Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2013 Written Update

Rashi is about to come down to the hall and sees Koki sorting through Meera’s clothes and realizes she will go to gohem room to keep these clothes. She thinks this is the right time and takes a bag to gohem room. She removes a saree from the bag and tells Gopi that she got it for her from the market. She liked it and got it but forgot to give it to her. She tells her to wear it and show it to her. Gopi says she is tired and not feeling well and will do it later but Rashi insists. She tells her she will feel better if she wears good clothes. Gopi goes to the restroom with the saree. Rashi goes towards Meera on the bed, says sorry to her and starts pouring water around Meera as Koki is heading towards gohem room. Koki enters seeing Rashi telling Meera that she did susu and asks her. Koki asks where is Gopi and Rashi says she is in the bathroom. Gopi comes out asking Rashi how is she looking and stops seeing Koki. Koki taunts her that she was busy wearing a new saree and here Meera has done susu. She asks Gopi what is wrong with her and says she is getting influenced by others. Gopi says no, Koki tells her that she always felt she (Gopi) is very responsible especially while taking care of her daughter as Rashi watches smiling. Koki taunts Gopi that since she has finished trying the new saree then she can go to the kitchen to do her housework. Koki turns to leave to see Ahem at the door and Rashi is happy thinking that she hit two stones in one shot. Ahem looks unhappy as Koki leaves. Rashi hands over Meera to Gopi saying she changed her nappy and praises Gopi’s saree. Rashi whispers to Ahem that she will feel better now that he is here and leaves smiling. Ahem goes to Gopi and she starts crying hugging him and Ahem is sad.
Koki is shocked seeing Dr Doshi at the door and asks her. Ahem comes there and tells the doc that Gopi is upstairs in their room and takes her ignoring Koki who is about to ask him. Koki wonders if Gopi is sick.
Ahem tells Gopi to stop crying and says he knows Koki is angry with her. He tells her everything will be fine in time. He touches her and realizes she has fever and asks if she has taken medicine. Gopi is quiet. He takes Meera from her and tells her to rest. Koki is shocked seeing Dr Doshi at the door and asks her. Doc replies that Ahem had called her. Ahem comes there and tells the doc that Gopi is upstairs in their room and takes her ignoring Koki who is about to ask him. Koki wonders if Gopi is sick.
Koki is with Gohem in their room and doc tells Ahem there is nothing to worry as it’s just viral fever. She gives him prescription and medicines and gets up to leave. Koki thanks her. Ahem helps Gopi sit up and gives her medicine. Koki asks Gopi why she didn’t tell her, she would have called the doc. She tells her that she told Ahem and not her. Ahem defends Gopi saying she did not tell him too, but Koki stops him saying nowadays Gopi does not want to tell her anything. Gopi says no but Koki says it’s true and leaves hurt. Rashi is standing outside holding Meera and gets happy thinking her plan is working.
Gopi asks about the saree. Koki tells her it’s not a gift. She shows Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys and says do not see evil, do not hear evil and do not say evil.
Koki asks Gopi how is she feeling now and she replies that she is feeling fine. Koki keeps a saree on the bed and Gopi asks her. She tells her that she is not giving her a gift, it’s a responsibility and opens a box to reveal Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys; do not see evil, do not speak evil and do not hear evil. Gopi looks confused. Koki asks that the main difference between them and her. She explains that these 3 monkeys do not hear, listen or speak evil but she (Gopi) does not know the difference between good and evil. She explains; when she went to jail and she (Gopi) came to know the truth, she should have immediately told her or Ahem or anybody in the family but she chose to remain quiet. When she (Gopi) came to know she is not well, she should have told Koki as she was at home then but she chose to tell Ahem and not her. Gopi tries to speak but Koki tells her that she is realizing that she is very comfortable talking to everyone especially her mami, but her. So she is giving her a task – Gopi will not reveal about the saree to anyone. If she comes to know that she (Gopi) has told anybody that she gave the saree to her then she will put a tape on her (Gopi’s) mouth. Koki tells her that she may find all this weird but she wants to confirm that she (Gopi) is not stupid. She reminds her that she will not reveal to anyone about the saree. She leaves leaving Gopi worried.
Urmi is sorting through photographs and picks up a snap of Dhawal but rejects saying he is not wearing a good shirt, rejects another saying he is not smiling. She is irritated that none of his snaps are good. She smiles and enters KinWal’s room. She opens the cupboard and removes Kinjal’s album and takes Dhawal’s pic. She is about to leave but Kinjal enters and Urmi hides the pic behind her. Kinjal asks her and Urmi replies that she had a headache so she came to get balm. She takes the balm and asks Kinjal irritated cant she come to her room. Kinjal replies that she can come only with her permission. Urmi angrily reminds her that it is her house and Kinjal replies it is her room. Urmi declares that she will get her out of this room and house. Kinjal tells her to try and Urmi decides to get her out of the house.
Rashi enters gohem room and sees the saree (given by Gopi – why did Gopi leave it there on display???) and asks Gopi. Gopi looks uncomfortable, ignores her question and asks her if she needs anything. Rashi gives her medicine box and asks her to open it since she is unable to. Rashi asks about the saree again but Gopi does not reply. Rashi tells her that since she gave a saree to her, she (Gopi) can give this saree to her. Gopi opens the box and gives it to her. She tells Rashi that Baa wants to play with Meera so she is taking her to Baa. She takes the saree from her and keeps it in the cupboard and leaves with Meera. Rashi is shocked that Gopi did not give the saree to her.
She tells this to Urmi on the phone (Urmi is at a cyber cafe) and tells her that Gopi was acting strange and did not give the saree to her even though she shamelessly asked for it. Urmi says to let it be but Rashi replies it’s not about the saree but she was acting strange. She never says no to her and now she wasn’t telling her anything. Urmi agrees and tells her to find out about the saree. Urmi disconnects the call saying she has to do some work. She is wondering how to post the pic (Dhawal’s pic) on the website and fiddles with the keyboard.
Gopi is on the corridor with Meera wondering that Rashi must have felt bad but Maaji has told her not to tell anything to anyone. Rashi enters gohem room and closes the door. She removes the saree from the cupboard and checks it. She wonders why Gopi was hiding it, it’s nothing special. Maybe Ahem gifted it to her but then she thinks Gopi does not refuse even if he has gifted it. Gopi is climbing stairs and tells Meera that she is very scared. Rashi drops something on Gopi’s saree and gets worried. She hears Meera crying from outside and gets scared. GoMee enter the room and nobody is there. Gopi suddenly turns behind seeing the saree on the floor and wonders how did it land there. She sees that there are oil stains on the saree and gets worried.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Gopi tearfully tells Koki that oil was spilled on the saree so she washed it but she didn’t tell anybody that she had given it to her. Koki reminds her the punishment and Gopi says she would put a tape on her mouth. Rashi overhears and is happy thinking she has to do something….

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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