Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Part 8

Paro sits down on the mandap along with Ahem. Gaura is still tensed. Dadi also wonders where is Gopi. The pandit asks Paro and Ahem to get up. Paro intentionally lets her veil come off. Everyone is shocked. Gaura slaps Paro.
“ Where is my bahu?” Gaura shouts. Gaura is frustrated that everyone found out about Paro.
“ You know where she is though.” Paro says evilly. Gaura is stunned.
“ You are lying. Where is she?” Gaura says. Dadi grabs Gaura.
“ Gaura how dare you play such a dirty game?” Dadi shouts. Gaura gets scared. It was all a dream. Gaura gets relieved. She looks at the mandap and sees that Paro is not there. She had no choice but to tell Ahem. Gaura goes to the mandap and tells Ahem to come with her.
“ Ahem, I have something important to tell you. Gopi has gone missing.” Gaura says. Ahem is shocked.
“ What? But who is that then who was sat on the mandap earlier?” Ahem asks.
“ That was Paro. I told her to sit there in Gopi’s place so I could save my family’s reputation.” Gaura fake cries. Ahem consoles her.
“ Don’t worry. I understand why you did it. I will get Gopi back.” Ahem says. Gaura explains everything. She gives Ahem a note from the new kidnappers. Ahem leaves for the factory where Gopi was kept. Ahem arrives there and sees Gopi on a chair. Gopi sees him and gets emotional.
Kacchi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se
Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde na faasley
Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri
Mere sohneya sunn le meri
Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu milaa ke
Dil diyan gallan haaye…
Karaange roz roz beh ke
Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke
Sataaye mainu kyun
Dikhaaye mainu kyun
Aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaake
Dil diyan gallan haaye
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke
Tenu lakhan ton chhupa ke rakhaan
Akkhaan te sajaa ke tu ae meri wafaa
Rakh apna bana ke
Main tere layi aan
Tere layi aan yaaran
Naa paavin kade dooriyan (x2)
Main jeena haan tera…
Main jeena haan tera
Tu jeena hai mera
Dass lena ki nakhra dikha ke
Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke
Dil diyan gallan…
Raatan kaaliyan, kaaliyan, kaaliyan ne
Mere din saanwale
Mere haaniyan, haaniyan, haaniyan je
Lagge tu na gale
Mera aasmaan mausamaan di na sune
Koi khwaab na poora bane
Dil diyan gallan
Karange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke
Pataa hai mainu kyun chupa ke dekhe tu
Mere naam se naam mila ke
Dil diyan gallan
Karange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke
Dil diyan gallan…
Ahem picks Gopi in his arms. They share eyelock. Dil Diyan Gallan plays again. Gopi is hurt. Ahem carries Gopi.
“ Ow.” Gopi cries.
“ It is ok, you are fine. I will take care of you.” Ahem says. Gopi wraps her arms around Ahem’s neck. Dil Diyan Gallan plays in background whilst Ahem carries Gopi out of factory. They exit the factory. It rains heavily. Suddenly, Sindoora arrives and sees Gopi and Ahem.
“ Excellent. Ahem and Gopi are exactly where I want them.” Sindoora says. She lifts her gun and aims at Gopi first. Vamp tune plays. “ No. I wont let them die so easily.” Gopi and Ahem enter the car. Sindoora laughs evilly as they drive off.
In the car, Ahem says, “ We will go straight back to the house and we will pretend this never happened. It is strange how I never met the kidnappers.” Ahem says. They arrive at the house. Gopi and Ahem sneak in. They both sit on the mandap. Gaura is irked seeing Gopi marrying Ahem. Dadi smirks and goes to the kitchen. Sindoora and Paro enter.
“ Brilliant plan Dadi Ji.” Sindoora says.
“ I knew this game would work on Gaura definitely. I ordered both exchange of Shagun and Gopi but I also arranged Gopi’s second kidnapping. Bechari Gaura has no clue that I made this plan as soon as Gopi was kidnapped. Now finally Ahem and Gopi will get married.” Dadi says.
“ But Dadi, what was the point of kidnapping Gopi the second time?” Paro asks.
“ I wanted Ahem to trust you. You stepped in to marry him to save our family’s reputation. I wanted Gaura herself to tell Ahem what she did. With Ahem’s trust on you, you will gain entry in this household.” Dadi says. Dadi puts a bangle on Paro.
“ Dadi what is this?” Paro asks.
“ I always wanted you as my bahu. Gopi is simply a means to get Sindoora married to Jigar so that Sindoora can ruin this family. But I will make sure that you become Ahem’s wife. A middle class girl like Gopi will never become a Modi bahu.” Dadi laughs evilly.
“ I promise you Dadi. I wont let Gopi and Ahem become one.” Paro says. The trio go back outside. Ahem and Gopi are doing pheras. Saath Nibhana Saathiya song plays. They finish and the pandit announces that they are husband and wife. Gopi and Ahem greet everyone for blessings. Urmilla approaches her.
“ Gopi it is time for your bidaai now before you all leave to go Mumbai.” Urmilla cries. Gopi hugs her mother.
“ Maa, I will always come back to Rajkot to visit you. I promise.” Gopi sobs. Urmilla wipes her tears.
“ You will phone me everyday, do you understand?” Urmilla pulls Gopi’s ear.
“ Ow Maa ok I will phone you.” Gopi laughs. Gopi says goodbye to her other family and leaves in the car with the rest of the Modi family.
In Mumbai, Gopi and the Modis arrive at the new Modi mansion.
“ Gaura, go inside and prepare for Gopi’s grava pravesh.” Dadi says.
“ Ji saasumaa.” Gaura says and goes inside. She comes back with a rice bowl and red veneration plate. Both Gopi and Ahem enter. Gopi hits the rice bowl and looks at Ahem walking alongside her. She smiles. She was falling in love.
Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro raha hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main (x2)

Ahem looks at her back. They share another eye lock.
Sajda tera sajda,
(karun mein tera sajda)
Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
(karun mein tera sajda)
Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon
Gaura and Paro notice and get angry. “ Gopi, Ahem, come, I’ll escort you both to your room.” Gaura says. Gopi and Ahem arrive in their room. Gaura closes the door. Ahem goes straight into the washroom and stays there for 2 hours.
“ Strange man. He hasn’t spoken to me at all and he has been in there for 2 hours.” Gopi says. Gopi removes her bridal attire and jewellery. She puts on her shalwar kameez. She leaves the room and goes straight for Gaura’s room. Dadi is watching. Gopi knocks on the door.
“ Come in.” Gaura says. Gopi opens the door.
“ Maaji, I wanted to talk to you.” Gopi says.
“ Come in, I am like your own mother. Sit down. I am so happy you have become my bahu today.” Gaura says. Gopi sits down.
“ What? After kidnapping me?” Gopi says. Gaura gets shocked. Dramatic music plays. Gaura gets up.
“ What are you saying?” Gaura asks.
“ What I just said. You were the one who kidnapped me. If you never wanted me to marry Ahem, you could have just said. But you put my life in danger.” Gopi says. Dadi is listening to the conversation.
“ Yes it was me. I was the one who did it. Do you want to know why? Because if you come into this house, then Kokila will also return and I will be out.” Gaura says.
“ I knew it. Kokila Aunty told me about your true colours. You are a disgusting woman. And yes, I have married Ahem only to bring back Kokila Aunty into this house and to defeat you.” Gopi says.
“ Defeat me? I am Gaura Modi. Till this day, I have never lost. In fact, I was Kokila’s sautan. Today, I can proudly say that you also have a sautan and her name is Paro!” Gaura laughs evilly. Gopi is shocked. Dhin thana tune plays.
“ Who is Paro?” Gopi asks.
“ Me.” Paro says as she enters. Vamp tune plays.
“ This is Paro, Ahem’s ex lover and one of India’s top models.” Gaura says. Paro smirks evilly.
“ Nice to meet you Gopi Ji. You see Ahem was impressed the way I stepped in to save his family’s honour by taking his place. I am allowed to stay here. As long as I am here, I will make sure Ahem will become mine.” Paro says.
“ You haven’t realised that Ahem put the sindoor and mangalsatur on me. I have the symbol of a suhaagan, not you. Me and Ahem are united together in Bagwaan’s eyes.” Gopi says.
“ You maybe right Gopi but Ahem still loves me. I don’t care about traditions or these rituals. I believe in love and war. Ahem still has feelings for me. Therefore, our hearts are connected.” Paro says.
“ I promise you that I will prove to you that I am worthy of being Ahem’s true wife. Ahem will throw you out himself. That’s my challenge to you.” Gopi says.
“ Challenge accepted Gopi Ji, my dear sautan.” Paro says.

Precap- It is Gopi’s first ritual in the kitchen as she has to make a lot of dishes for the whole family. Paro enters the kitchen secretly and tries to ruin Gopi’s food.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Ahem gopi seeing each other. ? Eye lock…ahem carryimg gopi..gopi wrapping her arms around ahem’s neck was romantic. Glad that gohem got married. Hope dadi’s plan to make paro her bahu will fail.grapravesh was romantic. Gopi gauri tashan n gopi paro face off was superb. Nice songs

  2. This Paro I tell you how the hell can Ahem be hers?? Ahem only belongs to Gopi. Let her keep dreaming as Gopi told her she has the Sindoora and mangalsatur she has NOTHING only evilness. Waiting for your next FF.

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