Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th April 2014 Written Update

* Tripti is trying to stop Kokila. Kokila pushes her and takes Meera and runs to an auto and they leave. Tripthi runs behind them and gets into a car. Tripti is chasing Kokila-Meera.

*Rashi is waiting for her mom. Meethi asks Rashi for Radha. Rashi gets annoyed and asks why? Meethi says Radha asked for flowers, right then Urmila comes in. Rashi-Urmila discuss their plans. Rashi says if Kokila-Ahem find out they will get your legs broken. Exactly then Rashi trips on a car. Urmila then gets an idea. Rashi agrees.

*Radha comes home looking tensed. Rashi taunts Radha. Radha replies in a worried manner, causing Urmila to doubt her, Meethi comes with the flowers, Radha at first says no, but then accepts. Radha leaves to her room.

*Kokila-Meera & Tripti chase continues. Kokila asks the auto driver to take a turn into a narrow lane, so Tripti cannot follow them,. Tripthi is annoyed as she cant follow them. Kokila tells Meera that she is safe and she wont let anything to happen to her.

*Rashi-Urmila get their plan ready.Ahem asks Meethi to call Radha-Kokila-Gopi. Radha comes and starts going down the stairs. Rashi starts the car and Radha is about to step on it, but Hetal-Baa come there, so Radha turn back. Rashi-Urmila are annoyed.

*Radha comes up to take the blessing of Hetal-Baa, both of them refuse. Rashi-Urmila are happy. Rashi is happy as for the first time Hetal is supporting them.

*Hetal taunts Ahem saying one day you are divorcing Gopi and then giving Vidya a saautela ma. Radha buts in and says I will give her all the love of a mom. Urmila says little liar! Radha says she will love Vidya will her whole heart.

*Kokila-Meera are still in the auto, Kokila is about to tell her who she is, when Tripti sends a car to crash into the auto. The auto overturns and Kokila gets hurt. People gather around and call the police. Tripti is happy and she leaves. Meera is crying. Kokila is asking for Gopi.

*Gopi puts Radha in her place saying, as long as she is alive, Vidya doesnt need her as a mom. Gopi can take of her daughter. Radha is going down the stairs and trips over the car but Jigar saves her, Rashi is pissed. Radha says we have to leave for court.

*The family gets together in the sofa room. Radha gets a text from Tripti saying the work is done. Radha then says lets leave. Ahem right then gets a call saying Kokila meet with an accident. Everyone is worried. Everyone rushes out.

*Radha gets a call from Tripti. Tripti tells her what happened, Radha is worried, Tripti poisons her mind and asks her to go to the hospital and give her updates.

Precap : The doctor says Kokila has internal bleeding so we are operating on her. Radha is happy.

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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