Sadda Haq 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir distributes the sheet to everyone. Yoyo has the least, 20% attendance. yoyo says at least i topped somewhere. Jiggy sees someone coming. He is trying to tell them. Suddenly he starts barking. They all hide. The man says whats wrong? Jiggy says a mad dog bitten me when I was coming here. He enters the office. They all come out. from backside. Jiggy says I thought you all were caught, did you changed mine? Sahil syas yes.

SAnyu and randhir are outside renuka’s house. randhir says I don’t wanna see her face. sanyu says see mine only trust me I am here. We have to get your certificates.
When then enter the house. sanyu says where is her room? randhir syas why her room? Sanyu says must be in her room. Randhir says she didn’t even have time to see my birth certificate. sanyu says where are your certificates then? randhir says in my room.

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When they enter the room its very well decorated and on a wall ‘RANDHIR’ is written. Randhir recalls his childhood and playing the room. He picks a toy. sanyu says you used to play with pokemon? He says no. Sanyu says that is why you are embarrassed when I talk about childhood. I wont tell anyone that you played with these toys. I used to love pokemom too. That’s another thing common between us. She sees his awards and trophies and says wow not bad genius. Sanyu says now tell me where are you certificates? He opens his closet. SAnyu finds some cards while randhir looks for certificates. SHe reads a card that says happy birthday my cutie pie randhir, your darling tena. Anither one, you are my kochi mocha miss you so much. He says that was about childhood. its nothing serious. Sanyu says you had so many girlfriends? I thought only I have talent to tolerate you/ He says I am glad you are not like. You don’t need a floral card to express feelings. snayu says you are my first love and I am your last. she kisses him on cheek. she sees randhir’s childhood photographs. she says you were this cute in childhood? what happned to you now? He says I was 13 when left for college. look at this family photo. renuka was the only problem in it. wont you even leave me? sanyu says never. he hugs her and says lets go please I am suffocating.

When they go out they see renuka and her bf. He says you are such a break dancer. I am really impressed and so were the girls there. When you smile I feel like you are the best decision. renuka says you are also the best decision of my life. Randhir gets infuriated. sanyu says lets go. randhir says leave me. Renuka says btw did you see her checking out in the party? He says no I was only looking at you. She says you can be hilarious. sanyu says please randhir control lets go from here. He says okay lets go. He picks sanyu up and gets her in the room. He brings petrol. sanyu says radhir please no what are you doing. He sets the room on ablaze. He says I don’t want any connection of my life. I don’t want any connection for this house and that woman. sanyu says please come out randhir. He has burnt his room. He clambers out and says lets go.

Scene 2
Maya asks for the budget list she is shocked to see the budget. She says we have to call meeting of investor. PKC gives her attendance register. He says many students have low attendance they should face the consequence. Maya says college reputation will be ruined if so many pupils flunk.

Sanyu and randhir watch the news of fire In renuka’s house/ The reporter says, renuka said she was alone in house when incident occurred. She is safe. Sanyu says don’t suppress yourself. He hugs her and says I am fine now. I burnt what annoyed me I feel better;. sanyu says are you sure? he kisses her and says I have to go now. He leaves.

Randhir goes to ground and recalls renuka with her bf. He says I don’t have to think about past. He recalls when servants used to ask her cut the cake without renuka. He said I have to go you can celebrate birthday without me. He recalls harsh saying in the court promise me you will defeat her. He goes to the watchman.

sanyu recalls randhir’s behavior in his house. she says I know you can conceal you feelings but I hope you don’t hurt yourself much. randhir asks the watchman for cigarette and smokes it. He coughs, the watchman says is it your first time? Randhir says after 10 years. I tried it when I was sent to boarding school I liked it back then. Watchman says why now? he says just recalled something. He says when I have thrown all bad things out of my life when this? He throws the cigarette.

randhir enters the room. parth says did you smoke? Randhir texts good night to sanyu. SAnyu syas emoticons cant hide your emotions. I understand everything. you don’t need to tell me anything. I wont let you become self destructive like before.

jiggy says why my attendance 75? sanyu says you are out of defaulters list. Sanyu tells the investors about the dream team. Malhotra says what about the faculty of FITE? sanyu says you know our professors are the best. Malhotra says we do agree about vardhan. FITE has no other professors to respect. maya says we have many more good professors. The man says we have a lot of options to choose from. maya syas I agree with you but you don’t know about others professor. PKC is yet another genius professor. Malhotra says we are not 100% convinced to invest in FITE.

Precap-PKC says you must have manipulated the sheets you all had low attendance. Maya syas because of your stupidity pkc I have lost my investors. I am cancelling your fund. pkc says vardhan gets all the funds already. maya says you are fired you have one week to leave fite.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi guys whats happening here ?? Hi annie … Hi noopur di …. Yaar yahaan jo bhi aata hai uski age mujhse badi kyun hoti hai ?? Koi to yahaan mere jitna age ka hoga !

  2. I m here koi to aao !!! Rahul , annie , noopur di , deepika , samairaa di , shraddha di , afra di n mr. India…

  3. Srry akira mjhe jaana padi…
    i hope u understand…..
    n ye kya mama, bhanja, jiju chal raha tha???

  4. Hey annie di kya hua?????
    Main reply karne waali thi…..was doing three things at once!
    hey come back!
    hi ashu!!!!!!
    Arrey baby, new daksh hain na-12 yrs!
    I cn understand….b4 u came here, mera bhi kuch aisa hi haal tha

  5. U r not worth abt it??!!

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    yahaan aisa chalta rehta hain. ham sabko di aur Bhai bulaenge, toh unki girlfriends ya boyfriends ko bhabhi aur jiju bulana padega na!!!??????/

  7. Koi mere bhi age ka h ya nhi??

  8. bye guyz
    updating TMOTDF in a few mins…
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  9. how olda u randhir Bhai???

  10. Hi! Tumhari age kya h??

  11. I m 22

  12. Hey sanyu

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    Aur sanyu di aap kaise ho??

  14. nnnooo randhir Bhai thers no 1 ur age…….u r above the average age!!!!!1
    there ws 1 old member of the group- @Meera
    she ws ur age
    am I right, gc di????

  15. Acha 21 above avrg h??

  16. haan
    average is 15-19
    me n aishu r below average-13 n 12 respectively!

  17. 20 ki akira thi na wo chali gayi kya??

    1. 20 ki me bhi hu yaar aur me yahi hu…@ akira
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