhir is really proud and happy. He goes to sanyu and says know your worth now? Go and make tea for your dad.

Scene 2
parth is in his room. he takes his medicine. His hands are shivering again. He wonders why was doctor behaving so weird. He takes his laptop and starts searching. He figures out his disorder and says this is why he was concealing from me.

Sanyu is really upset. Kaustuki brings her tea. Kaustuki says forget what happened. Sanyu says Randhir called me imaginary engineer. I thought I will beat him. Kasutuki says everyone has a bad day. sanyu says I don’t know what I am doing wrong. vardhan comes and says I will tell you. Come with me. He takes her to the lab. He shows her machine and says this is your mistake. This is what you left incomplete. You wanted to win but you didn’t. Sanyu says I ws blindfolded. Vardhan says randhir was blindfolded as well. SAnyu says I will beat randhir. Vardhna says you want to beat him more than you want to win. I want you to win not him to lose. Randhir won both tasks because he was trying to win but you were busy in beating him. You were using your strength in beating him down rather than winning. You always won using your innovative mind but you are losing now. You know why? Vardhan says you will keep losing until you don’t bring old sanyu back. You have lost yourself and your dream. He leaves. Sanyu is dazed. SAnyu says I can’t give up. she blindfolds herself and starts working on the refrigerator again. She starts welding again. she can’t find the tools. She says I will use screwdriver as screws. She recalls Randhir’s words.

Scene 3
Vidushi is sleeping she gets a call from parth. Parth says come in auditorium right now. Vidushi says okay I am coming.

SAnyu is done, she opens the blindfold. She starts her refrigerator and it is working well.

precap-Vardhan says the ags is poisonous/ You have to work with this gas in the room. The one who controls the gas will win the task. Yoyo takes kaustuki out. Sanyu says there is something that I am missing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi i’m first !!!

  2. hv to admit atiba u r fast !!!

  3. sach kahu toh mein first isiliye hu kyu ki hamare T.V kharab ho gaye which means i hv to count on the WU until 10 pm …

  4. Before i comment i am a randhir fan all the way..
    So now even vardhan is biased he only wants to see sanyukta winning and not happy about the fact the that randhir has regained his orginal self…vardhan only wants to see sanyukta excel everytime at everything has he forgotten he is the mentor of everyone and not just sanyukta disappointed in vardhan as he doesnt want to see randhir surpass himself he doesnt want to see randhir getting better so annoyed :\ :\

    1. in a way i accept, s, Vardhan is more concerned ONLY abt Sanyu…

      1. he has forgotten the fact he is the mentor of the dream team and not of sanyukta…i dont remember when was the last the last time vardhan tried to motivate randhir when he was in low spirits for example the water heater task when sanyukta manage to complete and vardhan only scolded randhir and not showed him his mistakes…mark my words from now on its going to be the same old track again sanyukta accomplishing each and every task where randhir will be like no accomplishments at all a side character with no skills

    2. Count me in… even I am a Randhir fan yeah to b precise PSB’s….

  5. well i agree with vardhan sir ki sanyu sirf aur SIRF rd ko harane ke liye task kar rahi hai …

  6. Faster yaar.. 🙁

  7. chill guys atiba is REALLY fast !!!

  8. poisonous gas ???!!! really ???

  9. Old Sanyu is back!
    Hope old randher gets back soon!
    Precap is awsom!
    Hope to see some sandher moments! :-*

  10. Awesome ATIBA THANKYOU yaar 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. told ya that atiba is fast 😉

  12. thank u 4 the update atibaa 🙂

  13. rd and sanyu is back …. i am waiting for those cute lil sandhir fights they used to hv !!!!

  14. i think ki nxt task toh sanyu hi jeethegi (agar woh rd se zyada apne task pe dhyan de … but i think she’s gonna win) !!!

  15. parth found out about his disease …. nervous disorder. i guess
    he’s gonna scold vidushi 4 hiding this frm him …
    after all that she did …..

  16. Atiba me jaanti hoon ki tum bahut sari serials ki update karri ho..Aur thum bahut acchi updater ho aur asb updates vakth pe lagathi ho…issiliya me chathi hoon ki tum “NISHA AUR USKE COUSINS” serial ki update karo..PLEASE YAAR

  17. vardhan sir bias nahi hai.. Wo sirf sanyu ko uski galati dikaha rahe the. Pichhali baar sanyu ke collage na aane par rd jab kuch jyada he khush tha tabbhi sir ne use aise hi kuch sunaya tha.. I think he is an ideal mentor.. Ye baat alag he kis sanyu ke dimaag ki car push kiye bina start nahi hoti. To sir sirf dhakka de rahe the.

    1. seriously???? y does not he point out Kaustukis, Jiggys, Yoyis, Sahils and THE CAPTAIN OR THE SO CALLED (???) PARTHs mistakes ???

      1. because others are not trying to beat each other, but sanyu is busy beating randhir rather than focusing on her engineering. vardhaan is right sanyu should concentrate on her work instead of beating randhir.

      2. @ baisali – question is simple… y is Vardhan not training the others???? DT is NOT ONLY ABT SANYU!!!

  18. good ep. but don’t see randhir lose in next ep… i want to see rd win because he deserve rather than sanyukta .

  19. I’m so happy that rd won this task as well,he is rank no.1,sanyu should rembr that

  20. Fantastic!
    I also agree with vardhan.

  21. I totally agree with anamika… i mean atleast Vardhan shld hv dragged Parth (just like he had dragged Sanyu to the lab), shown his mistakes and ask him to rectify the same, remind him that he is the CAPTAIN, as a Captain he shld hv some qualities right???? y did not Vardhan do it???? u watch out, CVs r giving us lollipops, the next tasks will b won ONLY by Sanyu, RD wl come2nd…. mark my words.. thecoming 3rd task MAY end up in a tie berween RD & Sanyu, but the rest…. it is goi ng to b Sanyu all the way…

    Btw, did anyone notice that Sanyu is getting closer to Samir’s family even w/out she either not liking it or her knowledge…??? I am referring here to Pallavi’s visit to FITE…. Honestly, i don’t know how on earth her alliance with Samir can come to an end!!!

    DD, if you cld date a few girls during your college days… i mean a few like the gal who used 2 wear shorts REALLY short, y not 1 cutie pie for our Randhir, atleast just as bffs.. v wld like to see another avatar of Sanyu – the jealous one!!!

  22. Look guyz,pehli baat: Vardhaan sir is a mentor,for gods sake………he is doing this coz he sees the potential in sanyu n wants hr to excel…unaka character itna kharaab mat karo…Parth me unko thoda bhi potential nahi dikhta-hopeless…..
    @pradipta didi,
    Na,ami kokhono bangladesh jaai ni…kintu aamra plan korchi je eyi vacations e jaabo…..
    Tumi bolo-tumi WB e kothaye thako?

    1. @saddahaqrox BANGLADESH!!!!!ami bangladesh boli ni to.ami westbengal ami kothay thaki tao agei bolechi.tumi monehoi amar comment bhalo kore dekho ni.

  23. aaj mai ne ek baat notice kiya ,vardhan sir maya se bol rahe the LITS ke many girls applied but maya didn’t select one.Vardhan says ‘one girl’ was even better than LITS captain yet maya didn’t took her in the team.kya ye koi sign hai ki koi new girl ane bali hai FITE me.lekin mujhe jitna yaad hai LITS ke captain sayad uska naam daram tha,usne kaha tha ek episod me ke unke college me koi girls nahi parti thi.par achanak change kaise ho gaya.kya ho raha hai OH GOD!

  24. This shw is back to square one! Again same thng iz repeating..n hamesha as per precap..randhir still feeling bad for sanyun ..aftr tht smoke…bt sanyunkta..cmmn i dont wnt to talk abt her….i lyk sandhir tghtr vry the way thngs r going..m loosing my hopes day by day….bas randhir ke taunts yaad aate hai usse…usne kitna kuch bola randhir ko vo kuch nai…she is vry cnfusing character….i juz wnt some improvmnt in her…srsly!

    1. @NIDHI U ARE RIGHT.MUJHE BHI AISAHI LAGTA HAI.mai samajh nahi pa rahi hu sanyu ki character ko.

    2. u r right nidhi … sanyu ke character ko toh rd hi pehchan saktha hai 😉

  25. rd goes to sanyu and says know your worth now? Go and make tea for your! kya line hai ,mujhe to maja a gaya is scene ko dekhkar.sanyu ne itna rulaya rd ko to ab sanyu ko bhi equally rona chahiye.for the first time sanyu ko rote huye dakhkar mujhe bohot sukun milraha hai.sanyu rona hi deserve karti hai q ki usne rd ko misunderstand kia hai ye usiki saja hai.

  26. vardhan sir ne sanyu ko apni mistakes isliye dikhayi kyunki woh jaanthe hai ki sanyu woh task complete kar sakthi thi if she concentrated on her task rather than rd .
    aur baakhi sab ne apne task par concentrate kiya phir bhi woh nahi kar paye ….

  27. pradipta হবে একটি পশ্চিম বাংলা হয় ???

    1. @khushi wow!tumi o bengali jene bhalo laglo,kintu tomar comment ami kichu bujhte parchi na.tumi dekho tomar comment incomplet ache.

  28. do check this link :


  29. Pradipta didi,
    Actually bangladesh bhool kore type kore siye chilaam…aar ami jaante chaichilaam je tumi kolkata e kothaye thaako….soory,onek gulo mistakes aache aamaar last cmmnt e….hehe

  30. i think sdhq is focus only for sanyu.

    1. The show is women oriented but then again a good has to have balance they have to make sanyukta and randhir balanced…
      Randhir was introduced in the show like a prodigy a genius….
      And sanyukta a girl who overcomes all obstacles by hardwork but later on it happened that sanyukta is surpassing herself all the time while randhir is standing still no more improvement in his character it would have been better if randhir character wasnt introduced or he would have been shown as a genius or prodigy but just like any other normal student now randhir is just a joke as far as i see…

  31. this is not the 1st time RD is shown as a dimwit or being used as a puppet / scape goat… ye sab kuch toh RD ke saath pehle hi ho chukaa hai. just like anamika said a few days back, i expected Randhir to ignore Sanyu COMPLETELY, but alas!!! Also i do not know y Parths character is being degraded like this….

  32. check this :

    btw, Sanyu after a long time referred RD as MCP Randhir right??? hlw come she forgets there r 3 other imp MCPs in her own family – her dad, her bro’ and of course that chomu Samir??? SH is in a way back to square 1, RD calling her Farzi engineer and she in turn calling him MCP… sacchi, Sanyu toh sirf aur SIRF FITE me aur Randhir ke saamne sherni hai, ghar pe aur Samir ke saamne toh woh bheegi billi hai, bheegi billi!!!

  33. Sanyu ko badaam ki jaroorat hair…….n that post is very much correct.
    Pradipta did,aamaar cmmnt podhecho ki?
    @Khushi,(tomake o didi Bilbo ki??????) Oi cmmnt Ta ki shudu pradiptabdidir jonno chilo????? if not,taholemplzenlish in bangle te lekho-ami bangle khaali bolted air bujhte park…podhte na!!!!!!!!

    1. @saddahaqrox kushi jeta bangla te likheche seta incomplet sentence.ami o kichu bujhte pari hai ami tomar comment porechi.ami kolkata te thaki kintu amar bari siliguri te.ami kolkatay porte asechi.

  34. @pradipta di & @saddahaqrox di,
    i’m sorry par yeh comment meine nahi likha … mere cousin ne likhe mere username se…… (my cousin came over to my house )
    aur sach kahu toh mein malayali hoon

    1. @kushi tum agar malayali ho to tumhare cousin v to malayali honge to bo kise bengali likh paye?!!!!!

  35. i dont knw even what that means

  36. Guyzz iss friday ko kuch hone wala hai..i mean karishma maam tweeted dat ‘get ready to fall in lv with shq agn’ guyzz wht do u all thnk???wht will hpn tmrw???

    1. link denaa yaar…. jaldi, jaldi…

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