Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2013 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2013 Written Episode

Rashi said to Koki plz forgive me till whtever i did, Koki shows bit attitude then she moved towards Hetal and says sorry, Hetal huged her and forgive her.. also Rashi apologised with Jigar… Koki said to her!! Rashi wheather u ask onlu forgiveness frm everyone or else should moved frm MM too u did todays lakshmi puja will performed by our bahu only… everyone pleased to listen w Koki words.. and all decide to go back at MM. Rashi went outside with greeting with Urmi so she get shocked with Rashi behavious.. also Koki give earful to Urmi that today she proved her words correct that house will only build with love not money.. Urmi shed tears!! Also Koki wants her MM keyes back frm her & given her keyes to her… Koki leaves!!


Modi’s are stood at mandir Koki announce today’s will performed by GoShi and Gopi Rashi Koki and Meethi placing diya’s near mandir than Gopi start sing Arti ** Hey Gopal Krishna** also Rashi take her equall side.. puja will done and Modi’s seems super happy to back home.!


Urim and Kinjal are doing cooking in Kitchen & both pissing off with Madhu Ben badly.. then Madhu Ben has come n give them a Diwali gift.. she gave Urmi a Gita and for she brought Rammayan!! both looked shocked and ask why she give them such gifts.. Madhu Ben reply coz they both need some good guidenes so these books give them guidenes.. Urmi and Kinjal got more pissed off..


Koki Hetal Gopi and Baa are preparing food for Diwali… Koki said though all these food are avalabile in market but preparing themselves was another thing also ladies agreed with her…

Raji are coming down they come near dinning table.. all ladies are doing work then Rashi ask can i do something.. but Koki refused her… Rashi said if she wont be sick so she will do all work single handedly… Koki tease her that unlike every year only you will do all work.. and Rashi replies YES!! everybody start laughing and Baa will grateful to see her family together and happy…

Ahem asked frm wht she want frm Papa as Diwali gift so she said GUN!! Ahemji said ok he will brought for her then Koki said no to Ahem u wont brought such dangerous toy fro Meera but Meera insist for GUN & Ahemji again asure her that he will brought..


Madhu Ben yelling at Urmi and Kinjal why they both doing work so slowly… then Gopi call her and Madhu ben picked phone she greeting her mother Diwali and then Madhu ben talk with Meera. Madhu Ben asked her same question which Ahem said wht meera want frm Nani on Diwali and She said GUN!! than again Koki say no her and get codeless frm Meeru.. and She invite them for Diwali puja also Koki forgive Radha for eveything she was done with RaJi.. Koki tell Madhu ben that found one proposal fro Radha marriage .. Madhu Ben get super happy to know this… also she tell to every one Radha trying to call Umang but Madhu ben come in room and said her to get ready they will go at MM but Radha refused to go but Madhu ben insist her…


Ahem said to Gopi plz put my yellow kurta out frm coboard.. Gopi open coboard and sees a saree which Ahem brought fro her as Diwali gift but she purposely ignore it.. and put his kurta out.. Ahem said he didnt like this put my red kurta out again Gopi didnt pick her saree and come with his kurta Ahemji suspect and said no u put my blue kurta and she brought Ahemji stood up n come near coboard n bring saree out n says this i want u see but wht she did not notice my gifted saree.. Gopi says thanks and say so also the Kurta which u wear in Diwali puja i kept on bed.. Ahem sees and both share loving smile… !!

Radha Meet with Umang and he said wht wrong with her why she not picked his phone than Radha hive him mobile back n says frm now she will never meet with him than Umang brought gun out and supposed to kill himself Radha shockingly looking at him..!!

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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