Saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction Gaura and Bhavani part1

Bhavani finally had took over the Suryavanshi family. She had finally married Dharam, forcefully of course. But she was happy and Dharam had given up completely. Bhavani had vanished Meera from the Suryavanshi mansion and now, no one could take her beloved Dharam away from her. Vidiya and Shravan stopped trying to defeat Bhavani. After a few unsuccessful attempts they both had given up, also like Dharam.
Bhavani was very happy. She was living the brightest days of her life. Her beloved Dharam was with her, Meera wasn’t there to create problems for her. Vidiya occasionally would look at her sister’s photo and wonder where is she. In fact, no one new where is Meera, even the Modi family.
The Modis had also undergone some changes as well. Rashi had turned out to be alive and was now living with Paridhi,Jigar, Sahir, Samar, Monica and Sona. Urmila was still living with the Modis, always helping them with whatever obstacles life would put them through. But who knew that the worst was yet to come. And the happy times would soon be a memory.
It was a sunny day and Bhavani was alone at home. Vidiya had gone outside to do some shopping and Dharam and Shravan were at work. Bhavani decided to go to the temple.
And so she did. She was very happy that finally Dharam was only her husband and no one else could separate them, and since this has happened she was going to the temple every day to thank the gods.
And after she performed the puja, she was about to go away when suddenly, she saw someone from the distance getting closer to her.
At first, Bhavani couldn’t understand who it was. But later, she saw that it was a woman. And it wasn’t just any woman. It was Gaura. She had obviously been released from prison.
Bhavani got scared seeing Gaura. She then recalled how she did nothing when police was arresting Gaura for Chanda’s murder. She suddenly realized how in all these years, she never went to see Her. And since the day of their first meeting, Gaura had been true to Bhavani. Bhavani had promised her friend that she would protect her and keep her safe from everyone that wanted to stand between them and break their friendship.
And as she saw Gaura getting more closer, Bhavani’s fear turned into a panic. She wanted to get out of there, she wanted to escape from Gaura. She suddenly remembered how Gaura had told her what she does when someone betrays her.
And so, Bhavani was about to leave the temple when someone grabbed her by the saree.
“Where do you think you are going, my friend?” Gaura said and stared directly in her eyes.
“What are you doing here?” Bhavani found herself saying. Fear had completely taken over her at this point.
“Did you really think you would take over my family and I will do nothing about it?” Gaura replied. “In fact, I don’t care about Dharam, Shravan, Meera or Vidiya. They all left me and decided to stay true to my enemies. But the mansion is mine and no one else will own it except me, understand? And to be honest, I didn’t expect this of you. I didn’t expect that you will betray me that easily. You promised me so many things. You said you will always be a true friend of mine and will never leave me. What happened, Bhavani?”
“Well, I will tell you. I fell in love with Dharam. You wanted to kill him, your own son. I had to stop you and so, I decided to forget all about our plans. And since then, only Dharam matters to me and nothing else. Vidiya, Shravan and Dharam stopped trying to defeat me. And Meera doesn’t live with us anymore. In fact, I don’t know where she went. Even the Modis don’t know.”
“I wanted to kill my own son, you say. Yes, this is true. I began hating him the day he started loving Meera and forgot about me. He knew why I want to revenge the Modis, he knew why I hate them so much and yet, he chose to support them and not me. I am his mother, I gave birth to him and he just… Just left me in the name of something, or radder someone else. You did the same to me, Bhavani.”
“Well, it’s true. I did it. But I really love Dharam, Gaura. And we are now married. He didn’t want to marry me but I forced him.”
“I don’t care. What is important to me is that you forgot about me. And I will never forgive you for that. You will pay for what you did.”
And then, Gaura came closer to Bhavani.
“Now I want you to come with me.”
“What?” Bhavani replied, staring questioningly at Gaura.
“Yes. Now you will come with me and I will do whatever I want with you. I will torture you and you will pay for everything. You promised me that we will be friends and then you just left me like that. I don’t forgive such things, never!”
Bhavani started pulling herself from Gaura but Gaura was stronger. And just like that she easily kidnapped Bhavani.
Then, she took her to a place she had specially prepared for torturing her enemies and left her there, alone. Bhavani showed a few tears but Gaura didn’t care at all.
“Now, let’s visit my dear family.” Gaura said, smiling.
And after a few minutes, Gaura Suryavanshi was standing in front of her mansion. There were some open windows and she could peek inside a bit. She could see Vidiya, Shravan and Dharam, just sitting there and eating breakfast. They were talking about something but she couldn’t hear what it was. From the look on their faces, she could see that they were trying to imitate some happiness. And it was true. Bhavani wasn’t with them for now and they liked it when she wasn’t around them.
And so, Gaura was getting ready to enter into the house and see her family. She could unlock the door, she had taken the key from Bhavani.
And after more few minutes in silence, she finally unlocked the door and got in.
Everyone stared at her in disbelieve.
”Namaste.” Gaura said. A few seconds of silence followed and then…
“Mum?” Dharam was the first to break the silence. “What are you doing here?”
“Is this the way you welcome your mother?” Gaura replied. “I am back, my dear son. Aren’t you happy to see me? I know, I did a lot of bad things but… After all, I am your mother and you can’t deny that.”
“No, mum. You are not my mother anymore. Since the day you said that you are ready to kill me, you are not my mother. And I am not your son. My family consists of Meera, Vidiya and my son Shravan.”
“My dear son. Please, don’t ignore me like that. I know everything that Bhavani makes you go through. I know that she has married you forcefully. I know that Meera is not here and no one knows where she is, even her own family. I am here to safe you from Bhavani. Please, let me be a part of your family again. After all, you are everything I have and you can’t end your connection with me just like that.”
“Stop it, mum. The last time we believed you you killed Chanda and put the blame on Vidiya. You send Gopi’s mother in law in prison, blaming her for trying to murder Urvashi, and again, later it was revealed that it is you who has tried to kill her. You commited so many crimes and blamed someone else for them. We are not forgiving you, mum.”
“You can’t stop me from entering my own home!” Gaura protested.
“Yes, that’s true, mum. I will let you in only, because you are older than us and because this really is your house. But remember that you will not be a part of the family. You will just live here. And that’s it.”
And then, Gaura went into her room and arranged her belongings.
“The first part of the plan is now completed.” She thought. “And now the fun begins. Soon the family will realize that Bhavani is not coming back and, no matter that they hate her, they will start feeling worried for her. But wait. What if I do something about that as well?”
Few more hours passed. And just as Gaura had thought, the Suryavanshis really got worried about Bhavani’s absence. She had to be back by now and yet, she was away and that was unusual for her.
“Where could Bhavani be?” Dharam said. “She must have came back by now. She left in the morning to go to the temple. Why is she still away?”
“That’s right.” Vidiya replied. “As much as I dislike Bhavani, she is a human being after all and if something has happened to her, we should help her.”
And then, Gaura came up to them.
“I think I know where Bhavani may be.” She said. “See, I found this letter in her room.”
And Gaura opened the letter and started reading.
“My dear family,
I know I troubled you a lot for the past few years. I just today realized that I don’t have the rights to force you to live with me If you don’t want it. So this is why I will leave you alone. I realized that if Dharam doesn’t love me, I have to leave him. As much as this decision breaks my heart, I know it’s the right one. I hope you find your dear Meera. Please, forgive me for all the trouble. If you ever decide you need me, just tell me and I will happily come back to you.
Best regards,
Needless to say, the letter left the family shocked. What could’ve happened all of a sudden? Had Bhavani really realized her mistakes?
Of course no. It was all planned by Gaura. She had written the letter with her own hands, trying her best to impress Bhavani’s handwriting. She had then put the letter in Bhavani’s room. She had moved Bhavani’s belongings to her room, and everything looked like Bhavani had left on her own. And the Suryavanshis would believe that. They didn’t know that actually, Bhavani had been kidnapped by Gaura and was now kept somewhere alone.
And in the meantime, Bhavani was suffering in silence. She was waiting for Gaura to come back and give her some food at least. She was tight and couldn’t free herself, no matter how hard she tried to do it.
And back in the Suryavanshi family, everyone believed the fake letter and were happy that Bhavani would finally leave them alone. Gaura was enjoying the results of her game. She was waiting for the night to come and she would go to see what Bhavani was doing. And until then, poor Bhavani could only wait. She didn’t know when Gaura would come back to torture her. It could happen at any moment.

  1. Hey. Today I read all of ur ffs nd I saw that in ur endings Gaura wins and u consider her as right. How could you possibly justify her wrongs? She is evil.

  2. Gaurasuryavanshi13

    hello. Thanks for reading all my fan fictions. Yes, I make Gaura always win at the end first, because she is my favorite character and second, because I really consider her as right. Her family was not right to betray her, especially her son Dharam, who knew everything from the beginning, he knew very well why his mother wants to revenge Kokila and her family and yet, he chose to leave her, supporting her enemies. I dislike that and also, I dislike how she was put behind bars 2 times and I decided to change that.

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