Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prateek gets sad that her parents have not come for the boot camp. Vidya asks him to play with her. Prateek says he cannot play as his parents have not come. Just then, Dhaval and Kinjal come there and give him chocolate. Prateek gets happy and thanks them for coming. He says Vidya we will win the game.

Tripti replaces paintball gun with a marble gun and shows it to Radha. She asks Radha to use it on Gauri. She says all our plan failed and she does not want anybody to doubt them, especially Gopi.

Coach asks his assistants to investigate about the nail during game and wants the results by tomorrow. He welcomes kids and their parents and says he is happy that kid’s parents will be participating in tasks. He explains the new task paintball and asks them to wear special costumes for the game. They all change their costume. He explains the rules of games and divides them into 2 teams. He says they have to pick flags during their paintball fight. He asks teams not to fire paintball gun if their team members are around 10 feet away as it may injure them and asks them not to add any stone or pebble in the gun. Tripti smirks and waves Radha to finish their plan successfully this time. Coach introduces first team with Prateek and Kinjal together. Prateek says he wants Gopi and Dhaval in his team. Coach agrees. He then announces Gopi and Gauri in another team. He says whichever team wins will reach the finals.

Radha distributes guns to everyone and gives marble loaded gun to Gauri’s opponent. Game starts and both teams play well. Each team picks one flag. Hetal’s helmet falls during the game. Coach informs whoever picks the remaining one flag will be the winner.

Gopi asks Gauri to pick the last flag till she fights with the opponent team. Gopi gets hits with a marble and thinks why did not she get the paint on her. She then sees marble hitting her. She sees Abem/Bharath firing marbles and asks him to stop firing. Ahem says he just wants to win and fires at Gauri. Radha urges him to fire on Gauri. Ahem fires marbles on Gauri. Gopi runs and stops Ahem from firing marbles. They both fall on ground. Everyone see them in a shock. Kokila asks Samar to pick the flag and their team wins the game. Ahem scolds Gopi for pushing him and says she just waits opportunities to touch him. She says she wants to talk to him. He says he does not want to talk to her. Kokila asks him to listen to Gopi as she is his wife. Gopi holds his hand and takes him with her. She shows marbles in his gun and says he had marbles in it instead of paint. He asks how did he get marbles in it. Gopi says she does not know anything, but these marbles are added to hurt Gauri. Ahem asks how can she say that. Gopi says someone tried to harm Gopi even before and tells him the incidents happened. Radha thinks she should know what Gopi and Ahem are talking and tries to go there, but Kokila stops her from going there. Ahem says we will inform police about this issue and they will help them, maybe the one who tried to kill mom is doing this, but he will not let Gauri happen anything.

Precap: Ahem shows marble gun to inspector. Inspector says he is right that someone is trying to hurt Gauri. Gopi says she will not send Gauri to camp tomorrow. Inspector asks her to send to catch the culprit red-handed.

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  1. its good but i hate ahem words

  2. This sucks nothing about rashi and jigar. I like them better

  3. first time gopi completed her sentence. everytime she is stopped by someone or another. now without any more crises drama let the truth be out

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