Sach ka samna (Suhani and Sayyam’s Bond) SUHANI SI EK LADKI – part 2

Hey guys, its Shreya. Here is the next part focusing of the bond between Sayyam and Suhani. In the show even though the truth has been revealed and some beautiful scenes hae taken plae, i still feel lacking of this bond and i hope they will show some sweet moments between them soon. Again, Krishna and Yuvraj aren’t the main parts of this story. This short story will probably come to an end in one or two more parts unless you guys want me to carry on. If so.. please let me know down in the comments below.
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Sayyam parted his lips as if he was about to say something, Suhani smiled with raised eyebrows encouraging the word to leave his lips, whatever they were… she was yearning for him to speak with her.

Sayyam- I-
Sambhav thundered out of a room with fake tears streaming down his heinous face, his arms were covered with scar burns that scattered his skin that Sayyam’s eyes spotted immediately. His heart heaved with confusion and tension, only a few minutes passed after his mother got hurt and now his dad was in pain? Had this so called God made a plan to torture him for the rest of his life?
Sambhav- Sayyam beta! Look what state I am in! This is all their fault. (His voice was a horrendous screech of pretence and Suhani had to squeeze her eyes shut to control her withering emotions. )

Sayyam was easily manipulated by his father’s ‘pain’ and hearing the word ‘beta’ leave from parted lips wrenched at his lonely heart. He ran over to Sambhav and lifted his arm and scanned it with worry spilling as tears from his eyes.
Sambhav- Papa?
Suhani felt agony gripping on to her heart, piercing her lungs. Suddenly each droplet of his tears thundered in her chest, suddenly his pain tortured her. She realized how many times his eyes must have filled up because of her, how he has never had anyone to wipe them away for him and tell him that he must keep strong and face his enemy. She realised his only enemy was her.

Sambhav walks over to Suhani causing her heart to race in fear. When he neared her she immediately backed away slightly and grabbed Sharad’s arm in the cold sweat of revulsion. Sayyam noticed the terror in her eyes and frowned in confusion and concern.
Sayyam- M-
Sambhav- Do you know Sayyam? You know how you generously showering this woman with sympathy for her burnt leg!? She burnt her legs trying to chuck me in to the fire! (He pointed to himself with an angry arm that shook with rage. Sayyam’s watery eyes rounded in surprise.)

Suhani- No I- (Sambhav widened his eyes angrily at Suhani, and then indicates that danger would arrive at her doorstep and Sayyam would be sent to jail if she didn’t play along.) Yes. Yes i did, of course I did. I am yearning for your father to suffer. He will suffer until he dies and then he will rot in hell. Yes I did.
It felt the world was spiralling like a tornado under Sayyam’s unstable feet, he felt as if his sanity had abandoned him, like everybody else had. He told himself to tend to his father’s wounds but his heart told him to wipe away the tears that were filling his mother’s eyes. But she didn’t want him, he couldn’t handle this. He turned away from everybody to hide the way he let himself spill a tear. He walked out of the door, he didn’t want to come back to what these people had made a living hell for him, but he knew he couldn’t leave his mother now he’s found her.
He watched the deep orangle drops of liquor trickle down the side of the glass that resembled blood streaked tears it felt like his heart was crying. He traced the cold metal under his fingertips, and shivered as the foreign object, the small object that held invaluable power, rested in his palm.
His mum tried to burn his father again? Her terrified eyes said no, her tears said no, his heart said… no way. But she’s burnt his father before, she lied to him yesterday… she always lies to him. She doesn’t care for him enough to honour him with the truth he has the right to. If nothing else, his father isn’t trying to hide anything from him, he’s telling the truth, Suhani tried to burn him.
He gulped down the pain stuck at the back at his throat and another tear escaped his darkened eyes. If she wanted to burn his father, okay, but did she never stop to think how he would feel? Does she really not care for him at all, not even a shred of humanity? Does she completely hate him, has he completely lost his mother? Did he ever even have a chance to have her love or care?
He gulped down some liquor. The burning of the liquid running down his throat, temporarily numbing all his other pain. He curled his fist around the handle of his gun, he had made his decision.

Sayyam walks through the door with the liquor wobbling his steps, his tears had dried on to his face as dirorderly streaks.
Sayyam- Im done! (He screams at the top of his voice, his voice ripping through his throat. Everybody rushed to the living room. The entire Birla family, Suhani and Sambhav sees him.)
Sayyam- Finally- finally, I’ve given up! I’m done.. I’M DONE!
Suhani comes the closest to him, shocked in to silence at his ghastly state. Her lips quivered with intense sadness at the feeling of being a failure to her young tortured son.

She gasped loudly and covered her open mouth with her hand as he pulled the gun out of his pocket.

Sayyam- I’m done. Mrs Suhani Birla, can you even imagine what it was like for a young boy to be told repeatedly that they are not even worth making eye contact with because they are an unwanted illegitamate child that was cast aside at birth? Mein mera maa ka pyaar ke liye mera pura bachpan tadap ke raha, aur koi bhi aya nahi. I told myself that it was my fault, that there was something that I must have lacked that my own mother didn’t want me? But apparently, my mother is ready to do anything to cause my papa pain. Even if that means dumping her own son like trash. If thats how much I’m worth, then why? (His rageful voice kept breaking inbetween as they turned in to montsterous weeps. Suhani whimpered with sobs, completely breaking down in guilt and pain.)

He held the gun to his head and tightened his finger around the trigger.
Suhani- SAYYAM, NO! (She screamed until her voice turned hoarse as she grabs the gun from his hand, tremoring in fright. Sayyam stares at her state with round eyes of shock.) WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!
Sambhav comes over and fakes caressing his face and checking whether he is okay, but Sayyam is is still watching Suhani.
She shuts her eyes tights as the tears flow through her closed lids, his words echo around her head and swallows her in guilt. Sambhav’s threats about him haunt her continuously. Her shaky hands raise the gun…
She presses it against the side of her head with her eyes squashed shut. Sayyam felt his heart stop in abhorrence.
Sayyam-MAAAAAAAAA! (He runs to her at full speed and is about to take her gun.)
Suhani- Please Sayyam, stay away, otherwise i will shoot. – Please Sayyam, I don’t- (She swallowed the lump in her throat.) I don’t want to hurt you… please (Her words were broken with strenuous sobs that rattled through her body. He steps back immediately, tears of distress traiing down his cheeks and parted lips.)
Sayyam- Maa, you cant- maa, what are doing! Stop it… STOP IT! Maa please…(He shook his head violently no.)

Suhani- Please, please Sambhav, PLEASE! (She fell to her knees and Sayyam immediately reacted coming near her, and then backing off when he remembered her words about shooting.) I have hurt everyone enough. Spare them… please. I am folding my hands and begging you. Your enemity is with me right? Look! I’ll shoot! Your whole game will finish! Your revenge will bee fulfilled. I’ll do it, I swear! Just let Sayyam be! Let Yuvraj go! Let all my children and family be safe! Please! Im tired. (er voice screeches in agony. Sayyam loses his breath in surprise and he slowly kneels to her level, as his tender tears flow from his eyes. Sambhav had his mouth open and eyes rouded in shock, not knowing how to save himself from this mess.)
Her hand holding the gun against her head shook uncontrollably and her lips wobble with weeps that scratched at Sayyam’s heart, he felt helpless and useless being unable to protect his mother from herself. –What was his dad doing? How is he making his maa so in pain?-he thought.

Suhani- DID YOU SEE HIM?! (she ointe her ittery finger toward sayyam, making him ump.) DID YOU SEE THE STATE MY SON WAS IN WHEN HE WALKED IN, DID YOU SEE!? (-She cares… fr me?- he was taken aback by disbelief.) I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry Sayyam. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be- I couldn’t be who you needed. I’m so (Her cries became hysteric.) sorry, I failed everybody here, I shouldn’t be here, i don’t deserve to- no,no,no- (Her finger neare the trigger, she didn’t realise what she was doing in the haze of pain. Everyone around her yelled at her to stop but she wouldn’t.)
Sayyam’s eyes were bloodshot with tears, this was the aplogy he was hurting her for and now he got the apology… he didn’t want to see tears in her eyes and he couldn’t bear seeing her in danger.

Suhani- I’m so sorry, please forgive me Sayyam. There is nothing left for me ot – for me to fix it. Sambhav promise me, once I’m not here you wil let my family go. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry (She chanted the words frantically, like a prayer.)
Sayyam sat next to her immediately, trembling in tears.
Sayyam- No,no,no,no,no, Don’t say that ma, its okay ma, don’t apologise… (Suhani broke down in to tears struggling to speak. Sayyam watched her in fear, crying in concern.)

She looked up at him and gently caressed his cheek, and he was brought to tears at the sincerity of her touch and the pain in her eyes.
Sayyam- i’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. Please don’t- don’t (She sniffed back her tears.) don’t miss me, I don’t deserve that… I’m so sorry…
Sayyam- (chaotically shaking is head no repeatedly.) No ma, please don’t do this, its okay, trust me its okay. You don’t have to apologise, please, please…ma… (he spoke between sobs he couldn’t hide. He peeled the gun away from her shivering fingers and threw it as far away as he could, and it lande right by Sambhav’s feet.)
Suhani melted on to the floor, folding her knees to her chest like a child in fright. Bhavana ran to Suhani, hugging her to her chest and letting her cry.
Bhavana- What were you think Suhani? What would we have done? What would Yuvraj have done? Are you crazy? (She whispere constantly in disbelief. Sayyam backed away slightly, feeling guilty.)

Sayyam watche with tears of devastation running down his face . Suddenly Suhani’s breathing went raspy and she started hyperventilating and Sayyam frowned in worry.)
Everything had turned in to a blur for Suhani, and Sayyam’s figure had gone fuzzy. She groaned in pain that throbbed in her head through her breathlessness.
Sayyam- Ma? (He approached her in concern.)
Suhani- (She whispered painfully. Sayya… (Her eyes shut and her body fell lifelessly further in to Bhavana’s hands.)

Sayyam- MAA! (He sprinted to Suhani in worry.)
Sayyam stood shock still as the words impacted him and his mind churned in pain.
Yuvaan- I SAID GO!

-Yuvaan is right.- Sayyam thought.-I only know how to cause my mother pain. Sh is better off without me, She has always hated me. I’m so sorry Ma.-
Sharad- Yuvaan-
Sayyam- He is right.

Sayyam turns around and begins to go outside trying to keep a blank face, Sharad had a surprised expression. Sayyam was struggling to decide whether him running away, or him trying to work out why she is saying all this about his father is better for his ma.
Sambhav- Sayyam wait! (Sayyam stopped and looked at him but there was acertain coldness in his eyes towards his father. He recalled the fear in his mother’s eyes.) Look at this family. They will do this entire drama just to ruin me in your eyes. And look how when anything goes wrong they will blame you. they will never change, stay with me please, you are the only support i have aganst these people, beta…
Sayyam looked at him resentfully for a second, composing his confused self.
Sayyam- I need some air. (Sambhav looked surprised at his emotionless bitter response.)

Sayyam started to walking to the door, tears trailing down his face. He stopped at the doorstep for a moment with uncertainty.
He turned slightly to look at his maa. Krishna was shaking her unconscious figure an trying to wake her. He shed another tear.
-Only you can show me what to do ma… Is my father lying?- He thought, with confused youthful eyes that were filled with lonely tears. He turned his back and went outside.

Precap- Sambhav held the gun that fell at his feet against the unconscious Suhani that he hel up straight with his filthy hands. // Sambhav- STAY AWAY OR I WILL SHOOT HER!// He dragged her in to a room, not closing the door while the family watched helplessly.// Sayyam clutched his chest while pacing around outside, he was suddenly troubled with worry for his mother. He turned back and looked at the Birla house quizzically, and then… started rushing toward it.
Please let me know whether i should continue after the 1 or 2 parts i have planned left, if you are enjoying it. And please comment because i have put in lots of work.

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