Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2013 Written Update

Show starts with Gopi With the disfigured Saree, oil spill. And is wondering what to do. She lays the child, Meera, on the pram and goes into the bathroom and is in the process of washing the Saree.

Raashi is peeking and up to no good. Knocks the pram over. Meera is disturbed and cries. Gopi comes out off the bathroom, calms Meera. Raashi is nowhere to be seen.

Later Gopi dries the Saree outside in the Garden. Kokila and Meethi are conversing about the daily work. Kokila sees Gopi and comes over to Gopi. Reminds Gopi of the understanding with regards the Saree being gifted by Kokila. Koklla also enquires why Gopi brought the Saree out to dry, sarcastically says to inform all. Gopi stammers to give satisfactory response.

Raashi for some reason steps out to the Garden at the same time, over hears the conversation of Gopi and Kokila, gets to know of the pact between Kokila and Gopi. Now Raashi is up to her no good tricks.

Somewhere in a cyber caf Urmilaa tricks a young boy to scan and upload the photograph. Deal is Urmilaa pays the cyber charge for a week, for the boy to use.

The job done, as usual Urmilaa fails to honour the commitment, offers a chocolate to the boy. Now the Cell phone rings as Urmilaa is stepping out of the Cyber caf.

Raashi conveys the pact of Gopi and Kokila and they plan some tricks to put Gopi in a spot of bother.

Raashi steps out of the house to execute the plan but finds Meethi in the Garden. In the hall Hetal asks Raashi to pass the message of putting the pedestal fan in a certain area, this message is for Meethi. Raashi is in glee.

Raashi herself puts the pedestal fan in such a manner that the air flow from the fan drives away the Saree to the neighbouring compound – garden. Which happens the way Raashi desired.

Meethi tries to get it, but Raashi stops Meethi with an excuse that Nikki would give her tasks, and Kokila would not like it. Tells Meethi to inform Gopi. Which eventually Meethi does and also offers the same excuse.

Gopi goes and gathers the Saree and is about to return, when Nikki and Savita stop her with small talk, and are sarcastic regarding Kokila.

Meanwhile, Hetal, Baa and Kokila, with Hetal saying Gopi is should be treated more fairly and Baa concurs. but Kokila does not agree with the view. Kokila wants Gopi to understand when and where to speak.

Raashi comes over to sour the atmosphere and gets Kokila to go and see where Gopi is.

At the Garden, talk veers to the pendent on Gopi’s chain and she says her Mom in law presented it to her. Which is precisely when Kokila comes into the hearing distance. Does not hear the whole sentence nor the context which Gopi says / talks. Kokila jumps in to wrong conclusions.

Gopi goes away from the garden ; in the hall Kokila without giving much, rather any chance to Gopi to explain, plasters Gopi’s mouth.

And Episode Ends ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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