Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hetal starts getting panicked telling Jigar that Radha took Rashi’s all jewelries and goes unconscious. Kokila says her BP has risen and asks Gopi to give her tablet. Gopi checks bottle and finds it empty. Pari says she ordered Hetal’s medicine in the morning and chemist has delivered them and runs towards Hetal’s room to get it. Heal wakes up after having medicine and requests to take her to temple as she wants to pray god for her son’s better future.

Radha sees Pari at home and says she is very shameless to still stay here, says she will tackle her after suhaaraath and tells Jigar if he does not agree easily, she will force her. She starts getting itchy with Rashi’s jewelry and starts scratching and throws all Rashi’s jewelry on floor and gets into her room. Pari picks jewelry, gives it back to Hetal and says nobody can snatch Rashi’s jewelry from her and she will give it to Tolu/molu’s wives. Radha comes back and Pari asks if she is not doubting how she got so much itching and tells her how she entered her room and sprinkled itching spray on jewelry. She apologizes Modi family and says she did this to clear their debts and says Kokila she always says her ways are wrong but her intentions are right, so she should forgive her thinking that. She says Hetal though she cannot become her bahu, she will be her daughter always.

Radha starts shouting on Pari why did she try to harm her child with itching spray. Pari says it will not harm her child and her child is hearing everything from her womb and will disobey her when it grows up. Radha shouts to get out. Pari says Modi family is not afraid of you, they are just worried about your unborn child, says until she was in this house she won over her always.

Pari tries to leave house with her bags. Kids stop her and request not to go. She hugs them emotionally and apologizes them for troubling them, asks them to be united always and not to do anything that their papa will be angry on, asks not to break Rashi’s photoframe. She goes near the door when Jigar stops her and says Kokila is right, her ways may be her, but her intentions are always right, he will not let her go out from her house. Radha says he cannot stop Pari as they are already married. He says whatever it is, he has decided that Pari will stay at Modi house. Radha says she will not allow it. He says he will wait for 6 months until her child is born and after that he will decide who will stay here and who will go. Radha says let Pari stay here, but she will trouble her so much that she will repent staying here and goes to her room.

Pari thanks Jigar for letting her stay at his home. He says he did this to stop Radha from troubling is family and says when he can face Radha, she is nothing. Pari gets sad. Gopi takes her back to her room. Ahem asks Jigar who can he come under Gopi’s talks and keep Pari here. He says he is doing it for his family. Ahem asks he is keeping Pari who misbehaved with his mom.

Precap: Radha asks Jigar to sit for pooja with his wife. He asks Pari to sit with him as she is his wife, not Radha.

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  1. Awesome precap, I love to c churail radha irked.

  2. ohh plzzzzz wieredos i just hate these draggings soooo much and u guys saying nice precap wat the ***********

  3. Radha is so sexy and nice she made this serial less boring but still is quite boring i think its time for the kids to go yo college and meet their loves or end the bloody serial.

  4. Finish this serial and add a new one. Till rashi was there it was awesome. But now boring

  5. Yes, Jigar and Pari wil sit together. Poor Radha. I hated Rashi, ever since she is gone, this serial is getting better. I hated seeing her stupid face exexpressions.

  6. I think pari and jigar match each other. Not jigar and radha

  7. hey adeeba wer ur place..
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