Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 10

Kajol gets a phone call. “ Hello?”
“ Hello, we are the police. Here, a bus accident has happened. A member of your family was on the bus. She and others have been injured severely.” The police says. Kajol breaks down.
“ What? Where is she now?” Kajol sobs.
“ City hospital.” The police says and puts the phone down. Kajol breaks down again onto the floor and starts crying. Ahem enters along with Ajay, Jyoti and Amba.
“ Mom, what happened?” Ahem asks.

“ Rashi had an accident and she is in critical condition. She’s at the city hospital.” Kajol cries. Everyone gets shocked. Greyscale effect.
“ What?” Amba says.

“ We need to go straight away to the hospital.” Ahem says. They all go. They reach Rashi’s ward room and she is in an operation. The Modis cry seeing Rashi’s condition. A doctor comes out of the room.
“ Doctor, please tell us she will be ok?” Kajol asks.
“ I cannot know yet. We have to wait and see.” The doctor says and leaves.
“ We already lost Gopi! Now how can we lose Rashi?” Screams Kajol. Ahem comforts her. “ Nothing wont happen to Rashi.” A few hours later, the doctors come out the room.
“ Doctor, please tell us. Is she fine?” Ahem asks.

“ I am sorry but we cannot save her.” The doctor says. Kajol grabs the doctor.
“ How can you say that? She cant die!” Screams Kajol. Ahem quickly releases the doctor from Kajol.
“ Mom, calm down.” Ahem says sadly. “ You have to.” The Modis enter the ward room.
“ Kajol?” Rashi says weakly. Kajol cries and hugs Rashi. Raj and Mohini also arrive. Raj is shocked seeing Rashi’s state.
“ Rashi?” Raj cries seeing Rashi almost dying.

“ Rashi, youre going to be fine. Don’t worry.” Kajol says.
“ I don’t think I will get better Kajol.” Rashi cries. Sad tune plays. The Modis cry. Even Amba starts crying seeing her sister on her death bed.
“ You don’t say that Rashi.” Kajol cries.
Amba comes to Rashi’s bed and hugs her. “ I’ve been a terrible sister Rashi.” Amba cries. “ I treated you like a servant all these years.”
“ No, please don’t beg like this. I am sure you will be a great person. Please find Gopi after my death and look after her.” Rashi cries.

“ I promise.” Amba sobs. Mohini hugs Rashi and starts crying.
“ Maa, at least you wont be annoyed by me anymore. I wont be with Raj anymore and you will be happy.” Rashi says. Mohini starts crying more.
“ Rashi, please forgive me.” Mohini sobs. “ I have been a terrible mother in law.”
“ No don’t apologise. Elder don’t say sorry to youngsters.” Rashi says. “ After my death, please look after Jigar and Heer. I am going to Pari now. I’m going to meet her now. Raj, you have been a wonderful husband. Please look after our children.”

“ Rashi, please don’t leave me.” Raj cries. Raj takes out a ring. “ I was going to propose to you today. It is our anniversary.” Rashi cries.
“ Then put it on my finger, now!” Rashi sobs. Raj puts the ring on Rashi’s finger. Suddenly, Rashi’s head goes backward slowly and she stops responding. The nurse examines Rashi.
“ Sorry but she is no more.” The nurse says.
“ Rashi!” Raj screams. Sad Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays whilst the Modis cry over Rashi’s dead body.

One year later…
In Canada, Toronto, Gopi is packing her bags. Ram enters the room. “ I am happy the doctors are letting you travel now.” Ram says.
“ I just want to go back to India Ram. Who knows what Priyanka has done to my family over these 10 years?” Gopi says.
“ I know and I fully support you Gopi Ji.” Ram says.

“ Thanks.” Gopi says rudely. “ Shall we go?”
“ Sure.” Ram says. Gopi comes downstairs.
“ Gopi beta, you have been part of our lives for 10 years and you leaving is making me really emotional.” Naina says.
“ No aunty, I will always be thankful for saving my life. Now I need to go back to save my family.” Gopi says. She hugs Neha, Naina and Dadi and she leaves the Maheshwari mansion along with Ram. At the airport, it is Gopi’s flight.
“ Ok then. I guess this is goodbye Ram. I know we divorced years ago but you still supported me.” Gopi says.

“ No problem Gopi Ji, I will always be here as your friend to help you.” Gopi says. Gopi turns around and Ram has tears in his eyes.
“ You don’t understand how much I love you Gopi Ji.” Ram says to himself.
Gopi’s flight lands in India and Gopi takes a taxi to Modi mansion. Gopi arrives at Modi mansion. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays as Gopi looks at the mansion. She remembers past memories and gets emotional. Gopi approaches the door. She rings the doorbell. Alka opens the door. Gopi is confused. Alka is stunned.
“ Hello, who are you? Are you a new servant?” Gopi asks.

“ No! And you must be Gopi Modi right?” Alka says.
“ Yes, how do you know me?” Gopi asks.
“ I know you very well.” Alka says evilly. “ Come in.” Gopi enters the mansion and it seemed empty. Everything was different. Gopi sits down and wonders where her family members were. Nobody was in the kitchen.

“ Excuse me, where are my family members? I cant see them.” Gopi says.
“ Here is your family member Gopi Modi.” Sindoora says. Gopi is shocked seeing Sindoora. Greyscale effect. Dramatic tune plays. Sindoora laughs.
Gopi, Jigar and Ahem arrive at the mountains. Rashi behen!” Gopi screams.
“ Oh mama and papa are also here. Jaise Krishna, will you give me blessings maa?” Sindoora says. “Don’t move. Rashi kill me or I will kill any one of these three.” Sindoora pulls the trigger and Jigar comes in between to cover Rashi. The bullet hits Jigar’s chest. Jigar falls on the floor. Rashi cries.

“ Jigar Ji, why did you save me?” Rashi says.
“ Because I love you and my death will set you free.” Jigar cries.
“ Please don’t go again. Don’t leave me.” Rashi cries.
“ I have to Rashi. I hope you live a very happy life with Raj and your children.” Jigar dies. Rashi, Gopi and Ahem cry.
“ Oh dear. In your previous birth, I killed all of you four. Today, Ive killed one of you but today I will kill you all once more.” Sindoora laughs. Rashi gets a call saying that Raj had come out of coma. Rashi, Ahem and Gopi are happy.
“ Do you hear that Sindoora? Your efforts to separate Rashi behen from her saathiya failed. Evil will never win.” Gopi says.

“ Oh shut up Mother India. I don’t want to hear your lectures. This is your destiny Gopi. Gopi’s Destiny to lose to Sindoora Modi. Gopi’s Destiny to die knowing that her family is finally destroyed. How will you face Kokila after your death? What will you tell her?” Sindoora laughs.
“ Bagwan decides my destiny Sindoora. Do you know what great power that we Modis have? Saath Nibhana Saathiya. We are united by love and companionship. I am certain that Kahna Ji will punish you today.” Gopi says.
“ No chance. I am Sindoora Modi. I will not stop until this world fears me.” Sindoora screams. A snake appears and Sindoora gets scared. An earthquake occurs and it hits Sindoora. Sindoora screams and she falls off the mountain. All the snow and rocks fall along with Sindoora and she is crushed to death.

“ What happened Mother India? Are you surprised to see me?” Sindoora laughs.
“ You are alive?” Gopi says.
“ I am reborn Gopi Modi. Your greatest enemy is reborn. I was pregnant and I gave birth to a daughter and that daughter is me.” Sindoora says. Gopi is stunned.
“ What have you done to my family? Tell me or I wont spare you Sindoora!” Gopi screams.
“ I threw them out.” Sindoora says. Devki comes down the stairs.
” Hello, Gopi Modi.” Devki says. Gopi is confused seeing her.

” You look like me?” Gopi says.
” Yes Gopi Modi, she is your humshakal, Devki Rai.” Sindoora laughs evilly.

Precap- Sindoora tells her goons to make sure Gopi does not reach Urmilla Mansion. Gopi is being chased by goons in a taxi. Ahem sees Gopi and tries to save her.

  1. Isaaq

    guys seriously???? whatever happened in this update, I don’t want reveal any spoilers. You have to wait and see what happens next now

    1. Chetan

      You ff is very suspenseful…….. you said in spoiler that gopi will not come in India so soon and you immediately made dead Rashi and bring back gopi

  2. Riana

    Today’s update was Saaad….Rashi DIED ?????????…ONE year passed n now Gopi confront Sindoora…Waiting for nxt episode..☺

  3. Nandhini

    What Rashi is dead??!!???? i thought she wil be saved and alive… oh man! How many twists you wil give?? no jigar, no rashi…poor gopi she was determined to save rashi but everything went in vain??

  4. Siddharth

    Rashi is really dead or she will come back. Varun’s character matches with Dr Krishna. Is varun is in negative or positive character

    1. Isaaq

      I can’t reveal anything?? you have to wait and see.

  5. Jasminerahul

    rashi’s death was unexpected and painful. but since you always bring back dead ppl no prob.seems to be nice.but why did ram gopi get separated? wonder how ahem will react knowing gopi’s past. hope ram doesn’t become negative as varun kapoor is too cute to be negative. gopi meeting sindoora and devki was thrilling.

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