Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 2

“ So Mandira what is your plan for today?” Juhi asks as she sits on the table for breakfast.
“ Plan? What plan? We’ve sent my darling granddaughter to college to trap Gopi’s son and Rashi’s son. Tum dekh. Rashi and Gopi will both fight. I will destroy their sister bond forever.” Mandira says.
“ Are you sure Sanjana can manage this?” Juhi asks.
“ Of course. She is my blood and I’m sure she can do anything I tell her to do.” Mandira says.
At a college, a modern girl is shown (Chahat Khanna). Her best friends come. “ Hey Sanju!”
“ Hi guys! OMG look how hot I look today! Look at my diamond jewellery my father gifted to me yesterday!” Sanjana says. Her best friends get excited and awed seeing her luxuries. Suddenly, a gangster type boy shouts to her.
“ Hey Sanju, movie tonight?” The boy says.

“ Tell me how it was.” Sanju says and she leaves with her friends as everyone laughs at the boy.
“ Sanju, Robby is like the hottest guy in school and you don’t like him. You are the most popular girl and he is the most popular guy.” Her friend says.
“ He’s not my type you see.” Sanjana says.
“ What is your type?” Her friend says. Suddenly, Jigar drives in front of them (Leenesh Mattoo) in a supercar. Sanjana stands in awe seeing the boy. Jigar comes out of his car and gives a rose to Sanjana.
“ A beautiful rose for a beautiful girl.” Jigar says.
“ Aw how sweet. You are new here? I haven’t seen you before. What is your name?” Sanjana asks.
“ Jigar Malhotra. You?” Jigar asks.

“ Ishika Kapoor. The Ishika Kapoor. I am the most popular girl in this college and my grandfather is the most powerful man in India.” Sanjana coolly says.
“ Ah you are Ram Kapoor’s granddaughter? Nice to meet you.” Jigar asks. “ Do you want to hang out?”
“ Sure. Ok bye guys.” She says goodbye to her friends. She leaves with Jigar. “ So what do your parents do?”
“ My dad is a businessman. His name is Raj Malhotra. My family has close connections with the Modi family.” Jigar says.
“ Oh Modi Industries are our rivals.” Laughs Sanjana.
“ Don’t worry it wont be like Romeo and Juliet.” Laughs Jigar.
“ I never said we were lovers?” Sanjana says. Jigar gets embarrassed. “ Don’t worry, here is my number. Call me anytime.”
“ I will do.” Jigar says. They spend time together. After dinner, Sanjana leaves for class. She returns from class. She calls her grandmother Mandira.

“ Dadi, I have got Jigar in my trap. Now I am just waiting for Prem. Hopefully, he will also be tricked.” Sanjana says.
“ Well done. You are the apple of my eye. You are my blood and I know you would do everything to help me.” Mandira says.
“ Ok Dadi, I need to put the phone down, wish me luck.” Sanjana puts the phone down. Finally, Prem (Arshad Chopra) arrives at the college. Sanjana runs in front of Prem’s car and pretends to get knocked over. Prem is shocked. Prem comes out of the car.
“ Are you alright?” Prem asks.
“ Yes I am fine. Don’t worry.” Sanjana grunts as she tries to get up. Prem holds her.
“ What is your name?” Prem asks.
“ Sanjana Kapoor. You?” Sanjana says.
“ Prem Modi. You cant go home like this. I have to take you home.” Prem says.
“ No I will manage.” Sanjana says.
“ No its fine. My mother will take care of you.” Prem says. Sanjana agrees and takes her into the car. Sanjana smirks evilly.
Prem arrives along with Sanjana at the Modi house. Gopi opens the door and looks surprised when she sees Sanjana.
“ Maa, this is Sanjana. I accidentally knocked her over at college.” Prem says. Gopi pulls his ears.
“ Very bad. I have told you so many times to drive properly. You are just like Ahem Ji.” Gopi scolds Prem.
“ No aunty. It was my fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Sanjana says.
“ Forget all of this. Come inside. I will apply medication to your leg and I will tell someone to get you juice.” Gopi says. Sanjana panics.
“ No aunty. I just need to rest. I will sit on the sofa and I will drink juice. I haven’t had any injuries. I am just very tired.” Sanjana says.
“ Ok I will get you juice then.” Gopi says. Gopi goes and Sanjana sits on the sofa. Saraswati comes down the stairs and Sanjana is shocked to see her.
“ Namaste, who are you?” Saraswati asks.

“ I am Prem’s friend. My name is Sanjana.” Sanjana says. Sanjana quickly texts Mandira, telling her that Saraswati was present at Modi house.
At Kapoor Mansion, Mandira calls Varshini and Juhi into the room. “ What is it Mandira?” Varshini asks.
“ Saraswati is at the Modi house.” Mandira says angrily. Her sister in laws are shocked.
“ Saraswati has already reunited with her daughters?” Juhi says.
“ Yes! Sanjana just told me that she met Saraswati there. We need to do something. If Gopi and Rashi find out the truth, then us three are finished.” Mandira says. “ Im going Modi house myself. Let’s see how long Saraswati stays there. I will pick up Sanjana from there.”
“ Are you sure Mandira?” Juhi asks.
“ Yes I am sure. I want to go there myself. I will meet Gopi again as well.” Mandira says.
Mandira leaves and then she arrives at Modi house. Vamp tune plays and Gopi senses a bad omen. A storm happens and Gopi accidentally drops the offering plate on the floor whilst praying at the mandir. Her mother in law, Malika (Dhrasti Dhamini) is shocked.
“ Gopi, what happened?” Malaika asks.
“ Nothing maaji. I just heard the doorbell and I accidentally dropped it.” Gopi says.
“ Beta this is abshagun. Please don’t do it again.” Malaika says.
“ Sorry maaji. I will go and open the door.” Gopi says. Gopi goes and opens the door. She sees Mandira and is confused. “ Jaise Krishna. Who are you?”
“ You don’t know who I am, Gopi Modi.” Mandira says. Gopi is confused again. Gopi thinks that who is this person.
“ I don’t know who you are.” Gopi says.
“ My name is Mandira Kapoor. I belong to this richest family in India? Ok you don’t know me then. I am Sanjana’s grandmother.” Mandira says. Sanjana arrives and sees her grandmother.
“ Dadi!” Sanjana runs and hugs her grandmother.
“ Where is Saraswati?” Mandira whispers into Sanjana’s ear.
“ She has gone out.” Sanjana whispers back. Mandira releases Sanjana.
“ These bachay. They are very dear to me. Gopi thank you so much for looking after my granddaughter. I was so worried.”
“ No worries.” Gopi says.
“ Actually I came here to discuss something very important. The truth is that my granddaughter loves your son Prem. I know she has only spoken to him today but she has liked him for years. I want my granddaughter to become your bahu.” Mandira says.
“ I don’t know. I have to speak to Prem about this. And my husband is also abroad. I will speak to Prem and my husband. If they agree, then this wedding is decided.” Gopi says.
“ Thank you so much! I hope they agree.” Mandira says. “ Ok I will leave with Sanjana now. Bye.” Mandira leaves with Sanjana. Sanjana and Mandira sit in the car.
“ Dadi, you never met that Saraswati.” Sanjana says.
“ I don’t need to sweety. The conflict between Gopi and Rashi will begin soon. There will be a big Mahabharat between both sisters very soon. Sweety didn’t you see Amba anywhere?” Mandira says.
“ I didn’t see Amba aunty there.” Sanjana says.
“ 5 years ago, she decided to support the Modis instead. I was the one who sent Amba to destroy the Modis. Gopi and Rashi snatched my daughter Amba from me and now I destroy the relations between both sisters.” Mandira says. Vamp tune plays.
Mandira and Sanjana arrive at Kapoor house. Varshini is ready.
“ Where are you going?” Sanjana says.
“ Plan number 2 starts. Rashi’s house.” Mandira says.
Varshini arrive at the Malhotra mansion. Rashi opens the door. “ Namaste.”
“ Namaste.” Varshini says.
“ Ap?” Rashi asks.
“ I am Varshini Kapoor. I want my granddaughter to become your bahu.” Varshini says.
“ Kya!” Rashi is shocked. “ My bahu? Jigar!” Rashi shouts. Jigar comes.
“ Yes mama?” Jigar asks.
“ What is this lady saying? Do you have a girlfriend?” Rashi asks.
“ No mama.” Jigar says.
“ Jigar, Ishika likes you very much and she wants to marry you.” Varshini says.
“ Jigar, tell me the truth. Who is this Ishika?” Rashi demands.
“ A girl I met today. She gave me her number as well and we spent time together.” Jigar blushes.
“ I see. Well come in and I’ll speak to my husband about it as well. He should be arriving soon.” Rashi says. Varshini comes in and sits down. Raj arrives.
“ Rashi, who is this?” Raj asks.
“ Jigar’s new girlfriend’s grandmother. She has come here for a marriage proposal.” Rashi says.
“ Mama she isn’t my girlfriend!” Jigar says.
“ But you spent time together and you like each other. Of course she is your girlfriend now.” Rashi says.
“ Rashi calm. This is good news. I think we should arrange the engagement ceremony soon. Don’t you think?” Raj says.
“ If you think this is right then I accept this proposal.” Rashi says. “ But I need to meet the girl first.” Varshini panics.
“ No no. You can meet her on the engagement ceremony. I will call you when you want to arrange it.” Varshini says.
“ Ok that’s fine.” Rashi says. Varshini leaves.
In the evening, Rashi calls Gopi. “ Hello Rashi behen, how are you? How is Raj and the children?” Gopi says.
“ We are fine Gopi. Today I have splendid news. Today a marriage proposal came for Jigar today from the Kapoor family. I am so happy. The girl’s grandmother was so nice.” Rashi says.
“ That’s weird. A marriage proposal came for Prem from the Kapoor family as well. What is the girl’s name?” Gopi asks.
“ Ishika.” Rashi says.
“ Oh. She must be Sanjana’s cousin or sister. Sanjana is also from the Kapoor family and her grandmother came along to tell me that Sanajna likes Prem.” Gopi says.
“ I am so happy for you. You know, these 5 years have been magical. I cant believe me and you are going to become saas. I remember when me and you both got married into the Modi family and Kaki Ji scolded me on the first day there for getting up late. I cant believe I have to be a mother in law again. I missed Tolu Molu’s weddings when I was in London but in this birth, I will not miss Jigar’s wedding.” Rashi says.
Ha Rashi behen. I will also become like Maaji. I will support and guide my bahu just like Maaji guided me.” Gopi says.
In the Punjab, Chandighar. A mother (Shagufta Ali) is shown shouting. “ Where is Heer?”
“ Maa, she has gone to the Lohri Festival.” Her sister (Nia Sharma) says.
“ Simi, I warned you not to let her go. I wont spare Heer today!” Her mother Urvashi says. Urvashi leaves and arrives at the Lohri Festival. A girl is shown dancing with her friends. Her face is not shown. “ Heer!” Urvashi screams. Heer turns around. (Sriti Jha) Urvashi comes into the crowd and holds her ears.
“ Ow sorry mama. Sorry mama. You know how much I love Lohri.” Heer says.
“ You should be studying Heer. What will my friends say? Heer was dancing around.” Urvashi says.
“ Your friends are always interfering in my life. Mama, I want to go to New Delhi and find a new destiny. I want to be something. I cant stay here forever.” Heer says.
“ I wont let you go to a big city like that on your own. Its too dangerous.” Urvashi says.
“ But mama…” Heer says.
“ Shut up! Walk with me quietly.” Urvashi says. Heer gets mardy.

Precap- Ahem agrees to the marriage proposal. Both Prem and Jigar arrive at the engagement cerony. They are shocked to know they are to engage with the same girl. Prem and Jigar fight.

  1. Isaaq

    Gopi to make the same mistake when she trusted Gaura and Vidya and Meera got trapped. Because of Gopi trusting Mandira, her children will suffer again.

    Heer is a new character. She will be Jigar,s future wife. She is in fact the real Divya who was killed by Sindoora (who was never Gohem daughter but Radha daughter). Divya has been reborn as Heer. She will soon begin her love story with Jigar.

    Rashi and Gopi will break their relations with each other after Prem and Jigar fight. Heer will be the one to join both sisters together. Heer will stop Mandira from succeeding

  2. Isaaq

    And more members of the Kapoor house will be introduced soon.
    Mandira daughter in laws and son and their chikdren.
    Varshini daughter in laws and sons and their children.
    Juhi daughter in laws and sons and their children. Three big families.

    There will be lots of new characters introduced.

    Heer will not become Jigar new wife as it will be weird as she was Rashi niece in her previous birth.

    Therefore Heer will become Juhi grandson wife With the evil Kapoor family introduced, the Modis will face a new battle. Sindoora was just one vamp but now there are three main vamps now- Mandira, Juhi and Varshini.
    The second generation- the three vamps children will also be negative. Mohini from Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi will be Juhi daughter in law. She will also be negative and she will be Heer mother in law.

    Durga will become Mandira grandson wife and Pari will become Varshini grandson wife. The three Modi daughters will suffer in the Kapoor house. Will Gopi and Rashi save their daughters?

    Rashi will also become negative as Jigar tries to commit suicide because he loves Sanjana. Rashi will be forced to fight with Gopi. Mandira will be responsible for separating the Modi family

  3. Isaaq

    Ram is the eldest in the family. Then his brother Om and the youngest is Mihir. The theee Kapoor brothers are unaware of their wives and daughter in laws evilness

  4. I like the new picture!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you! It was actually the picture of the show after Radha went jail and before Rashi death

  5. Jasminerahul

    Mandira sent sanjana to trap jigar and can jigar fall for her in just one meeting? Silly can rashi and raj be so foolish to fix the marriage without enquiring anything about the family? Usually for arranged marriage they try to enquire about the family. never expected this from raj though rashi can be silly sometimes.Gopi has more sense. She atleast did not fix the marriage immediately. I wished you had introduced heer for prem.Surprisingly you introduced heer who is the rebirth of divya.but heer is not aditi,but sriti. I thought you will introduce aditi as heer.but heer is not for either jigar or prem.which actor will be juhi’s son opposite heer ?please give a nice girl to harshad.amba is mandira’s daughter. Cool

    1. Isaaq

      Heer is getting married to Jigar I’ve decided. Read below about her story.

    2. Isaaq

      Sanjeeda Sheik to play Heer. I know Sanjeeda played Kajol but Kajol won’t be shown in the ff as her character isn’t important anymore. I’m focusing on the new generation

    3. Jasminerahul

      So Heer won’t be Juhi’s dIL,but Jigar’s wife.Nice.But since this is the continuation of previous seasons Heer being Sanjeeda looks illogical.Let it be Sriti or should give a genuine reason 4 why Heer looks like Kajol who is Gopi Rashi’s relative.

    4. Nandhini

      @ Jasmine: Ohh you are from from kerala! So you are a malayaali right? I am from chennai and i am a tamilian.

    5. Jasminerahul

      wow…we are neighbours

    6. Nandhini

      Yes Jasmine we are neighbors!??

  6. Nandhini

    Heer’s introduction was good…waiting to see her character development…marriage fixed in just one day after one meet of the guy and girl sounds so silly…rashi and gopi should not be so dump to believe outsiders(kapoor evil vamps)…and so the daughters of gopi and rashi will get married into kapoor family…actually i liked the jodi of jigar and heer because here in our south indian culture,, a niece is as equivalent to daughter-in-law and a niece can also become a DIL to her aunt…waiting for the engagement scene…

    1. Isaaq

      Heers story will be very interesting. In fact, I’ve introduced her because the story will now focus on her. Based on the film Dangerous Ishq and the love story Heer and Mirza, Heer was Divya in her previous life.

      Heer fell in love with a man. They loved each other. This man was Jigar in their previous life. Divya was kidnapped as a baby from Sanjana as shown in season 2. Sindoora was Radha daughter who was taken from the orphanage. Both girls grew up as cousins like Gopi and Rashi.

      However Sindoora got jealous of Divya and her lover. She killed Divya and the man committed suicide after her death. Now… she has been reborn as Heer and the man is now Jigar.

      Do you guys want Sindoora to be reincarnated to be the vamp in Heer and Jigar life?

    2. Riana

      Sorry but i dont want Sindoora to rule again…I think the story is interesting now without Sindoora…pls dont mind what i said!!…

    3. Isaaq

      If Sindoora is reborn, she would only be 5 years old right now. She could return in future season.

      I’ve done a lot of leaps and right now I’m not going to do any leaps. I’m only going to do short leaps like 6 months

    4. Jasminerahul

      Are you a south Indian?Which place do u belong to?
      I belong to Kerala.But here cousin weddings r very rare.Cousins r now siblings.

    5. Isaaq

      I’m from the UK lol. And Jigar and Heer are technically not cousins lol. Heer although is Divya and has Divya soul, Heer has no relations with the Modis other than her soul is Divyas

    6. Jasminerahul

      Actually I was asking Nandini from where she is as she talked about south indian culture

  7. Riana

    Dhrashti Dhami is gopi’s MOM IN LAW????….Quite shocking!!…Okay…Prem n Jigar r trapped in Sanjana fake love??…Mandira’s plan is going well soon there will be a Mahabharat??…Waiting…But who is heer????

    1. Isaaq

      Heer is the real Divya. Sindoora was not Gopi daughter she was Radha and Umang daughter. Radha abandoned Sindoora. Sindoora was found by Sakshi. Sakshi and Sanjana also kidnapped Divya who was the real twin of Vidya.

      Divya has been reborn as Heer. Read above about her story

    2. Jasminerahul

      Even i’m shocked to see Drashti as gopi’s MIL.but was Malika there in previous season as Ahem’s mother?Sorry,i don’t remember.Thats y I am asking u

    3. Isaaq

      Basically Krishna married Malaika. When Ahem and Jigar were reborn, Sona ran away with Tolu and Krishna and Malaika. Krishna and Malaika became Ahem and Jigar adoptive parents.

      However Kajol is Gopi real mother in law but she never brought up Ahem and Jigar. Kajol will not be shown in the ff as she isn’t important anymore

    4. Jasminerahul

      Was Krishna’s Sona’s son?Why did sona run away with krishna Malaika n Tolu?Is Malaika Sona’s DIL?Why did Krishna Malaika adopt Ahem Jigar?Why did’nt Kajol look after her sons?

    5. Isaaq

      Jasmine. Sona ran away because of Sindoora. The sage told Sona that Gohem and Raji would be reborn so Sona took Jigar and Ahem to save them from Sindoora.

      Krishna was Sona son yes lol. Kajol never looked after her sons and Sona disappeared. Plus after Gohem and Raji were killed, Kajol had enough of the sadness in India and went abroad and she returned in season 3.

    6. Isaaq

      Ok Riana. It’s best if Sindoora doesn’t come back. I don’t mind anything? If she come back, it’ll just be the same as before and it will get boring

    7. Riana

      ??????…. (LOOOOL)

  8. Shakaib

    You done it isaaq di, I love it..!! I’m shocked to see drashti as Gopi’s mother-in-law. But I think. Kajol/sanjeeda shaikh should be her saas because sona take away ahem and jigar from kajol. Right..?? And I’m really grateful to you for playing jigar’s role by Leenesh Mattoo.sad to know that rashi will be negative, but happy also that she will turn positive later. I don’t want sindoora back. I want story move on with mandir a because its more interesting than sindoora. Wow! My favourite actresses, nia and sriti, but I want to ask whether heer’s face was different in her previous birth or not..?? Are you going to introduce simi’s love interest, if not, then please introduce her love interest as Ravi dubey….please….

    1. Isaaq

      Ok I think I will bring back Kajol as Gopi saas. I will bring her back and she will be the new Kokila. Naiya and Kajol will return at Diwali!

      I need a vamp in Heer and Jigar life. Sanjana is just a puppet and she isn’t a real vamp. I don’t want to bring Sindoora back myself because I ended her character in the best way- she was killed by God.
      I’m going to add a supernatural aspect to my ff from now on like Naagin. Now that the story will shift towards Heer and Jigar, I can focus on the love story and soulmate relationship between them. Heer and Jigar are two soulmates that have been separated in each birth. In every birth, their lives are ruined by one particular villain. Fate always brings a villain into their cycle of rebirth.

      Sindoora was brought by fate to be the vamp in Heer previous life. Now another vamp will be introduced in a future season.

      Simi could have a love interest. I might consider Ravi Dubey

  9. Shakaib

    Please read and comment on my fan fiction also.

  10. Shakaib

    Isaaq di, Wow! Its first time, I’m seeing leenesh and sriti pairing, it will be awesome. But villain for their love story, I will suggest you, Shagun Ajmani, I’ve seen her in jamai raja. So, I’m suggesting her, she looks good in villain role. Hope you will suggesting actress.

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