Saathiya ek nayi kahani (Part-28)

At evening…..Sangeet ceremony is started.Guests starts coming.Gopi and rashi is shown in bright coloured lehangas and jewelleries.Kokila says you both are looking good.Gopi and rashi thanks her.An announcer says in mike good evening ladies n gentleman…its the time to rock on.Music plays and all dances.Ishita and raman(yhm) comes.Gopi hugs ishita and says thanks for coming here.Ishita says…” apne sabse aachhe friend ke sangeet par nahi aaungi aisa kabhi ho sakta hai”.Gopi laughs.Ishita says actually ravan kumar and i came here for his business meeting and tomorrow is our flight to delhi so i thought lets go for gopi’s sangeet.Gopi says you didnt brought ruhi and adi.Ishita says ruhi and adi goes for a school camp in dehradun.Gopi says okay.Raman says where is your would be husband gopi.Gopi says he is talking with the guests.Ahem comes.Raman congratulates him.He thanks him.Gopi asks them to enjoy.Ishita meets rashi.Rashi hugs her.Ishita and rashi chats and then rashi goes.Raman and ishita have some sweet nok-jhok.

Ranveer-ishaani(matsh) and yuvraj-suhani(ssel) comes.Ahem meets them.They congratulates him.Ishaani and suhaani gives a flower bouquet to gopi.Gopi says them to enjoy the party.Ranveer says we came here just for enjoying.Gopi and laughs.Akshara and naitik(yrkkh) comes.Rashi glads seeing them and hugs akshara.Akshara says where is your would be husband.Jigar comes and meets them.Kokila and hetal greets their guests.They starts talking.

Announcer lets see our first performance from kinjal modi.All claps.Kinjal dances on “Oye Oye” song from azhar film.Everyone claps.Ishaani and ranveer dances on “tum hi ho song”.Yuvraj and suhani dances on “zehnaseeb”.Akshara and naitik dances on “Tum hi ho bandhu sakha tumhi”.Ishita and raman dances on Gerua song.Everyone claps for them.

Ahem says ladies and gentle man i had called one of my friend Rockstar abhi and his wife pragya(kk).Gopi smiles hearing that.Abhi plays guitar on “Main tehnu samjhawaan ki”…and pragya dances.Everyone claps.Abhi and pragya congratulates ahem gopi jigar rashi.Akshara congratulates gopi too.

Now its turn for gopi and ahem…..Gopi and ahem dances on”Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hain”song and Rashi and jigar dances on “khuda jaane ki” song.Everyone claps.Gopi jigar calls kokila hetal parag chirag and other and all dances on “Lets nacho”…..along with guests and scene freezes.

Precap-Haldi ceremony and mehendi ceremony is going….gopi and rashi applies mehendi….

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    sangeet was very grand.all famous couples performed.all jodies danced on beautiful songs.loved it

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