Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila scolds Pari and asks her not to joke often. Kokila’s mum says, this girl is spicy. She calls Rashi as Meethi. Rashi says, I am not Meethi. Gopi tells Rashi to believe her words. She thinks how to make her understand and clear the misunderstanding. She recalls Rashi not believing on her. Anurag comes and says he saw how Rashi talked to her. He praises Gopi. Gopi asks him to cut the crab and asks him to get out from her house. She tells him that she talked to his wife and came to know the truth about him. Anurag says, who will believe you. Will you tell about me to your romantic husband, mother in law or your daughter. What my Gopi would do now? He asks her to come with him leaving this house.

Gopi asks him to shut up and says this family is hers. They will listen to her. Anurag says, your husband is not worthy of you. Gopi asks him to shut up and warns him not to come near her. He says, what you will do here? Gopi says, my Rashi behen will throw you out of the house when truth comes out. Anurag says, nothing will happen like that and laughs. Gopi asks him to continue laughing and says within 24 hours, my sister will throw you out.

Kokila tells Hetal that they shall leave in sometime. Pari takes their photos and compliments Jigar. Kokila’s mum asks her to wear something good. Rashi says, I brought a new Indian dress for you. Pari gets happy and likes it. She goes to change her dress. Anurag tells the kids to enjoy the holiday. Kids get happy. Gopi asks Rashi to bring the gifts kept in her room. Rashi goes to get the gifts. Kinjal calls Kokila. Kokila says, we are leaving now. Urmila tells Kinjal that you invited them without asking me. Dhawal asks, what is the problem if they come here. Urmila says, she won’t give any money. Kinjal asks, do you look at anything else other than money. Dhawal promises to bear the expenses.

Pari comes wearing the Indian dress and asks Jigar how she is looking. He says good. Anurag looks at Gopi. Pari says, she will sit in Jigar’s car. Hetal asks Anurag to come with them. He refuses. Gopi asks everyone to go as she will come with Rashi. They leave.

Gopi comes inside. Rashi scolds Gopi as the gifts were not in the room. Gopi says, she lied to bring out Anurag’s truth. Rashi asks her not to spoil her mood. Gopi asks her to listen to her and gives the promise.

Everyone come to Kinjal’s house. Kokila wishes them Raksha bandhan. Tolu and Molu get happy seeing the sweets. Hetal tells Urmila that Rashi and Gopi would be coming in sometime. Gopi asks Rashi to listen to her once. Rashi says, she doesn’t her to tie Rakhi on her hand. Gopi shows her the Rakhi which she made for her. She stops Anurag and tells him that you helped me in my difficult times as a brother. Anurag is stunned. Gopi says, that’s why I wants to tie Rakhi on your hand on this Raksha bandhan occasion. Gopi asks him to forward his hand. Anurag gets tensed.

Rashi asks her to stop the drama and says it is enough. She asks, what you are doing? Anurag says, it is enough now. I told you already that I can’t live in your house. I am leaving. Rashi asks Gopi, are you relieved now. You doesn’t want my kids to study well. Gopi keeps on saying that Anurag is not a good man. Rashi says, you always try to prove that you are clever and I am stupid. You have changed completely and became clever. I am going now with the driver. If you wants to come then come, else I am going. Gopi gets tensed.

Pari keeps on taking the snips. She takes Ahem and Jigar’s opinion about Raksha bandhan. Kinjal says, this is my favourite festival. Urmila thinks, she has wealthy brothers. Rashi comes. Kokila asks her about Gopi. Rashi says, Gopi said she will come in sometime. Dhawal says, you both tie Rakhi on my hand together. Rashi says, she will tie the Rakhi first. Rashi tells Urmila that Gopi wants to throw Anurag out of the house and said that he is loose character. Urmila says, she has become very clever and asks where is she now? Rashi says, I don’t know. Urmila asks her to tie Rakhi on Dhawal’s hand first.

Kinjal ties Rakhi on her brother’s wrist. Ahem worries for Gopi. Pari captures the moment. Ahem looks for Gopi and gets tensed.

Kokila asks Ahem to call Gopi and asks when she will reach there. Ahem calls Gopi, but she doesn’t pick his call. Ahem gets worried.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. Stupid rashi. Im happy she will die.

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    Durga i may have to include you too

    1. Im giving opnion about the show. What i like or not like.

  4. Yeah Durga’s comments are related to the show and upcoming episode where in Rashi will be seen dead saving her sister Gopi…..

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    Sorry just and confusion i thought you would be like others trashing the show and stuff

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  10. This kokila is really disgusting keeping the name as “KOKILA” and always keeps on shouting like a “CROW”……idiot…..So poor now Rashi is going to die……I cant bear seeing Rashi dead…this is Mr.Bean is really disgusting…..idiot gopi might have made Rashi now about his real identity by recording his words in other situations this C.I.D team will work together now what happened to them……always this kokila will be keeping her gopi bahu just like her puppy beside her not leaving her now what happened to her…….gopi beat that Mr. Bean very hardly so that his specs must get fitted into his eyes permanently………
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  11. some one please throw masterji out ! because of him rashi will be dead

  12. What is this telly updates saying? Dont we have the right to say any thin we want or don’t we have the right to raise our views towards the shows..?? I just hate telly updates.. okay? Hatetellyupdatestoomuchmuchandmuchandmoreandmoreandmuchmuchmore..:-)

  13. May God Bless Rashi.

  14. Omg u all r acting childish well one of u lot r

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      @ east london girl — u mean me??? oye ladki… it was lokeshwari who invited me… so i really want to suck her pp up…. shall i suck yours too???? i can gv u immense pleasure….

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