saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura’s revenge season 2 part 10

One day later. Gaura was still wondering who was sending her these letters and who could want to warn her against all dangers, when she received another letter. It read.
“Gaura maasi, it’s finally time for you to find out who am I. I know you are very curious about this, so tomorrow, please meet me at the Omkareshvar temple. Tomorrow is Shivratri and I think this day will be ideal for our first meeting, and for something else as well.”
“This is so strange.” Gaura thought after reading the letter. “Who is that person? And why do they refer to me as maasi? Hopefully tomorrow I will understand everything.
And finally, the next day arrived. It was Radha’s 16th death anniversary and Gopi wanted to perform an aarti for her sister. She wanted her soul to rest in peace. Radha was her sister after all.
The Modis agreed to join Gopi in performing the rituals. They, unfortunately or not, would have to go to the same place that Gopi killed Radha, the Omkareshvar temple. Kokila would have to recall some painful memories again… But they were nothing in comparison to what really awaited them at the temple.
One hour later, Gaura arrived. She then saw a young girl in her early twenties waiving at her. Her hair was picked into two PONYTAILS and she was wearing a pink saree. She warmly smiled at Gaura.
And are you wondering who that girl was? Wonder no more, it was Radha’s daughter Rashi.
“Jai Ambe.” Gaura said to Rashi.
“Maasiji, thanks for coming.” Rashi replied. “I know, you’re still wondering who I am. I am Rashi. That little Rashi you used to scare with your stories about fairies and demons and such. You was afraid I had seen something in your room but in actuality, I saw nothing. I just wanted to see your belongings, being the curious child I was back then.”
Gaura was stunned.
“To be honest, I didn’t like you back then.” She replied. “I thought you are a threat to my plan and I had to do everything I could to make you stay silent. I usually never hurt children and never in my life I had thought of even doing so, but you was an exception. Everyone of the Modi family, and I do mean every one of them is my enemy, even their children, no matter how little they are. But tell me, why did you call me here? Why did you warn me about the Modis trying to harm me?”
“Well, because I see you as a friend, not as an enemy. That’s why I warned you about everything, and I will keep on doing it. I also want to destroy the Modi family.”
“What? Your own family?”
“Exactly. We used to be a real family until I learned the truth. The truth about my mother. My mother Radha. Gopi maa has killed my mother. They say she did it to protect me but I don’t believe it. Is there a mother that would want to hurt her own child? I did some research and found about all the sufferings my mother has went through because of the Modis. I don’t believe a word of what they say. And it’s true that I accepted Gopi Modi as my mother. But one day I heard the family talking about mum and I heard the truth. All of it. I was still a child, but I attempted to murder Gopi Modi a few times. None of them worked, someone else got hurt on all of my attempts. And at last, I called her to the garage and made a fire. But her beloved family rescued her. Even Meera who used to hate Gopi at the time jumped in the fire and saved her mother. Then, I understood that I will not be able to do much while I am a little girl. I decided to wait until I grow up. But that waiting was killing me inside. I couldn’t
stand watching their happiness at all. I couldn’t watch Meera and Vidya enjoying time with their mother when I had none. When you came to our family and wanted to revenge us, I got very excited. There would finally be someone to torture that family. Finally someone would make them suffer. For a moment, I thought of even coming to you and trying to befriend you. I so badly wanted to tell you the truth about me actually hating this family. But I couldn’t. I knew no one would believe me. So I had to be silent. As hard as it was, I had to stay silent and wait until I grow up. And that time finally arrived. I called you here today at this temple, because here is the place where my mother has lost her life. She has taken her last breaths here. Perhaps her blood has been here, on the ground. The Modis are also about to come here. Gopi Modi will show some fake remorse for what she did 16 years ago. She wants to perform an aarti for my mother. She wants her soul to rest in peace so I thought today would be the
best day to finally show them my true feelings. Will you join me in defeating the Modi family Gaura maasi?”
That story made Gaura sad, but also excited. There was finally someone that knew her exact pain. Someone else who’s life was ruined by the Modis.
“Of course I will join you. So you had lived your life in hatred, much as I did?”
“Yes. I know everything about what Kokila Modi had done to you. I know what it’s like to lose someone so close to you. But my situation is even worse. I never had the chance to meet my mother. Gopi Modi took away that chance.”
“I am really sorry for you, Rashi. It turns out the Modis have ruined so many lives. But tell me, is that you who tried to kill Meera and Vidya in the hospital?”
“Yes, it was me. I saw you and Bhavani being there, wanting to do the same. But I didn’t tell you anything. I didn’t want to show myself yet. And I wanted you to be alone when we meet.”
“So, now that we joined hands against the Modis, what will be next?”
“I will tell you, don’t worry. But first, we need to get ready. They will come soon. I will take them by surprise. My whole plan and our friendship will make them heartbroken. But I am no longer a member of that family. I know, you may still have some doubts about my loyalty. But fear not, I will never turn against you. Not only because we have mutual plans, but because I see my mother in you. I don’t know why and what I feel, but I know I am protected when I am around you.”
“And you feel it right. I can protect you from all dangers if you are loyal to me. Don’t listen to what they say, to this day no one has succeeded to defeat me and no one ever will.”
And then, Gaura and rashi saw the Modis coming.
“See, they are almost here? Let’s start the rituals, now!”
And the new friends began performing the rituals for Radha. When the Modis got closer, they saw everything.
“But what’s going on here?” Gopi wondered. “Didn’t we have to perform the aarti for Radha?”
“Gopi, worry not, we will find out what is happening.” Kokila replied.
“Jai Shree Krishna, my dear family!” Rashi then said.
And the Modis looked around and were shocked to see her.
“Rashi? What are you doing here?” Gopi asked.
“Gopi maa, are you surprised? Of course you are. But now you will be even more surprised when you see my new friend.”
“New friend? Rashi, what do you mean?” Kokila asked.
And then, Gaura appeared.
“Jai Ambe everyone!” She said.
The Modis were stunned.
“rashi, is that your new friend?” Gopi asked.
“Yes Gopi maa. Why?”
“Really? Rashi, what’s wrong with you? How can you join hands with this woman?”
“Gopi Modi, please stop it! I am no longer a child, nor I am your daughter! You killed my mother and your suffering will start from today!”
Kokila gave a scared look at Rashi.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” Rashi then said. “Did you really believe me when I told you I will be a good girl again? Years ago when I wanted to put an end to the life of this woman, I apologized to you but was it really a sincere apology? Of course it wasn’t! When I found out the truth about my mother Radha, I promised to myself and gave a swore to her that I will take revenge for her sufferings and for how you left me without a mother.”
“Rashi, what are you saying?” Gopi said. “Radha would murder you in front of our eyes and I had to stop her! I couldn’t do anything else except that! That was the only way for me to save the family, why don’t you understand? Radha wanted to drown me, she slapped maaji, she tortured Meera and Vidya, she married Jigar forcefully, we couldn’t live in peace whenever she was around! She even went as far as to attempt to murder you before you were still born, only for the sake of torturing us and making us do what she wants!”
“That may be true, but I also know about all the torture she has went through because of you! She has been in a mental asylum because of you!”
“That’s not true Rashi. We didn’t send her there. We send her only to jail. Perhaps there have decided that she needs such a treatment and that’s why they had send her there.”
“That’s not an excuse! You never went in jail to see her, did you? You have forgotten about your sister as soon as she has made a mistake and you have never tried to be a good sister to her. Because someone else is always more important than you! You had forgotten about my mother because of that family, and they are nothing compared to your sisterhood! The sisterhood you could have! But that’s what you always do, isn’t it? You always abandon the people who need you the most and then excuse yourself with circumstances! You have never cared for your sister the way that real sisters care for each other. I know about every suffering my mother has experienced because of your family! And I will revenge you!”
“Rashi, how can you think of destroying your own family!”
“You are not my family, Gopi Modi! What are you going to do now? Will you stab me with a trishul? Or you will send me in prison? Or what else?”
“Stop it rashi!” Kokila said. “You are younger than Gopi so be careful how do you talk to her! She saved your life back then and you must be thankful, but you have decided to unite with Gaura instead! Don’t trust her, she is going to make your life a real hell!”
“Really? No, she will not. Because I am not her enemy, you are! She hates you and not me! You are also a murderer like your beloved Gopi bahu. You know what, during all these years I used to wonder why the relationship between you is so strong. I had never seen a mother in law and a daughter in law supporting each other the way you did. I was admiring your loyalty for each other and how she accepted you as mother and you accepted her as a daughter. I loved watching how you cared for each other because I had never felt a mother’s love before. But now, I know what makes your relationship that strong. You are just the same, you both are murderers and you both had ruined someone’s life one way or another! Now go away! You have came to perform rituals for my mother but me and Gaura maasi did it instead! I don’t need you showing your fake remorse!”
“Rashi, it’s not fake!” Gopi said. “And it’s not a remorse! I am just doing what I have to. Radha was my sister and I want her soul to be at rest. I am not remorseful towards Radha because what I did back then was the only way for me of preventing her to do more harm to you or someone else. But no matter what I did, she is still my sister and I must pay my respects.”
“I said, no! You have showed your disrespect a long time ago, it’s too late now! Now get away from here, all of you! Go back home and start crying about your fate! Start complaining to Kanhaji about why these events are happening and how can your own daughter turn against you! But all of this is your destiny. Not only yours but the destiny of the whole family! Your destiny is to live in suffering because your whole life you have been destroying someone else’s happiness!
Now go away and get ready. I am Radha’s daughter after all, you never know what I can do!”

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