Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Vidya to be good with Mansi as she is angry and sad after Ahem fought with her. Ahem starts breakfast and calls Gopi angrily. She comes and asks what happened. He asks if she thinks everything will be fine with them if she sits in pooja with him and prepares food. She has to understand that nothing will be normal between them and she should get away from his life. He says only Vidya should prepare food for him.

Meera calls Vidya and tells Mansi shouted at her twice when it was not her mistake. Vidya says Mansi is tensed, so she should speak to her calmly. Meera jokes with her to stop being her teacher. They both share a lighter moment and cut call. Meera then calls someone, but he cuts her call repeatedly.

Ahem tells Gopi when she knows he does not like bhindi, why did she prepare. Gopi says only bhindi was available at home and Vidya does not know to prepare bhindi, so she prepared only that and rest Vidya prepared. She says when he can identify her food taste even after ten years, he should realize that memories cannot be forgiven so easily.

Once Gopi leaves, Ahem angrily breaks water glass and starts bleeding. Vidya gets worried seeing that and nurses his wound and gets herself injured with glass strand.

Meera knocks Mansi’s door, apologizes, and requests her to open it. Mansi does not open door. Meera thinks she must be sleeping and leaves thinking of coming later.

Vidya walks crying and reminiscing Gopi’s words. Gopi sees her wound and takes her in to bandage. Vidya says she should not be bothered about her or her papa. Gopi asks what does she mean. Vidya asks why is she troubling papa then. Kokila comes and asks why is she misbehaving with her mom. Vidya says Gopi is not her mom and her mom died 10 years ago. Kokila asks to think well before speaking. Vidya says this is the truth and she cannot see Papa and Meera in trouble because of Gopi as they are only her family. Gopi says they both are very important to her. Vidya asks then why did she leave them. Gopi stands silently. Vidya asks her to think well before confronting papa as they have many questions which she does not have answer of. Kokila asks Vidya not to misbehave with Gopi again and asks her how did she injure her finger. Vidya says this injury is nothing in front of her mental injuries.

Meethi brings food for Mansi and asks to open door, but she does not. Pari comes and asks to open the door. Mansi throws vase and shouts that she does not want to listen to anyone and asks to go away. Hetal asks what happened to her. Pari says Meera insulted her some time ago, so she is irked. Hetal asks her not to insult food. Mansi asks what about her insult which they are making since she came in. Meera comes there and asks Hetal what is happening. Kokila says Mansi is not opening door. Meera says she came to apologize Mansi, but she did not open door even then. She apologizes her and aks to open door. Mansi says she does not need to apologize as she wasted her 10 years in bringing her up, she thought she would understand her, but she was wrong. She continues that they will be freed from her forever and asks to go away. She continues to break glasses. Hetal and Pari get worried. Meera says she will call Ahem. Mansi asks not to call him. Jigar comes and asks what happened. Hetal tells him everything. Kinjal yells that they troubled Mansi a lot, so she is doing this. Jigar says he will call Ahem. Hetal asks him not to. Jigar says he will break the door. Mansi says if he breaks door, she will kill herself.

Kinjal calls Ahem and asks him to come to Modi bhavan soon as Mansi has locked herself inside room. Ahem asks her to stop her drama. Kinjal says if he does not believe her, she will give phone to Meera. Meera speaks and tell him Mansi mamma locked herself inside room.

Precap: Rashi tells Vidya that even she did not see Gopi for 10 years.

Update Credit to: MA

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