Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks family members to start breakfast arranged by Pari. Jigar says he cannot have her breakfast and tries to leave. Pari stops him, hugs and kisses him, says I love you. She then says family members they should thank her as Jigar went to office after many days. Hetal thanks her.

Baba tries to woo Urmila and family by telling that he speaks to Rashi every day. Urmila’s husband asks him to get out as everyone is educated here. Baba starts his drama and says Rashi wants to talk to Urmila, but Urmila does not want to talk. Husband says their daughter is dead and cannot speak to anyone. Baba says in geeta it is clearly written only body destroys and not soul. He gives her card to Kinjal. Kinjal asks him to run from there, else she will kick him out.

Pari says she will be creating a new rule at Modi Bhavan. Servant asks about cleaning temple. Pari asks him to relocate idols. Gopi hears that and asks what is she trying to do. Pari says she is cleaning temple. Gopi says Azoba and Baa established this temple and nobody can touch it. Pari says she did not know about it. Kokila comes hearing their conversation and asks what is happening. Gopi tells about the issue. Kokila shouts at Pari. Pari asks Gopi why is she trying to create a drama and asks if servants are not humans, don’t they have a right to pray. Gopi says her family does not care about rich or poor and asks her to stop manipulating words. Pari says she thought Gopi was different, but she is no differnt and differentiates people. Kokila asks her to stop and says Pari is creating a drama and says one day this drama will come to an end. Pari says drama will end, but all audiences will clap for her.

Gopi says Kokila, Hetal and Baa that they should concentrate on geeting proof against Pari. Baa says she gets confused seeing Pari, some day she is good and some day bad. Hetal says because of her, Jigar went to office today. Baa says she is good at heart. Kokila says we had to go to jail because of her and says we cannot get away from her until she is out of our house and first she will have to get out her servants. Pari hears their conversation and thinks she will have to convince the whole famiy and even lure Jiga, though it is difficult.

Kids talk each other that Pari is more arrogant than them and says they will trouble her so much that she will herself go from there. Servant comes to clean their house. Kids think of troubling servant and drop water on floor, books, etc. Servant say she will not work if they try to dirty the place. Pari comes there and maid complains. Pari asks why are they doing this. Kids say this is their room and they can do anything and if she intervenes, she will complain papa. Servant says if kids continue to trouble her, she will not work. Pari scolds kids.

Urmila’s husband sees her going out with bags and asks where is she going. She says she is going to baba’s ashram and wants to talk to Rashi. He says our daughter is not alive now and even he wants to talk to her, but it is not possible. Urmila pleads to let him go. Dhaval and Kinjal come out hearing her conversation and asks what happened. Uncle says she is adamant to meet baba. Kinjal says baba is fraud. Urmila says she is jealous on her, so she is stopping her. She says she wants to meet baba at any cost. Husband says we all love our daughter and we have to be courageous, we cannot meet Rashi now. Urmila is adamant, but he takes her into the room.

Kids talk about troubling Pari. Pari hears them and says she will teach them how to trouble, takes out bow and arrow and shoots at Vidya. Kids plead not to shoot at them. Arrow is about to hit Vidya’s eyes, but Gopi holds it on time.

Precap: Gopi gets hotel bill from Pari’s clothes and thinks this may be a clue against Pari.

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  1. Most irritating serial on star plus. Rashi made the serial worth watching. Please take this serial of air soon.

  2. F of

  3. Were is this Paridhi’s parents. Are they not interested in their daughter, dont they want to know what she is upto. Serial has been dragging since long. it is time to wrap it up

  4. hey guys did u notice that after rashi died they did not show any flash back of her as far as i remember i did not see ….!!! and after she died they start to compare rashi and paridh !! jigar toatally brocken i can see him like that cant they take a leap so that it can be lil intresting this serial has become so boring . and sorry for the long coment

  5. This show is getting worse and request starplus to kick this series out.

  6. @whatever,
    You have all the right to believe in what ever you think and read.
    I think every one will agree with me for one thing. We wanted a strong character in this serial who can turn the story and entertain us and not the babas and paridhis.

    @whatever . for your information I read a a lot of philosophy books, We Indians do all the kriyas after death of a person so that the soul rest in peace, I believe in lot of good souls who directly connect with us in our mind and guide us ( our teachers, grannys, etc, ) through the values they have given us in their life time..

  7. Get ths bloody serial out of star plus

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