Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 8

“ How is this possible? The property is in my name?” Ahem says.
“ Your beloved wife Gopi transferred the property in my name.” Sindoora laughs. Devki joins along with Sindoora, Alka and Priyanka. Dramatic tune plays. Everyone is shocked.
“ Gopi, is this true?” Ahem says. Mohini is also shocked as she wanted the property transferred to her name.
“ Yes and I am not Gopi. My name is Devki. I have been living with Ricky for the past 10 years, pretending to be Gopi with a lost memory. I met the real Gopi 10 years ago and I am her lookalike.” Devki says.

Devki is driving her car. Devki was running away from home due to her abusive husband. She sees a woman falling off the cliff. Devki goes into the forest and is shocked seeing her lookalike unconscious. Devki drags Gopi and puts her in the car. Devki hears the police sirens and quickly goes to the forest and pretends to be unconscious on the floor. Later, Ricky takes her. Devki had to pretend to have lost her memory otherwise Ricky would of killed.
“ My original plan was to pretend to be Gopi and escape from my husband. Then I wanted property transferred into my name. But that’s when Sindoora found out I wasn’t the real Gopi.” Devki says.

Sindoora had been watched Devki and Mohini steal from Kajol’s room. Mohini goes downstairs and Sindoora confronts Devki. Sindoora removes her veil and Devki isn’t shocked.
“ I knew it! You are not the real Gopi. You didn’t even recognise me.” Sindoora says.
“ What bakwas? You are Sindoora.” Devki says.
“ But you would of slapped me by now since I am this family’s greatest enemy. I just caught you stealing from your mother in law’s room. The Gopi I know would never do that.” Sindoora laughs.
“ What do you want?” Devki says.
“ I want you to transfer Modi property to me. You are so called Mrs Gopi Ahem Modi, you have right over property. Once property is transferred, you are safe with me. If you don’t transfer the money in my name, then I will kill you here and reveal your truth.” Sindoora says.
“ Ok I will do as you say. But you must give me power and respect in return.” Devki says.
“ Very well. I promise.” Sindoora says.

Ahem slaps Devki. “ Where is my wife? What did you do with her?” Ahem shouts.
“ I don’t know if your wife is dead or alive. I left her in my car. She could be anywhere after 10 years.” Devki says. Ahem breaks down in tears.
“ You witch! You tricked me!” Mohini screams.
In Canada, Toronto, it is the city hospital. There is a man called Ram Maheshwari (Varun Kapoor) and his sister Neha Maheshwari(Sumona Chakravati).
“ Bhai don’t worry, one day she will be fine.” Neha says.
“ Its been 10 years. But I still have hope she will wake up one day.” Ram says. They both look in the ward room and it is Gopi in coma.
“ 10 years ago we found her in that car.” Neha says.

Neha and Ram are driving. They see a car in the front of the road. “ Eh, why are you blocking the road.” Ram shouts. Nobody responds.
“ Bhai, they wont listen. Lets see who is in the car.” Neha says. They both get out of the car and are shocked seeing Gopi bleeding with multiple bullet wounds. She was losing blood excessively. “ Oh my god, bhai we need to get this woman to the hospital!” Ram picks up Gopi from the car and puts her in their car. They take her to the hospital. The doctors inform them that Gopi had fallen into coma.
“ Neha, I don’t even know her name and her family. Where did she come from? How did this happen to her? We cant leave her like this. We brought her here. It is our responsibility. Until she wakes up, we need to look after her in Canada.” Ram says.
“ You are right bhai, poor woman. I wonder which monster did this to her. I hope she wakes up soon so we can unite her with her family. Judging from her sindoor and mangulsatur, she is married. I hope she unites with her husband soon.” Neha says.

Both of them meet with the doctor. “ Hi, Dr Smith. How is the patient’s health?” Ram asks.
“ Her health is still the same since you brought her here 10 years ago. Me and my team have been trying our best but she is not responding. It is almost as if she doesn’t want to come back. Her body isn’t fighting back.” Dr Smith says.
“ Ok thank you doctor. But still do carry on.” Ram says.
“ We are trying our best. Goodbye.” Dr Smith says and he leaves. Ram is stressed.
“ Bhai, don’t worry. I think the best solution is to bring to our home.” Neha says.
“ We have to ask mama.” Ram says. Ram and Neha go back to their house. It is a big villa. The Maheshwari family were one of the most richest Indian families in India. Ram and Neha enter the villa. A woman is shown (Eva Grover). Her name was Naina.
“ Oh Ram and Neha! Is she fine? Has her health improved?” Naina asks.
“ No mom, she is still the same. We came to ask you if we could bring her home.” Ram asks.
“ Of course, why are you asking? I have some friends over and we can create a happy atmosphere. I just hope she gets soon. Her family must be missing her for 10 years.” Naina says. Ram and Neha get happy.
“ We will tell the doctors then. I guess she is coming today.” Neha says. An old woman comes from the temple (Lily Patel).
“ Naina, we need to pooja for her welcoming. I wish Bagwan helps her recover and she wakes up. She has been our family’s greatest concern for 10 years.” Dadi says.
“ You are right Maa, I will make all the arrangements.” Naina says happily.
In India, New Dehli, Sindoora has packed everyone’s bags and thrown them downstairs. “ Come on get out!”
“ Sindoora!” Ahem shouts. “ Don’t you even dare!”
“ Ahem, just be quiet. Stop being like that Kokila! She used to bark all the time like a dog anyway!” Sindoora laughs.
“ We will call the police!” Prem shouts.
“ If you do, Lakshmi will die.” Sindoora says. Sindoora’s goons arrive and drag the Modis out of the mansion.
“ Mom Ji, lets go to a hotel or lets go and live with my mom.” Jyoti says.
“ Jyoti shut up! Please grow up for once! Here, my biggest enemy has returned who killed my husband and you are being a clown! Be quiet!” Amba says. Alka, Priyanka, Sindoora and Devki laugh as the Modis are thrown out of the house. Mohini regrets trusting Devki.
“ I treated you like a daughter for 10 years. You broke my trust.” Mohini cries.
“ Daughter? You planned to use me for your own selfish games.” Devki says.
“ I admit I did. But I loved you as my own daughter. I regret trusting you.” Mohini sobs. Devki comes and tries to slap Mohini. Rashi holds Devki’s hand and twists it.
“ Don’t you dare touch my mother! She may have been wrong but she trusted you and she loved you. Have some shame. I understand Sindoora is a evil witch who wants to destroy our family for revenge but you? You pretended to be Gopi just to have power and escape from your old life? Shame on disgusting women like you!” Rashi shouts. “ If you ever lay one finger on my mother again, then I wont spare you.” Mohini gets emotional hearing Rashi defend her.
“ Rashi beta?” Mohini says. Rashi turns around and Mohini hugs her.
“ Maa?” Rashi says.
“ I am sorry for what I have done to you. I have been a very bad saas. I promise you, I will take you back home. Don’t worry about Raj, I will handle him. Will you come back?” Mohini says.
“ No, the way you all treated me, I wont come back. I will come back when Raj himself comes to pick me.” Rashi says and she leaves the house.
“ Mohini, please leave. I don’t want to see your face here again.” Sindoora says. Mohini leaves crying. Sindoora approaches Priyanka.
“ Maa?” Priyanka says. Sindoora slaps her.
“ That is for failing to kill Gopi. You heard Devki right? Gopi could be alive, anywhere in this world! Find her!” Sindoora shouts. Vamp tune plays.

Precap- Ram is talking to Gopi whilst she in coma. Gopi’s hand starts moving. Meanwhile, the Modis settle into a chawl.

  1. Isaaq

    Do you guys love the twist???

    Devki is actually Gopi humshakal.

    When Gopi returns to India along with her new supporters, the Maheshwari family, will she defeat the Four evil vamps?

    Gopi will be shocked when she returns to Modi house to find Sindoora there and Modi family gone…. the most heartbreaking and dramatic scene when her family is gone

    1. Riana

      How many humshakals r there for Gopiiii??????…Anyways i love it!

    2. Isaaq

      Thank you!!!

  2. Isaaq

    I was reading through season 1.

    Radha’s return as Kaushika was exactly the same as Sindoora. Both vamps’ return made everyone shocked and destroyed the family with their return. Both vamps were evil and dangerous and were thought to be dead.

    Kaushika divided the Modi family when Jigar was blamed for molesting Kaushika when she first entered the Modi family after so long.

    Sindoora has taken over the Modi property and thrown the Modis out of the mansion when she entered the Modi family after so long.

    Sindoora has been in Gopi Destiny since season 2. She has become the iconic vamp of the story. That’s why you all hate her loooooool, because she’s the Modi family’s most evil and biggest enemy. She has always snatched everything from them.

    In Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Trishna was the main vamp.
    In Kyunki Saas, Mandira was the main vamp.
    In Sariswatichandra, Guman was the main vamp.
    In Ek Hasina Thi, Sakshi was the main vamp.
    In Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Komolika was the main vamp.

    Just like, Sindoora has become the main vamp of my story. She has become the big evil in the story. My favourite villains are those who never give up and are very powerful. Evil has to be very powerful to make the forces of good even more stronger.

    Therefore, Sindoora is the main vamp of Gopi’s Destiny and defeating her is unlikely and difficult. After all, she is the only vamp that has successfully killed Gohem and Raji, the main leads. Sindoora will always be the most evil and most powerful vamp.

    Btw Nandhini, the above there is a link to season 1 part 8 where you commented for the first time!!!

    1. Nandhini

      The only difference is radha had a full plastic surgery and came back and sindoora came back as her own reincarnation as her own daughter??
      I too like krystle( read ur previous comments in ur last ff update)…waiting for their united fight(lakshmi and durga)against the 4 vamps…lol i got the flashbacks when i commented first on ur ff???
      Ok coming to this update, devki is not gopi but she is an other woman!!? so you will bring the fight of gopi and devki first when gopi returns back to India? but i am anxiously waiting for durga and laxmi’s stories….and yeah! Sindoora is the top most vamp in ur ff…she never gives up even after her death.???

    2. Isaaq

      Yh Gopi will come to the rescue soon???
      The exciting track coming up for Lakshmi.

    3. Jasminerahul

      pallavi too was a strong vamp.trishna entered much later on kggk. right ?

    4. Isaaq

      Yh but pallavi became a good person. She was never a vamp tbh.

      Trishna herself said that Pallavi was always good whereas Trishna herself was a demon

    5. Jasminerahul

      yes pallavi turned good later.but b4 trishna entered she turned -ve .right?

  3. Riana

    So Again sindoora started to show her dangerous tricks….Loool…Now again it will continue but may be Gopi will avenge sindoora this time….But its a weird shocking twist that after 15 years of real death sindoora reborn…But how did he get to know her former birth happenings??….Is she Alien….????….Gopi is now in Canada with new characters…Wow Varun,Sumona n others nice…I am waiting for the precap its really funny Mahaan Modis will stay in Chawl!!!???????????

    1. Isaaq

      No she’s not alien??? but when she was younger, her memories came back.

      Yh Gopi has never punished Sindoora before so this time Gopi will team up with Lakshmi and Durga to destroy Sindoora.

      It’ll be like Kokila, Gopi and Meera teamed up together??

  4. Isaaq

    When Sindoora is defeated (probably in season 20???) I’ll probably get her arrested for life so she doesn’t die nor can she escape and come back.

    Sindoora back for good now and she won’t go. She’s 17 years old now and I want her to be in Gopi Destiny plotting evil schemes till she is 90 years old

  5. Isaaq

    The good thing is that Gopi isn’t a grandmother of grown up grandchildren so there’s a lot of story left.

    Gopi Destiny won’t end until Gopi is a great grandmother?

  6. Siddharth

    Wow fantastic twist Isaaq ?loved it
    So devki is not gopi she is her look alike and she is vamp. And gopi is still alive ?.
    Btw who WL be female lead for Varun Kapoor

    1. Isaaq

      You’ll find out about the female lead of Varun Kapoor. It’ll be exciting

  7. Jasminerahul

    shocking that its devki who transferred the property and can’t believe that devki is not gopi she was only her look alike who escaped from her husband.who is her husband? his entry would be interesting. sindoora’s ‘re entry wasn’t a surprise for me as it was expected. but this was a real surprise.guess gopi has look alike in every life of hers in this ff.loved rashi defending mohini and mohini apologising to’s a surprise to see varun Simono nice that they are looking after gopi who is in come.precap is nice

    1. Isaaq

      Her husband will be an evil business tycoon.

      Since I have another track planned after Modi get their property back, her husband will enter with an interesting twist.

      Gopi won’t return to India yet it seems. She has her own mission in Canada left which is why God brought her there.

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