Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode begins with Kokila regaining consciousness but appeared to have lost some years of memory. She fails to recognize few, like Ahem, Kinjal, and Urmilaa. Raashi is mistaken as her sister Jigna.

Kokila admonishes Ahem for speaking harshly to Gopi, and says that he has to respect women.

In between Radha passes the news of the state of affairs to Trupti. Trupti tells Radha to somehow to get Meera out of the Hospital, not to allow Meera enter Modi Home.

Kokila states her name that she has two small children and husband is Parag.

Doctor cautions the family of the pro and cons of Kokila losing the memory. That Kokila might recover her lost years of memory in about an hour, day, in a year or so. Kokila has to be treated well and avoid giving any painful shocks and similar kind of un-pleasantries.

Raashi joins Kokila and acts as Jigna, and calls Kokila as Koki – the way Jigna addressed Kokila. For few questions asked by Kokila, Raashi says, Guari saved Kokila, and Gopi attended to Kokila during her unconscious state. That Gopi is an Orphan, thus creating a soft spot in Kokila’s heart.

Hetal asks Radha to look after Meera. Radha, while other members are not aware of what is happening around ; Kinjal is being comforted misleads Meera.

Meera tells Radha that she is unaware of what really happened, who was supposed to attack them. Then Radha nicely asks Meera to leave, not to trouble Kokila, that Priest might be worried about her.

Meera leaves, pauses by the window of Kokila with Gopi inside. At the exit / entrance of the hospital Radha and Trupti exchange thrum’s up signals, with Meera in between.

In between these happenings of Meera and Radha ; Gopi is about to enter Kokila’s room when Ahem stops her and start his rude talk and behaviour.

Kokila sees and hears this scene / talk asks Raashi / Jigna to call them over.

Kokila tells Ahem to behave well to Gopi, respect and be nice to Gopi. Also tells him how calm and sweet Gopi is. Asks him what is he doing, Ahem says he is a Manager. She also tells him to take care of Gopi. Kokila Embraces Gopi.

Raashi in her thoughts, feels good, that by the time Kokila recovers things would be sorted out between the couple.

Urmilaa finds Radha smiling and asks Radha why is she happy, but Radha slips away with an answer.

Hetal finds Meera missing and Radha is questioned, Radha lies that Meera is in the restroom, but Hetal says she came from there and Meera was not around. Urmilaa takes Radha to task.

Hetal rushes away in search of Meera, to inform Police, as Meera was handed over to Modi family for the safety as Meera’s Life is in danger.

The Episode Ends ! ! !

Precap: Ahem is talking rudely to Gopi and is asking her to leave ; not to step into Modi Home. Kokila in her lost some year of memory state tells to Ahem, not by his name, that he ought speak nice and respect his wife. And Tells that Gopi would come to her home, Modi Home. Ahem is surprised.

Update Credit to: Manzz

  1. This is not what i was expected to happen this is getting longer

  2. I hate this. Did the director run out of story that he is stretching the radha character. I hate the sight of her . I swear this is the last episode I am watching saathiya.

  3. I hate this, I am quitting the show. No more sathiya. …

  4. wat the hell y u doing this its not intresting at all its jus useless

  5. I’m sick and tired of Ahem always behaving rudely with Gopi. When is this going to stop??

  6. ahems rude behavior, radhas evilness, they are going to keep on dragging till we loose our patience and stop watching.

  7. f**k off radha………..Pls end her character soon getting on peoples nerves…….

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