Saaya (Shadow) RoshAn Horror SS Part7

Aman went to a bank.There accidentally he bumped into a girl.Aman:Sorry,
Suddenly he saw her face.He and she were surprised to see each other.
Shivanya:You still remember me…

Aman:Of course yes.I remember you.

Shivanya asked him painfully:Do you remember my friend?

Aman said painfully:Yes.
Aman thought:How can I forget your friend when she is around me always like a curse?
Shivanya said tearfully:Sorry Aman.You may be thinking that my friend fooled you by not coming to meet you.But actually she loved you sincerely.But she could’nt meet you as she passed away.Her name was Roshni.
Aman felt upset:I know Shivanya.
Shivanya:You knew it?How?
Aman thought:I can’t tell her about Roshni’s soul.
Aman:Leave it Shivanya.
Shivanya:Though you did’nt meet her directly you were connected to Roshni in another way.
Shivanya:Through letters.
Shivanya:She used to send you letters anonymously.
Aman was shocked.

Flash back….

Aman was amused to get anonymous letters.
Aman:This girl is unique.Who writes letters these days?But she chose letters over emails and whatsapp messages.She is special.

Aman wrote her a letter back.


Shivanya:When you replied to her through a letter she was so happy.You both had become so close through letters.But she never revealed her name though you asked her many times to reveal her name.
You did not know that the girl who wrote letters to you was my friend who loved you madly.
Aman was shocked.He was so numb that he was not able to react.
Shivanya was in tears: The day you both planned to meet. Roshni had decided to reveal to you that she is the same girl.But fate did not allow it.Very cruelly her life was snatched by the cruel destiny.
Aman:Are you saying the truth?
Aman’s tears rolled down his cheeks.

Aman reached home.

He remembered his past.How he got closer to the girl who used to write anonymous letters….how she revealed in every letter that she loves him without his knowledge…how he fell in love with her gradually….
He remembered replying to her once:I don’t know how you became an important part of my life.But now you are my inspiration to compose music.Though I have not seen you I feel you everywhere.The last one month changed my life completely.I have fallen in love with you.
When she replied…:Your love is my biggest jewel.I am on cloud nine now.I am the most luckiest person in this world.
When he wrote to her to reveal her name she replied that she will reveal it on time.

One day his best friend Veer’s sister Maya called him to a juice shop.They ordered juice.Aman was sipping juice.
Aman:What do you want to say Maya?
Maya moved closer to his ears whispering:The biggest secret!

Maya said in a romantic tone:The time has come to reveal my identity Aman.

Maya blushed:You asked me to reveal my name through letters.My name is Maya.

Aman was surprised:It’s you who wrote letters to me?

Maya blushed:Yes.
Aman:Oh my God!Why I could’nt recognize you?Why did’nt you talk to me directly instead of writing letters?
Maya:I was scared of rejection.
Aman:Through your words in letters I realized how beautiful your heart is.You have become my soul Maya.
The blushing Maya embraced him happily when he felt that he got his Angel.


Aman’s eyes were full of tears.
Aman:I thought that was the most beautiful moment of my life.I was wrong?Maya lied to me ?The woman I loved is Roshni and not Maya?Am I betrayed?Why why and why?

Aman was frustrated.
Aman:If Roshni was the letter girl why did she hide it from all these days?She could have revealed it to me.Then why?I want to know the truth from Maya.

Roshni went to Shivanya’s house.She saw Shivanya drinking fruit juice there.

Shivanya could not see her as Roshni was invisible.Roshni’s eyes became teary.
Roshni:I want to hug you now Shivanya.But I can’t.

Roshni wiped her tears.
Roshni:I can’t be weak.I have to search what I want.
Roshni went to Shivanya’s room and searched for some albums.She opened an album and removed a photograph from it.
Roshni smirked.

Aman went to Maya’s room.Maya was not there.
Aman:I have to wait for Maya.

Roshni watched it.Her eye balls turned yellowish.

Roshni:You need to know at least a bit of truth now Aman.

In her hand there was the photograph which she took from Shivanya’s house.
Roshni blew air at the photograph.The photograph flew and fell before Aman.Aman took that photograph and looked at it.He was shocked to see it.

  1. Temin sonboir

    i am very eager for next episode loved it

  2. Temin sonboir

    Wow nice episode i never enjoyed any ff expect from this ff i am very eager for next episode loved it

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u so much

  3. Wo…. literally it’s a great mystery…plz update soon…

  4. Shesha485

    The whole fan-fiction is full of mysteries actually I started and completed binge reading by today. Right from the first episode to till now it is of suspense. It is really great that Maya is here. Roshni is a spirit and Aman is a rockstar. Its interesting. Tanu’s seductive manner is lil annoying. Shivanya, Rocky, Veer, Nirmala’s characters are built well.
    From this episode, it is glad to know that Aman loved Roshni and not Maya. Shivanya-Roshni scene is touchy. When Shivanya introduced herself to Aman as love cupid is funny. Aman and Roshni’s first meet is great. Who is the mysterious man and women in the past episodes?
    By the way, The pics are nice and beautiful but some pics are too scary. Keep going. Excited to know what is Roshni’s past, Veer’s truth and the photograph.

    1. Jasminerahul

      surprised to see ur comment here.I am very happy

  5. Finally something new came!!

    1. Jasminerahul

      Something new means?

  6. Adhu

    Nice episode. Maya is so cunning. Roshni and Aman was in love with each other through letters – This is a great twist in the tale. I hope Aman confront Maya for her biggest lie. Feeling pity for Roshni who couldn’t unite with Aman.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

  7. @Jasminerahul
    Wow,this episode is really very interestingly excitingly awesome. So the girl who bumped into aman was none other than shivanya??. Aman and Shivanya’s conversation was really interesting. It was quite interesting as well as sad, When shivanya told aman about the letters and about Roshni and aman recalls his past. After learning that it was Roshni who used to send him letter??and what happened to her, tear roll down on Aman’s cheek ,really feel sad for Roshan.
    And one day when maya told aman that she was the anonymous who used to send him letters and aman felt very happy to found that she was his love. I’m
    Really angry with maya but at the same time I wants to know how did she know about the letters and lost importantly, how did she found out that it was roshni who used to gave aman the letters and she was the one aman was in love with ??.
    And at present when aman came to know that maya wasn’t the one who send the letters to him and he also finds that maya lied to him,really wanna know what will aman do. Glad that he( and us readers) finally found that he loves Roshni not maya??.
    And at Shivanya’s house when roshni came their,the expression of roshni when she saw Shivanya was very touchy ??. Well Roshni took a photo from Shivanya’s room ,it was really exciting.
    And she throw the photographin aman’s room and aman was quite surprised to see the photo,really wanna know what was in the photo that aman was so surprised .
    Although the whole truth didn’t reveal yet,but in this episode the part of truth revealed was surprisingly shocking, really wanted to know the whole truth about Roshni.
    Thnx for the update, really enjoyed this update, waiting for the next update????.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot 4 the long comment.Everything will be revealed in the coming episodes.

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