Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi and Kokila console Pari and ask her not to lose her hope. Gopi says Jigar showed his responsibility towards her for the first time, that means slowly his heart is softening for her.

Urmila gets back pain, calls Kinjal and asks her to get her hot water bag. Kinjal says she will not help her as she is responsible for Modi family’s problems. She says if Urmila would not have sent Pari there, she would not have brought Radha home and Radha would not have troubled them.

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Ahem tells story to Meera and Vidya about themselves and feels sleepy. Gopi comes and asks kids to let papa sleep as he is very sleepy. Ahem gets irked and asks Gopi to go and help Pari instead and be with her.

Pari tells story to Tolu and Molu. Jigar sees kids happily listening to her and hopes his kids be happil like that always. Kids laugh that Pari is mixing 2 stories. Pari says it is her way of telling story and continues telling. Jigar smiles and leaves from there.

Radha holds Jigar’s hand. He pushes his hand back and asks her to leave his hand. She says she is his wife now and cannot let him meet Pari or any other woman. She says he should not take Pari’s name, if he takes, then she will… He asks what will she do. He pushes her toward him and says she wanted to celebrate suhagraat, they should not delay it then. Radha runs from there. Pari sees the incident and says he frightened Radha well.

Urmila reads about a disease outbreak in Rajkot chawls and gets happy thinking her work of vacating her chawl is easy now.

Kokila and whole family perform peace pooja at home. Radha thanks Kokila saying it is her birthday today and pooja is kept for her. Kokila says this pooja is for peace of their house. Radha says she is the peace of house. Kokila says she is trouble instead and asks he not to trouble them more. She asks Hetal and Chirag to sit for pooja. Radha sits in front of havan instead. Kokila asks what rubbish she is doing. Radha says she is Jigar’s wife and his unborn child’s mother, so she should sit for pooja with Jigar first. Jigar takes Pari saying she is his wife and sits for pooja with her.

Kinjal gets vomiting after breakfast and tells Dhaval about it. Urmila calls her chemist and says she gave medicine as he told. He says that medicine is given to children who binge eat to clear their stomach. Urmila gets happy. Dhaval takes Kinjal to doctor. Neighbours asks Urmila what happened to Kinjal. Urmila says she got dengue and she read in papers that dengue patients will have vomiting and high fever, so she suggests them to vacate her chawl. Ladies ask where will they go. Urmila says she will get them new place. Ladies get impressed and say Urmila treat them as a family member instead of tenants.

Jigar and Pari finish pooja. Radha says now that pooja is finished peacefully, she needs her birthday gift. Kokila asks family to leave for orphanage now. Gopi asks Radha to mend her ways before it is too late. Aditi shows her marks sheet. Savita Neeta get happy seeing good marks. Neeta asks Akshay to tell his result. He sadly stands silently. Savita asks him not to act and to tell his results. Aditi says Akshay failed. Everyone get sad hearing that.

Precap: Modi family come back home after pooja and are shocked to see cage in the middle of living area.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nothing much to say, except that Radha and Pari are the only reason that this show is still going. And Gopi.

  2. Pathetic show pathetic writer and producer

  3. Whose Aditi, neeta and akshay

  4. Worst show ever

  5. Worst indian tele serries i havw watched ever in sri lanka. the men are like india/. and a cheap women like RADHA can do so much of things …where is the money she has to spend on cages..etc.. and why her stomoch not bben seen big if she is pregnent. WE ALL WATCH THIS WITH LMFAO

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