Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan comes to police station acting as worried for Pari and asks inspector to rescue Pari as he loves her. Gopi asks him to stop his drama and says Pari is Vivan’s ex-fiance and she broke up with him as he used to physically abuse her and came here to Rajkot, Pari was repeatedly telling that Vivan will kill her. Vivan asks her to stop her cook-up stories. Gopi realizes scratching Vivan’s hand while trying to rescue Pari and asks inspector to check Vivan’s hand. Vivan says she is just alleging to save her mother-in-law and he will not show it. Gopi asks if he is not lying, then he should show his hand. Inspector also asks to show his hand. Vivan says he was in Delhi last night. Inspector insists.

Vivan removes bandage from his hand and shows a burn instead. Vivan says it is very cold in Delhi and he got burnt while he was trying to lit fire. Gopi says he did it purposefully to remove her nail marks and says inspector he is mad. Vivan says she is mad and asks her to stop alleging her. Inspector says he has to arrest him due to Gopi’s allegations. Vivan says he knew this would happen, so he brought his lawyer with him. Lawyer gives antricipatory bail to inspector. Gopi says even she will get bail for Kokila then. Vivan says court is closes now and she has to wait till morning. He calls Mr. Mehta as father-in-law, says he will marry Pari soon, and leaves from there.

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Kokila says her family she is innocent and nobody can harm him, so they should go home. Gopi says she will not leave her alone. Ahem says he will be with mom and she should go back to hospital and rest. Gopi goes back to hospital.

Radha asks Vivan about Pari. He says he does not know where she is. She says if she is not found, it is good for us. He says our work was to kidnap Pari and goes into flasback where Kokila leaves Pari in her her dad’s hotel and Vivan kidnaps her. Kokila thinks Pari went to his dad and leaves in her car. Mr. Mehta comes out to check Pari, but her phone is switched off. Radha says though he played a game, she is the mastermind behind it. She reminisces Vivan showing Gopi’s nail marks on his wrist and asks her to do something. She burns his hand from firewood. He writhes in pain and shouts if she has gone mad. She says it was necessary to remove nail marks and says if he wants to marry Pari, he has to bear this pain. She asks where is Pari. He says wherever she is, she is happy.

Kids ask Baa why is she making them sleep, if family members have gone out. She says even she can make them sleep and asks them to sleep soon. Kids fall asleep. Baa comes out and speaks on phone that Kokila is in jail. Meera hears that and starts crying.

Vivan brings bouquet for Pari and says she loved these flowers, so he brought them. He then dims lights, lights candle, and serves her chinese food. Pari is constrained under rope and tape on her mouth. He removes tape and forces her to eat. She eats crying. He says if she had accepted his words, he would not have troubled her. Radha spies them and thinks she has to take Pari to another place.

Ahem asks Kokila not to worry. Kokila says she prayed her family’s happiness to god, but Gopi is under Pari’s trap and is worried for her.

Precap: Ahem gets Kokila’s bail orders, but Mr. Metha gets stay orders.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. How good will this serial get?. Before it was great but now it is aweaome. Good job Mr.Writer.

  2. shamim kasim

    I think the writers have been taking notice of viewers opinions

  3. hi YouTube I’m soofia and I would like if vivan could get arrested for misbehaving with paridi and I will do loads of duas so that Ahems mam could come out of jail very quickly and I would like see paridi rescued very quickly and I will do loads of duas for gopi to get well soon so that everyone can be happy again from soofia

  4. Why do they keep dragging the show. Just end it!

  5. Please v are getting bored of this radha’s track plz rnd it soon

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