Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 16

“ How dare you throw them out? And who is this girl?” Gopi says. Sindoora explains to Gopi her whole plan and how she kicked out the Modis. Gopi is shocked. Dramatic tune plays.
“ 11 years Gopi, I kept you away from your family. I wont easily let you unite with your family.” Sindoora says.
“ Ever since you entered my life, all you have ever done is snatch everything from me. You have always destroyed my happiness and tried to harm my family.” Gopi says.
“ Oh Gopi Modi. Because of you and your family, I died. I accept that you never abandoned me as a baby because you were never my mother but still, whilst I was pregnant, you left me to die!” Screams Sindoora.
“ You deserved to die Sindoora. You have committed so many sins. I don’t why Kahna Ji has allowed this to happen, for a demon like to be reborn.” Gopi says. “ And you? Why are you doing this?” Gopi says to Devki.
“ You will see Gopi Modi why I am doing this to you. I wont spare you.” Laughs Devki. Goons enter the mansion and surround Gopi.
“ Tie her up and throw her down the basement. Im going upstairs to watch a movie. Devki are you coming?” Sindoora says. Devki nods and they go. Sindoora laughs at Gopi. The goon come closer to Gopi. Gopi walks backwards. She sees a vase and throws the vase at a goon and he starts bleeding. Gopi runs out of the house. Har har gange song plays. Gopi is running on the road. The goons chase her.
“ What shall I do? I need to get away from here. Theres no cars here.” Gopi says. Suddenly, she sees a horse carriage on the road. Gopi gets on and she rides the horse carriage. The goons get on their bikes and chase her. One of the goons call Sindoora.
“ Malikan Ji, she is escaping on a horse carriage.” The goon says.
“ You stupid fool! How has she become basanti now? Make sure she doesn’t reach Urmilla Mansion!” Sindoora screams and puts the phone down. The goons continue to chase Gopi.

Ahem is driving on the main road. He sees a horse carriage. “ Foolish people, here are so many cars and these fools are riding their carriage here?” Ahem says to himself. He looks carefully and is stunned seeing Gopi riding the carriage.
“ Gopi? No that must be Devki. But why would Devki be riding a carriage?” Ahem says. Ahem suddenly sees men on bikes chasing her. “ Gopi!” Ahem shouts and he drives towards the carriage. Ahem levels along with the carriage. Gopi looks to the side and sees Ahem. She gets teary eyed.
“ Ahem Ji?” Gopi says.
“ Don’t worry, Gopi I will save you. Just stop the carriage.” Ahem says.
“ I don’t know how to Ahem Ji.” Gopi sobs. Suddenly, a man jumps on the carriage and cuts the ropes of the horses to the carriage. The horses run off and the carriage stops.It is Ram.
“ Gopi Ji, I wont let anything happen to you.” Ram says. Gopi gets annoyed and gets of the carriage.
“ I told you not to follow me. I don’t need your help.” Gopi says. Ahem is confused.
“ Gopi, who is this?” Ahem says. Suddenly, the goons arrive. They start fighting with Ahem and Ram. Ahem and Ram beat up the goons. The goons run away.
“ Thank you for saving Gopi and helping me.” Ahem says.
“ No problem, after all, she is my ex-wife.” Ram says. Ahem is shocked. Greyscale effect. Ahem looks at Gopi in shock.
“ Gopi, is this true?” Ahem says. Gopi gets teary eyed.
“ Yes Ahem Ji, I married Ram when I was 18 and we divorced when I was 19. Ram is my first husband.” Gopi says. Ahem doesn’t say anything and hugs Gopi.
“ Im just glad you are back. Were those Sindoora’s men?” Ahem says.
“ Yes Ahem Ji, she is back and she wanted me dead. I have seen my humshakal as well. We have to do something Ahem Ji.” Gopi says.
“ Lets go home first. Ram, you can come with us.” Ahem says. Ram agrees. After they left, a goon was watching them from the forest. He phones Sindoora.
“ Malikan Ji, job has been done.” The goon says.
“ Splendid, nice work.” Sindoora says and she puts the phone down. She smirks evilly at Devki.
“ Your plan is working successfully Sindoora.” Devki says.
“ Yes because I am the best sweetheart.” Sindoora laughs evilly.
Ahem, Ram and Gopi reach Urmilla mansion. Gopi gets emotional seeing where she grew up in her previous life. “ It hasn’t changed at all. Its still the way it was like before.” Gopi says. The three go upstairs and enter the chawl.
Kajol opens the door and is confused.
“ Ahem, why is this Devki here with you?” Kajol says. Gopi gets teary eyed.
“ Mom, this isn’t Devki. This is Gopi. There were goons chasing after her.” Ahem says happily. Kajol starts crying and hugs Gopi.
“ How are you beta? Where have you been for 11 years?” Kajol sobs.
“ I was in coma Kajol.” Gopi cries. “ I was in Canada and Ram here saved me and took care of me.” Kajol gives blessings to Ram.
“ Thanks to you, our Gopi was saved. Come inside.” Kajol says. Gopi enters and sees Amba and Jyoti. Amba comes and hugs Gopi.
“ Welcome back Gopi behen.” Amba says.
“ I am very happy to see you. How are you?” Gopi says.
“ I am fine.” Amba says.
“ Who is this girl?” Gopi says about Jyoti.
“ This is Jyoti. This is Arjun’s wife. Arjun is abroad now. I wish we had Adi today with us but he is dead.” Amba says.
“ I know. We lost him as a baby. Kumari tried her best to find him years ago but she failed. I think he is no longer on this world.” Gopi says sadly. “ Where is Rashi behen? Is she at the Malhotra mansion?”
“ Yes Gopi of course.” Ahem lies.
“ Lets go there then. I want to meet her.” Gopi says.
Sindoora and Devki are talking.
“ Soon Ahem and Gopi will separate again Sindoora and my revenge will be fulfilled.” Devki says.
“ How can you be so certain?” Sindoora says.
“ Because my beloved ex husband Ram is there. Ahem will get jealous of Ram and Gopi will be thrown out of the house herself.” Devki laughs. Greyscale effect. Devki removes her mask (Anita Hassanandi).
“ I prefer your name as Anjali rather than Devki.” Sindoora laughs evilly.
“ Hats off to your Maa, Radha killed my parents Divya and Veer but you gave me a new life.” Anjali says. “ Gopi is equally responsible for everything bad in my life.” Anjali says bitterly.

When Gopi went to Oxford University along with Rashi, Gopi was already married to Ram. When Gopi was 19, everything changed. At a party, a man (Sanghram Singh) spikes Gopi’s drink with alcohol. His name was Ashok.
“ Gopi Ji, drink this.” Ashok says.
“ Sure.” Gopi says and she drinks it. Gopi feels dizzy. Ashok drags her and takes her away. He takes her to a room and tries to undress her. Gopi gets into her senses and tries to push him. Ashok tries to go on top of her. Gopi sees a knife and stabs him. Ashok dies. It turned out that Ashok was Ram’s brother and Anjali’s husband. The court held that Gopi was innocent as she killed Ashok in self defence.
“ Gopi! I don’t want to see your face ever again! I don’t believe you! My brother would never try to rape you. Here are the divorce papers. Sign them and leave my life forever.” Ram shouts. Gopi signs the papers. After that, Anjali marries Ram. But they divorce later on.

“ Gopi Modi killed my husband and I will get my revenge. Sindoora Maa, we were a team in the first season of this great story and we are still a team.” Anjali says
“ Yes we are still a team. For so many years, we have been plotting together and the Modis never realised that you were always on my side.” Sindoora says.
“ True, I had to live with that stupid Khushi for so many years. I’ve had children with that useless ex husband of mine. I’ve married Ashok, Ram, Yuvraj and Ahem. Wow four marriages. I just cant settle down. I am married to Ahem now as Devki but I still love Ashok and I will get my revenge on Gopi. She snatched my Ashok from me and now I will snatch her Ahem Ji from her.” Anjali says. Shagun tune plays.

Precap- Gopi reaches Malhotra mansion and is shocked seeing a garland over Rashi’s portrait.

  1. Isaaq

    This is wrong???? you did all wrong. It’s season 6 part 11

    1. Riana

      Isaaq u should go to contact us n inform this mess to tellyupdates…??

  2. Isaaq

    Thanks for ruining my story telly updates

  3. Isaaq

    Anjali back for her revenge. She will be like Shagun and she will try to snatch Ahem from Gopi.

    Since many people were unhappy with Sindoora return, Anjali will be the main vamp from now on. She will be exactly like Shagun.

    This is Anjali

    Shagun wanted to snatch Raman and Ruhi from Ishita.

    Anjali wants to snatch Ahem and Gohem children from Gopi.

    1. Jasminerahul

      shagun was not a dangerous vamp.she was just grey.luckily she never tried to snatch raman from ishita like other vamps

    2. Isaaq

      Shagun wasn’t as dangerous as Niddhi but she has tried to kill Ishita when she got her kidnapped.

      In my opinion, Shagun is a dangerous grey character because she likes to use children for her own benefit. She brainwashed both Adi and Pihu against Ishita.

  4. Isaaq

    Will Anjali succeed in taking Gopi’s place in Ahem and the Modis life?

  5. Isaaq

    Originally Sindoora was supposed to be the main vamp from now on but the story will be repetitive and won’t be interesting.

    Anjali will be the main vamp. She is nothing like Jaya. Jaya had a stupid revenge and all she did was kidnapping and killing.

    Anjali will be manipulative and she will attack Gopi by snatching her family. Gopi loves the Modi family so much. In the show, Gopi does everything to keep her family safe. However Anjali will take advantage of this and try to snatch her family away from her. Anjali will be the first vamp of Gopi Destiny to understand Gopi’s real weakness which is her love for her family.

    Mandira track will come soon during this season.

    The second main vamp along with Anjali will enter later on in the season. She will be a big surprise?

    Sindoora is going to be Lakshmi vamp. However Sindoora won’t be shown that much during this season.

    I loved Shagun as a vamp in YHM and finally she will be Anjali as the new vamp of Gopi Destiny.

  6. Isaaq

    All the previous vamps have tried to kill Gohem. That’s what the track has been all the time. Which is why it was losing its charm.

    Anjali will be a different vamp that wants to snatch all of Gopi happiness. She won’t try and kill her, she will do much more than that???

    Anjali Modi is back for vengeance??? Her evil scheming will ruin Gopi life. Im glad Sindoora won’t be plotting much this season. Anjali will be plotting instead as she will aim to destroy Gopi life.

    1. Chetan

      Great I love it………. sindoora is my favourite………………. anjali is same as earlier……. will khushi also alived……..

      Please leave your details comment on my ff

    2. Isaaq

      Khushi who was played by Sanaya Irani will also return. She has been abroad for a lot of years.

      She has become a very strong woman now since season 2.

  7. Jasminerahul

    surprisingly ahem had no reaction when he came to know that ram was gopi’s ex husband. thankfully no problem between gohem. shocking that devki is actually anjali.guess face mask is a trend in serials and films anjali dumped her husband and married ashok?why did she leave her husband? gopi killed ashok for saving herself and that’s why anjali is coming to take revenge..shocking.ram who left gopi for this reason is after gopi it because hr realised that ashok was wrong?

    1. Isaaq

      No Anjali first husband was Ashok. Then it was Ram. Ram found out that Ashok was guilty and Anjali later divorced Ram.

      Anjali lied about her husband abusing her. Anjali put on Devki mask whilst Ram was chasing her along with Neha. Ram didn’t know Anjali had the mask on.

      Priyanka threw down Gopi so Anjali took take Gopi place. This was all planned.

      Sindoora found out about the plan after Gopi disappearance. Sindoora never knew that Anjali was still evil.

      Before Ram chased Anjali, Anjali was married to Yuvraj ( Mohit Raina) who was Khushi husband Arnav (Barun Sobti) brother.

      Anjali was married to Yuvraj all this time until she left Yuvraj during season 5. Then Ram found out that Anjali was responsible for separating Gopi and Ram as it was her aim.

      Then Ram chased after Anjali after finding her until Anjali cleverly became Devki. Ram does not know where Anjali is right now.

      Anjali as Devki, is currently married to Ahem.

    2. Jasminerahul

      oh so she married yuvraj later.i was confused bcz when u introduced khushi n anjali u got anjali married to arnav’s brother

  8. Riana

    The episode was Fantastic….Gohem met after 11 years…Ahem is reactionless after hearing about Ram…Devki is none other than Anjali…???….Shockingly she got married 4 times…loool????….Btw the last part was nice….Precap is scary…???…What will happen will gopi came to know that her Rashi ben is Dead??…???

    1. Isaaq

      You have to wait and see?

  9. Nandhini

    So there is no gopi’s look-alike…it was anjali all these times who was the wife of ram’s brother and ram…its funny she is boasting herself she has married four times and still she is not settled??
    Yeah some relief from sindoora’s plottings for some time but still i love her new plottings till date…anjali wil make gopi a hopeless mad woman- thats her only aim??

    1. Isaaq

      She’s already done a lot of damage- it’s going to be so heartbreaking for Gopi? Anjali like Shagun, is going to be the most manipulative vamp in Gopi Destiny.

      In KGGK, there’s a vamp called Pallavi who attacked Parvati by stealing her loved ones and turning her family against her. She always wanted to snatch everything from Parvati.

      Whereas Trishna wanted Parvati to suffer. She attacked Parvati through physical torture rather than mental torture.

      Sindoora is like Trishna who has only killed and kidnapped the Modis.

      Anjali will be like Pallavi who won’t use violence. She will mentally torture Gopi. Anjali has already done something really evil that Gopi will be broken?

    2. Chetan

      Please do full comment on my ff

  10. Isaaq

    Anjali is also Gopi granddaughter which makes it more interesting?

    Radha also wanted revenge for Umang death. Anjali is exactly the same? she wants revenge for Ashok death. Gopi never killed Umang but Gopi killed Ashok.

    Radha became a widow and lost the love of her life. Anjali also lost the love of her life as Gopi killed him. Anjali won’t spare Gopi now.

  11. Isaaq

    Murder is a sensitive topic. Was it right for Gopi to kill Ashok for trying to rape her?

    Gopi in the show Killed Radha to save Rashi Jr and her family. But here Gopi killed Ashok to save her dignity and her life. Was this right? Did Gopi have the right to take the life of another human being?

    That’s why Anjali is the most sympathetic vamp because Gopi also committed a sin of killing someone. Here both the protagonist and antagonist are wrong.

    Therefore, it is my readers choice to be on Anjali side or Gopi side ( who murdered another human being). Who is righteous in this Mahabharat?

    1. Nandhini

      Gopi did nothing wrong here in my personal opinion..i support Gopi..yes she must kill the molester to save herself..i know murdering an other person is a very big sin..but in this situation a woman cannot take these nonsenses of a guy raping her so she can kill or injure that guy if that is the only option for her self-respect..anjali is pretty stupid and blind in her love for her husband(though i understand her plight and anger for gopi)..if she is in gopi’s place, she must have done the same thing right??

    2. Isaaq

      Yes Anjali would of done the same.

      Lakshmi track to begin soon . I’ve decided not to do the abusive husband track like I suggested. I’m going to introduce a love story instead with a lot of twists.

      Meanwhile Anjali will try to steal everything from Gopi. She will try to come between Gohem.

      Anita and Mansi failed to snatch Ahem from Gopi. But let’s see if Anjali succeeds in her plan. She wants to see Gopi all alone.

      Meanwhile Sindoora won’t be seen that much. The real mastermind was Anjali all along. Sindoora probably will become the main vamp after a leap.

      This is the best season yet and I have more twists and exciting tracks coming soon.

      Since Sindoora has been reborn, I might plan to make her a grey character to make her character more interesting. I have plans for Sindoora character in season 7?

      There’s more evil vamps coming soon in the season.

    3. Nandhini

      So anjali is the main vamp in this season….but nooooo! I was very much excited for lakshmi’s track when she gets married into a abusive family…but you cancelled that?? please bring a story for woman empowerment keeping lakshmi as the main lead coz she is my favorite and she is a perfect character to fight back her vamps (like seeta in SNS)…

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