Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 5 Part 1

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5 years later… Modi family were finally at peace after Sindoora’s death. After so many years, they were finally at rest. They had their Gopi bahu back after all…
A woman is seen at the temple at 6am. She starts singing Hey Gopal. Everyone starts panicking. The whole Modi family comes down. Gopi also comes down and the Modi family are shocked to see her.
“ Gopi, if it isn’t you. Who is doing bhajan?” Kumari asks. The woman turns around and it is Durga (Krystle Dsouza). Gopi runs to hug her daughter.
“ When did you arrive in India?” Gopi asks happily.

“ Mama, just an hour ago. I thought I’d wake you all up.” Durga says.
“ Drama queen.” Gopi says. Durga greets the rest of the family. Later on, they have breakfast. Gopi goes in the kitchen and Kumari follows her.
“ Gopi, do you know what day it is?” Kumari asks.

“ No why?” Gopi replies.
“ It is Sindoora’s death anniversary. Your daughter’s barsi.” Kumari says.
“ She wasn’t my daughter and you know that Kumari. We didn’t even do her final rites. 5 years ago, we decided that we should forget her and pretend that she wasn’t my daughter. I only have three daughters and that is Meera, Vidya and Durga. Please don’t mention that evil girl in this house again Kumari.” Gopi leaves the kitchen. Kumari feels bad. She calls Rashi.
In Rashi’s mansion, Rashi tune is played (Din din tharara thin thin). Rashi is shown in a gold saree. “ Ha bole Kumari. Is everyone ok in the Modi mansion?”
“ Yes everyone is fine. You know it is Sindoora’s barsi today and I am worried about Gopi. I know Sindoora did a lot of sins but we have to accept that she Gopi’s sagi beti.” Kumari says.

“ It’ll take time for Gopi to forget 5 years ago. I know what you mean. But that woman was evil and she brought a storm to our family. It took us 63 years to defeat her and Gopi needs to relax now.” Rashi says.
“ You are right. You know Durga has come back to India. I was so excited.” Kumari says.
“ Really? That’s great. You know, me and Raj were thinking of coming tomorrow to Modi mansion along with Pari and Jigar.” Rashi says.
“ Please do come. Ok I need to make tea for Ajay. Bye.” Kumari says.
Raj arrives. “ My doll is looking very pretty today.” Raj says.
“ Raj, you never stop flirting with me.” Rashi says. Raj grabs her.
“ You’re my wife, of course I want to shower my love on you.” Raj says. Rashi releases from his grasp.

“ You don’t know how to romance. You’re a buddha now Raj Ji.” Rashi says. Raj tries to grab her again but she escapes again. Zaalima song from Raees plays…
Jo Teri Khaatir
Tadpe Pehle Se Hi
Kya Usse Tadpanaa
O Zaalima
O Zaalima

Jo Tere
Ishq Mein Behka
Pehle Se Hi
Kya Usse Behkanaa
O Zaalima
O Zaalima

Aankhein Marhaba
Baatein Marhaba
Main Sau Martaba
Deewana Hua
Mera Na Raha
Jab Se Dil Mera
Tere Husn Ka
Nishana Hua
Jiski Har Dhadkan
Tu Ho Aise
Dil Ko Kya Dhadkanaa
O Zalima
O Zalima

Rashi runs and Raj chases her romantically. Rashi laughs but Raj comes out of nowhere and holds her against the wall.

Saanson Mein
Teri Nazdeekiyon Ka
Ittar Tu Ghol De
Ghol De

Rashi escapes again.

Main Hi Kyun
Ishq Zahir Karun
Tu Bhi Kabhi Bol De
Bol De Leke Jaan Hi
Jayega Meri
Qaatil Har Tera
Bahana Hua

Raj catches Rashi and lifts her in his arms.

Tujhse Hi Shuru
Tujhpe Hi Khatam
Mere Pyar Ka
Fasana Hua
Tu Shama Hai Toh
Yaad Rakhna
Main Bhi Hoon Parwanaa
O Zaalima
O Zaalima

Deedar Tera
Milne Ke Baad Hi
Chutte Meri Angdayi
Tu Hi Bata De
Kyun Zaalima Main Keh Layi

Pari (Jennifer Winget) and Jigar (Ad) laugh at their parents romancing. Raj quickly puts Rashi down and they get embarrassed.
“ Mama, why are you getting shy? We were just laughing that dad was chasing after you.” Pari laughs.
“ Eh Pari! When you get married then you wont be laughing then. These things happen in marriages!” Rashi shouts.
“ Ok drama queen. We need to go college soon. Is breakfast ready?” Jigar Jr says.
“ No, it isn’t ready. And since you called your mama a drama queen, you have to make it yourself. You know, when I was Rashi Modi in my previous life, I used to sit around and do nothing. I made Gopi do all the work. If you want, I can do the same here.” Rashi says evilly. Rashi tune plays.
“ No, Rashi. Please don’t. Gopi told me how you were like then.” Raj laughs.

“ Are you scared?” Rashi asks.
“ No, Rashi please make me tea. I need to go office.” Raj says.
“ I would of made it but you busy trying to romance with me.” Rashi says. Rashi lustfully looks at Raj and she goes to the kitchen.
At Modi mansion, Gopi is worried. Durga comes and notices that her mother is upset. “ Mama, whats wrong.”
“ I don’t know Im feeling very weird. I feel like something bad is about to happen.” Gopi says.
“ You are probably just having this feeling because it is Sindoora’s barsi today.” Durga says. Durga hugs Gopi.
At a big mansion, a woman is sitting on the sofa with all the Modi photos on the table. Gopi, Ahem, Rashi, Radha Raj and all the Modi members’ photos are all over the table. A goon comes.
“ Madam, this is the Modi family. Do you need anymore information?” The goon says.
“ No, this is enough.” The woman says. “ So Gopi and Rashi are connected to this family. My stepdaughters have been alive all this time.” The woman says. Her face is revealed (Achint Kaur). “ You can leave.” A woman arrives ( Shubhavi K).
“ Mandira, what is all of this? These photos?” The woman says.
“ These two girls are Gopi and Rashi. They are alive.” Mandira says.
“ Gopi and Rashi? Alive? How? You threw them in the river when they were newborn.” The woman says.
“ It appears they survived. When they couldn’t find their bodies, I always knew they were alive. I’ve been looking for them for so many years.” Mandira says.
“ Any information about them?” The woman says.
“ Yes Juhi.” Their conversation is interrupted by another woman (Meeta Vashist). “ Oh Varshini, come sit. I have splendid news. Gopi and Rashi are alive.”
“ How is this splendid news Mandira?” Varshini says. “ They are the last memory of Saraswati, your husband’s ex wife.”
“ Varshini, Gopi and Rashi are very important to me. I am happy that I found them. I will finish off what I have started. You see, Gopi and Rashi belong to the Modi family, however Rashi remarried to another man and she left. The Modis have been on the news over and over. 5 years ago, Gopi’s daughter Sindoora tried to kill the Modis but she died sadly. You don’t know what has happened before then, believe me it is a circus family.” Mandira says.

“ What will you do to Gopi and Rashi?” Juhi asks.
“ Destroy them of course. My husband thinks that his daughters were aborted. If he finds out that they were thrown in the river, I will be thrown out of this house.” Mandira says.
Saraswati (Sakshi Tanwar) is walking outside of the mansion. Varshini, Juhi and Mandira call goons to kidnap her. Goons come and kidnap Saraswati. Saraswati is in a room.
“ Who are you people?” Saraswati screams.
“ Chup Mother India.” Mandira comes out of the dark. Saraswati is shocked.

“ Mandira, please leave me. I want to go back.” Saraswati pleads.
“ Why? I want your husband. Do you really think I’m going to let you go back to Kapoor Mansion sweety?” Laughs Mandira.
“ Please I am pregnant with twins.” Saraswati sobs.

“ Pregnant huh? You will stay here for 9 months then. You will do your delivery here. It’ll be more fun.” Mandira says. Mandira laughs evilly and she leaves the room.
9 months later, Saraswati gives birth to Rashi and Gopi. Mandira takes both twins to the river and throws them in the river. Gopi and Rashi both reappear in River Ganges where Aaliya (Shweta Tiwari) and Sindoora find them.
Mandira and Saraswati return to Kapoor Mansion. “ Ram, I found her!” Shouts Mandira. Ram (Ram Kapoor appears).
“ Saraswati, where are my children?” Ram demands. “ Where have you been?”
“ I will answer your question Ram. Here, abortion medical reports 9 months ago. In these reports, it says that Saraswati aborted them. She ran away to abort your children, Ram.” Mandira says. Mandira gives the report to Ram, who slaps Saraswati hard.

“ Disgusting woman! How dare you murder my children?” Ram shouts.
“ Please Ram, these reports are fake, she is lying.” Saraswati sobs.
“ These are not fake! Where were you for 9 months?” Ram shouts.
“ Mandira kidnapped me.” Saraswati sobs.
“ First you kill your own children then you accuse me of kidnapping you? How dare you?” Mandira shouts. A doctor arrives. “ Look here is the doctor who did the abortion? Doctor, do you recognize this woman?”
“ Yes, I recognize her. She was the one who had an abortion 9 months ago.” The doctor replies. Ram fumes.
“ Mandira, please. I will handle her today.” Ram says. Ram grabs Saraswati’s hand and throws her out of the house. “ From today, I don’t want to see your face ever again. Don’t ever come back.” Ram shouts. Saraswati looks at Mandira, Mandira smirks evilly. Saraswati leaves the Kapoor Mansion.

“ Listen Mandira. If you don’t act soon, Ram will find out his daughters are alive and Saraswati will back in this house.” Juhi says.
“ Don’t worry. My revenge for Saraswati is still not over. I will use her daughters to finish her off once and for all, so Ram is mine forever.” Mandira says.
The next morning, Gopi and Rashi are shopping. “ Rashi behen, you are still the same. Always do shopping. You need to look after your household.” Gopi says.
“ Gopi, I have servants to do that.” Rashi says proudly.
“ Rashi behen, I am worried that you are becoming old lazy Rashi again.” Gopi says.
“ Gopi, why is everyone teasing me? It was Maa that used to tell me not do any work.” Rashi laughs.

“ Yes, it is strange how everything has changed since then. We were reborn and our lives began again.” Gopi says.
“ Gopi, have you ever wondered who are our real parents?” Rashi asks.
“ No, Aaliya Maa told us she found us. I wonder how our mother looks like. I wonder if I look like my mother or father.” Gopi says. Saraswati arrives at the same shop. Bhajan plays. Saraswati doesn’t notice her long lost daughters in the shop.
“ Bhai saab, let me look at that sari.” Saraswati says.
“ Sorry madam, those two women over there chose it.” The shop owner says. Saraswati approaches the Gopi and Rashi.

“ Excuse me, I really like that sari but you have already selected it. Can you give it back?” Saraswati asks.
“ Sure. We will choose another one.” Gopi says.
“ What is your name?” Rashi asks.
“ Saraswati. You?” Saraswati asks.
“ I am Rashi and she is Gopi. We are both sisters.” Rashi replies. Dramatic tune plays. Saraswati gets emotional because she named her daughters the same names.
“ You know, I named my twin daughters the same names. Its strange isn’t it.” Saraswati says.

“ That’s so nice. You need to let us meet your daughters.” Gopi says.
“ Sadly, they are not on this world anymore.” Saraswati says.
“ Sorry to hear about that.” Rashi says.
“ You should come to our house right now. We have a nice family.” Gopi says.
“ No sorry, I should be going. My daughter is waiting.” Saraswati says.
“ No please I insist. I know what you are going through. In fact, 5 years ago, I lost a daughter but she died because of her own sins.” Gopi says.
“ Ok if you say so.” Saraswati says.

Precap- Saraswati narrates her whole story to Gopi and Rashi. Gopi suspects Saraswati has their mother.

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  1. Isaaq

    Gopi Destiny is back!!! The first grand episode was celebrated with Raj and Rashi dance in this episode and entry of the new vamp.

    With Sindoora gone, season 5 begins focusing on Gopi and Rashi biological family. The vamp who tried to kill the sisters as newborn has now returned. What new twists will come now? Will Raji and Gohem love survive the new evil to come into their lives???

  2. Isaaq

    Saraswati will also become Janki Devi in this new season to battle with Juhi, Varshini and Mandira. The three women who tried to kill her daughters and the ones who plotted against her. Gopi and Rashi will soon reunite with their mother when they find out that she is their mother.

    But Mandira has plans of her own. She plans to ruin the love lives between Raj and Rashi. Amba will be negative as revealed and she has been instructed by Mandira to cause problems in the Modi house.

    It will also be revealed that Mandira is the one who sent her daughter Amba to trouble Rashi but Amba pretended to be positive after Sindoora death.

    Mandira was responsible for Rashi going jail! She planned it all!!! Sindoora didn’t even know that Mandira was behind everything!

    1. Isaaq

      And love lives between Gopi and Ahem

  3. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see krystle as durga.where is Rashi’s daughter Gia Manek?waiting 4 her track too.kumari seems to be nice now.hope she doesnt turn -ve again.raj rashi romance was so sweet.Who plays their son Jigar?How can Pari be Jennifer Winget?Bcz Jennifer was junior Rashi.How can Raj Rashi’s daughter look like Jigar Radha’s daughter Rashi?so finally its revealed that Ram n saraswati r gopi rashi’s real parents.Ram n sakshi that wicked mandira abandoned gopi rashi n caused mu btw ram saraswati n ram saraswati got separated.mandira knows they r alive.wonder what she will do now 2 gopi rashi.will b interesting 2 c saraswati taking janki devi’s avtar n protecting her daughters from evil mandira.Goshi meeting saraswati n chatting without knowing who she is was lovely.precap is interesting.gopi doubting if saraswati is their real

    1. Isaaq

      Sorry Pari will be played by Ekta Kaul. Jigar will be played by Mohit Seghal(Sanaya Irani real life husband).

      As you noticed in the picture, Arnav and Khushi picture is there. For the past few seasons, I haven’t focused on Khushi an s her husband at all. Khushi is Rashi Jr daughter…

      Gopi son will be played by Arshad Chopra. His name will be Prem. Both Prem and Jigar will fall in love with the same girl. This girl will be none of than Mandira step granddaughter. Mandira will create differences between Gopi and Rashi and will try to destroy their sister bond.

      It’s been hinted in this episode that Rashi will become her old self again. That is true. Rashi will become grey again as she cannot see Jigar suffer. Rashi will possibly join hands with Mandira later on and cause problems for Gopi like she used to do before

    2. Isaaq

      Gopi Jr will soon be introduced again. She got married so she’s with her in laws now. It’s Diwali soon in the next few episodes so she will return on Diwali

  4. Isaaq

    Raji forever❤️❤️❤️ My best couple- which is why they were only couple who got a full song

  5. Fantastic Episode…5 years leap cool…Rashi n Raj (AshiRa) scenes were too Romantic…bit didnt raj died on previous season or he got saved…Btw where’s ahem??…Is he dead????…Mandira as Achint kaur is Superb!!…Juhi means Ksbkbt’s Meera right??…Well Sakshi Tanwar played the role of Parvati in your ff too in season1 right…then how she came here as Goshi’s bio mom in season 5…Though the epsiode was grand with Zaalima song i was reading n listening the song too…You should continue…I wish you also could introduce kokila (Rupal patel) in a new role…if you wish!!…

    Pls too checkout the Shaadiwala episode of my ff SENK…

    1. Isaaq

      Raj was originally in coma because that kamini Sindoora shot him but eventually he came out of coma.

      Jigar is the one who died and Sindoora killed him when she tried to shoot Rashi.

      Ahem is still alive don’t worry?? He’s abroad right now with his son on a business trip. He’s going to return soon.

      Yh Juhi is Kyunki Saas’ Meera. Juhi will be one of the main vamps in this season. You didn’t notice that Varshini is Trishna from KGGK. She is also a main vamp.

      I know I’ve already used Sakshi Tanwar before but I want to use her again. Besides Parvati only entered as a KGGK character. Now she is entering as a SNS character.

      I could reintroduce Rucha Patel as Gopi and Rashi’s Dadi. Since the real Kokila is dead, I could use the actress to play a new character?

    2. Isaaq

      I’ve hinted a lot of times in this episode about Rashi old self when she was negative. Gopi son Prem and Jigar will fall in love with Mandira step granddaughter. This will cause problems between Gopi and Rashi. Rashi will become negative once again.

      It’ll be interesting because this episode was so romantic because AshiRa don’t know that they will soon fight. Raj will be helpless seeing his wife become evil again.

      1. Isaaq

        It’ll be Raj responsibility to save his wife from Mandira grasp. It will be a test of love for Raj to turn his wife good again.

  6. Very good!

  7. Shakaib

    Awesome. Waiting for more updates. Raj-Rashi zalima song scene was superb. Add Gohem scenes also.

  8. Shakaib

    Isaaq di, I want to give you a suggestion, that in my point of view,mohit sehgal is not perfect for jjigar Jr role. I will prefer leenesh mattoo for jigar role.

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you. From now on, it’ll be Leenesh Mattoo for the role.

      I just need to find a girl that will play Mandira granddaughter that will play around with Jigar and Prem feelings and trap them

    2. Isaaq

      And also Mandira granddaughter will be called Sanjana and she will be played by Chahat Khanna.

      Sanjana will end up at the Modi house in the next update. She will be shocked to see Saraswati at the Modi house and will inform Mandira. Saraswati will be shocked from this and will pretend to be somebody else. She will claim to be a amnesia patient and she doesn’t know her real name.

      The track will be dragged as Gopi and Rashi try to investigate whether she is their real mother or not. Saraswati will pretend to be called Janki Devi and will get her revenge on Mandira and her sister in laws- ” The Kapoor Bahus.”

      Janki Devi will make her entry like this To protect her daughters, she will hide her identity. As JAnki Devi, she will investigate Mandira further plans.

    3. Isaaq

      Sanjana will trap Prem and Jigar- Gopi son
      And Rashi son. Both boys will fall in love with her. Sanjana will use this to cause conflict between both cousins. Gopi and Rashi will also fight over this issue. Sanjana will try to destroy the bond between Gopi and Rashi

  9. Nandhini

    So saraswati is gopi and rashi’s real mom…and they actually belong to kapoor family…its so funny when mandira called modi family as circus family? how come rashi again become selfish?! She was so good at first and went to all extent to protect modi family…if she gets a good life and a good family after all the problems gets over,, again she will become selfish to help her son??? That too join hands joining hands with that cruel mandira and going against her own sis gopi?? Its okay if she feels bad about her son and confront gopi directly and finds solution together with her but again back to square one where she plots against gopi is so shocking and unacceptable of her character…other than that the story unfolding is soo nice…raj is a very good character here…sanjana as a new vamp is interesting…

    1. Isaaq

      Well a mother can go to any extent to save her son. Jigar will be obsessed with Sanjana. However, Heer his soulmate, will enter his life. Hopefully she will defeat Sanjana and get married to Jigar. Heer will be the one to unite Gopi and Rashi again

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