Saaya (Shadow) RoshAn Horror SS Part 8

Saaya(Shadow) Part 8

Aman went to Maya’s room.Maya was not there.
Aman:I have to wait for Maya.
Roshni watched it.Her eye balls turned yellowish.
Roshni:You need to know at least a bit of truth now Aman.
In her hand there was the photograph which she took from Shivanya’s house.
Roshni blew air at the photograph.The photograph flew and fell before Aman.Aman took that photograph and looked at it.He was shocked to see it.In the photograph Roshni and Maya were seen together.
Aman:How is it possible?
Aman was becoming restless.
Maya entered the room.
Aman showed her the photograph.Maya started sweating.
Maya:How did you get this photograph?
Aman:It was here itself.
Maya thought:Roshni must have shown him this photograph.
Aman:Did you know Roshni before?

Maya was silent.
Aman raised his voice:Say Maya.
Maya got startled by his sharp voice.
Maya’s lips shivered:Yes.
Maya:We..we were classmates.
Aman was shocked:Then why did’nt you tell me this before?Why did you pretend that you are seeing her for the first time?
Maya was sweating.
Aman:Tell me why Roshni hates you.
Maya:Aman,you know why Roshni hates me.Because she wants to take over my position in your life.

Aman stared at her:Or is there any other reason?
Maya was shivering.Suddenly Veer came there.
Veer:I will tell you as Maya is even scared to remember those days.

Aman:You also knew Roshni before?
Aman:I can agree that Roshni hates Maya as she wants to be in Maya’s position in my life.But tell me why Roshni is angry with you.
Veer:Roshni was Maya’s classmate.That time itself she was a dangerous psycho.She was obsessed with you.After that only she realized that you and Maya were connected through letters.When she realized that you are in a relationship with Maya,she even threatened Maya to back out.
Aman was shocked.

Flash back….

Roshni went to Maya’s house.
Roshni:You better leave Aman.Aman is mine.

Maya:Why should I leave Aman when I love him madly?Just because you love Aman,how can he be yours?He loves me,not you.You accept it.

Roshni roared:No Aman is mine.
Maya:Aman loves only me.
Roshni:Aman loves the girl who writes letters to him.He does’nt know that it’s you.I will go and meet Aman as the letter girl.Then Aman will love me.He will accept me as his life partner.
Roshni smiled in an evil manner.
Maya:No…you cannot do this Roshni.I will not let you do that.
Maya held her hand tight.Suddenly Roshni pushed her making her fall down.Maya’s forehead got injured.
Veer who came there saw this with a shock.Seeing his dearest sister hurt by Roshni without thinking twice Veer slapped Roshni.
Veer:You think you can easily drive away my little sister from Aman’s life and take place in his life?If you try for that..I swear..I will not spare you.

Veer pushed her put and closed the door.


Aman was in shock.
Veer:This is why Roshni hates me and Maya.Actually God punished her for trying to separate Maya from you.That’s why she died.But after death also her nature has not changed.
Maya was in tears.
Maya:We hid it from you as we did not want to give you more tensions.
Aman was in a dilemma.
He thought:I trust Veer and Maya completely.But why do I feel that Shivanya was not lying about Roshni being the actual letter girl?May be Shivanya was made to believe so by Roshni.But why does my mind say that Roshni is not a cunning girl?Why after such bitter experiences also my mind is not willing to believe that Roshni is not actually evil?
Roshni who was watching this ran away crying.
She collided with Nirmala.Nimala got scared seeing her.
Nirmala screamed:Bhoot…bhoot…
Aman,Maya and Veer came there.They saw Roshni.
Aman:What happned Nirmalaji?
Nirmala was crying:Roshni bhoot…please save me from her.

Aman:Roshni..leave Nirmalaji…what did she do to you?
Roshni:I did’nt do anything to her.
Nirmala:You hit my body while walking.
Roshni:I hit your shoulders slightly while walking…but it was by mistake…believe me Nirmalaji.I never intended to hurt you.Why should I hurt you? go from here.I am scared to see your face.
Nirmala:I thought you are a good ghost.But you tried to harm Veer and Maya.You proved that all ghosts are equally evil.
Roshni:No Nirmalaji..
Aman:Roshni..please leave.
Roshni looked at him painfully:Do you think that I am bad?
Aman became upset.
Aman:Whether you are bad or good you are not a human being.So all are scared of you.So please leave.
Roshni:Now I will go invisible if you all are scared to see a ghost like me.But I will not go.I will not leave you Aman.You are only mine.I will do anything for that.I can go to any extent to get you.

Aman was shocked.Roshni disappeared.
Maya:See..she is so obsessed Aman.
Veer:Even after death her obsession did not end.
Aman became upset.

Roshni met the mystery person.
Roshni was in tears.
Roshni:Veer and Maya succeeded in portraying me as the worst woman in this world.Aman believes them blindly.Am I failing?

That person caressed Roshni:No Roshni…you cannot fail.You cannot lose your courage to fight for justice.
Roshni:I feel very lonely now.No one is there to believe me.
That person:Who said that you are alone?I am there with you.That’s why even after death I am with you.
Suddenly they saw Aman watching them with a shocked face.
Aman noticed the mysterious person’s legs not touching the floor.
Aman:You are also a ghost?I am a fool to believe you.
They became upset.

  1. Oh god why does not this aman believe roshni…. well nice episode

  2. @Jasminrahul
    Superb??.This episode is really very excitingly interestingly surprisingly awesome. So,roshni and maya was in the photo that’s why aman was so shocked??,Surprisingly interesting.
    And when aman questioned maya about the photograph and about knowing roshni,it was really exciting. And when maya and veer told aman about roshni was maya’s classmates and then later the fb shows where roshni was seen threatening maya to leave aman,it was completely unbelievable.
    At present,on hearing this aman was so shocked and thinking that who should I believe roshni or maya.
    At that time I was also so confused, only thing in my mind is that who is saying the truth, Roshni or maya, reading that part my mind is completely blown away?? but I’ll trust roshni coz she can’t do something like this.
    And when roshni met the mysterious person and talked about how maya and veer portrait her as the evil person and starts crying,really feel sad for her,her emotions really touched my heart??. But feels glad when the unknown person consoles roshni,their conversation was very touchy.
    And the very last part where aman seeing the mysterious person and also noticed that the mysterious person is also a ghost,it was surprisingly shocking that aman know who is that person.
    I am really Excitingly excited for the next update ,really wanna know who is that mysterious person and why aman was so shocked to see him/her.
    Thnx for the update,reallllly enjoyed this update and waiting for the next update????.

    1. Shesha485

      The episiode is awesome. Maya manipulated Aman so easily. Aman could not believe that
      so easily that’s great. Roshni walked out if tears and Nirmala scolding her is sad. By the way, who is the mysterious person? Is it a lady or man? Excited for next episode

      1. Shesha485

        Oops, Sorry. I wrote a reply instead of comment.

    2. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much. You will get to see the mysterious person in the next part

  3. So the photograph was of maya and roshni. And who could be that mysterious person who is also a ghost

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much.please wait for the next part to see the mysterious person

  4. Limit par ho gyi amazingola . I m loving it…. Pls reveal about the mystery man….

  5. Adhu

    Nice episode. Felt bad for Roshni. Vere and Maya is so evil. Maya took Roshni’s place in Aman’s life and saying that Roshni is evil. Who is the strange person as ghost?
    Excited to read next episode.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot

  6. Mohita


    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.Shanaya?did you mean Shivanya?

      1. Mohita

        Yes it is Shivanya!!!!
        Sorry for misspelling it!!!

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