Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Rashi declaring on stage that she does not need the prize as everyone watch in shock. Urmi is cursing her for refusing the prize money. Jigar begins to follow her to stop her but Gopi asks him to wait and says she will talk to her. Gopi leaves the stage to follow Rashi and Koki says angrily that Rashi will never change. Rashi is marching outside with Gopi following her. Gopi calls her and tells her that its ok if she does not wish to share the prize with her; she will go in and refuse to accept the prize. Rashi asks why sarcastically, she asks her if she wants to show how great she is. She blames Gopi that she deliberately insulted her in public. She blames Gopi that she added something in the lime juice that made her vomit in front of everyone. Gopi tries to defend herself and holds her hand but Rashi pushes her and tells her not to act innocent. She adds that she knows what is hidden behind all this innocence. She says she participated in a fair manner and even sprained her leg and asks Gopi what has she done. She tells her that she can neither dance as well as her nor is she as beautiful as her. She just wore a saree and walked on stage and started believing that she is most beautiful. Rashi says that she competed fairly with her, wore better clothes, better make up and danced better but still you won and asks Gopi if she thinks she will share the prize with her…never. She believes not accepting the prize is better than sharing it with her. She asks Gopi sarcastically why does she want to share the prize with her when she is so bad and a liar too. She tells her to keep the prize and declares that she will never forgive her. Urmi joins in asking Gopi if she gave the lime juice to Rashi which made her vomit. She blames Gopi that she did this to make Rashi lose and Gopi cries saying no. She adds that they (Rashi and her) should have understood this will happen as she (Gopi) does not have any capability to win on her own and if she wins she gets to pocket Rs. 50000. She tells Gopi that though she tried, Thakurji made Rashi win. Gopi begins to defend herself and is crying, Urmi then sees the senior Modi ladies coming towards them and warns Gopi to be quiet.

Baa congratulates Goshi for winning. Gopi thanks her. Koki asks Rashi why she refused to accept the prize when she toiled so hard to win inspite of being pregnant. Rashi said that she vomited on stage and she believes Gopi deserves to win. Hetal consoles her saying it happened because she is pregnant. She tells her that she did well and they all believe that along with Gopi she deserves to win too. Urmi is pleased.


Rashi points on the floor behind Gopi and tells her that her bangle is on the floor under the sofa. If Gopi agrees with her she should pick up the bangle with her and if she does not pick it up it means she (Gopi) does not want her to return back home. Gopi bends and picks up the bangle as Urshi watch.


Baa declares that she wishes to go to Prayag Raj on the occasion of Mahakumbh and take a dip in the holy Ganges. She informs that the last auspicious bath of the Kumbh is on Mahashivratri. They will be really lucky if they could also take a bath on that day. They will take Meera too (Aww Meera gave a brilliant smile!!) and Rashi will join them too, her unborn child will get lots of blessings. Rashi gives an angry look to Gopi. Koki and Hetal agree happily while Rashi is still sulking. Koki adds that it is a good opportunity for them to spend time together as a family and asks Ahem for confirmation. Ahem agrees with Baa. Hetal asks Rashi if she is coming home and Gopi looks on expectantly. Rashi looks uncomfortable and points out that she has lost her bangle and leaves from there to search. Gopi looks worried and Koki looks suspicious.

Rashi is inside searching for the bangle, Gopi comes there saying she knows she (Rashi) is angry with her but she did not do anything. She made the lime juice at home. Rashi interrupts and tells her that she does not want to hear all this again and resumes searching for her bangle. Gopi tells her that Baa wishes to go to Kumbh and requests Rashi not to refuse. Rashi angrily tells her that she will do as she wishes. Rashi is about to leave but Gopi holds her hand and requests her to come back home; everyone misses her. Rashi says ok and reminds her of her conditions, that she will have to accept her the way she is, she does not wish to be truthful like her (Gopi). Gopi tells her that she is doing all this for her own good but Rashi makes a face and turns away. She spots her bangle. Rashi points on the floor behind Gopi and tells her that her bangle is on the floor under the sofa. If Gopi agrees with her she should pick up the bangle with her and if she does not pick it up it means she (Gopi) does not want her to return back home. Gopi is stunned and turns around to see the bangle on the floor. Rashi turns and walks towards Urmi who is watching them. Urmi praises her saying that she has made her proud today and Rashi smiles. She tells Rashi happily that she has forced Gopi to listen to her. Urshi watch happily as Gopi bends and picks the bangle unhappily. Urshi rejoice seeing Gopi do their bidding and leave from there.

Koki comes to Gopi calling her and Gopi wears the bangle in haste. Koki hands over a crying Meera to her. Meera goes quiet when Gopi holds her. Koki suddenly takes Meera’s hand out of her mouth and tells her not to do that as Gopi watches. Meera starts crying again and puts her hand back in her mouth. Koki removes it again and Meera starts crying again. Koki tells Gopi not to worry. She advises that though Meera is crying now but in some time she will lose this bad habit. She adds that sometimes we have to be strict to get someone to lose their bad habits so that they learn to do the right thing. She warns that they may not like it at first if they are forced to leave their bad habits. She tells Gopi to feed Meera and come. Koki leaves and Gopi thinks on Koki’s advice. She looks at Rashi’s bangle in her hand and is thinking.

Urmi is packing Rashi’s bag happily as Rashi tells Dhawal on the phone to tell Kinjal to pack her bag as she is returning back to MM the same day. Dhawal tells Rashi that they are very happy she stayed with them and they will miss her. Kinjal overhears and is happy that Rashi is leaving. Rashi ends the call happily. Kinjal is about to leave the room, Dhawal stops her and tells her about Rashi’s call and asks where she is going. Kinjal declares happily that she is going to pack Rashi’s bag leaving Dhawal confused.


Gopi is with Urshi and Rashi annoyingly asks her that she got her bangle which means she (Gopi) has agreed to all her conditions. Gopi disagrees and tells her that she got the bangle to her as it belongs to her. She apologizes and says that she does not agree with her conditions. Urshi look at each other in confusion and fear.


Rashi tells Urmi happily that Gopi may be coming any minute. Urmi agrees and tells her that she was scared when she refused to accept the prize. She was wondering what she was thinking but now she knows that Gopi will feel more guilty if she does this. Rashi agrees happily and Urmi says she is happy that she is going back to her inlaws. Rashi gets angry and Urmi pacifies her by saying her true place is with her inlaws, though she can stay with her for a few days. Jigar comes and tells Rashi that all are waiting outside. Rashi tells him that they are waiting for Gopi and they will come out together. Jigar gives his soppy smile and leaves. Urshi wonder where is Gopi and Urmi asks has she changed her mind and what if she does not come. Rashi gets worried but Gopi comes. Rashi smiles and Urmi is happy. Gopi returns her bangle and Rashi takes it with a victorious smile. She tells her that she is happy with her decision. Urmi complains that she should have agreed earlier but Rashi says its ok; atleast Gopi agreed to accept her the way she is. Gopi says that she will not do that and Urshi are stunned. Rashi annoyingly asks her that she got her bangle which means she (Gopi) has agreed to all her conditions. Gopi disagrees and tells her that she got the bangle to her as it belongs to her. apologizes and says that she does not agree with her conditions. She tells Rashi that maybe she believes that she is right but she does not realize that bad habits harm a person and that is why she is doing all this. She adds that she knows she (Rashi) is not liking this but she will have to be strict with her as she loves her very much. Rashi stops her angrily and tells her to stop her lecture. She declares she will not come back home and Urmi is shocked. Rashi throws the bangle in anger and walks off. Urmi leaves too with Rashi’s bags. Gopi picks up the bangle sadly.

Rashi comes out and the Modis are waiting (Ahem is holding Meera!). Jigar goes to Rashi and asks her where she was as all were waiting. He tells her to sit in the car and they can drop Urmi on the way. Rashi tells him that she wishes to stay with Urmi for a few more days. She pleads and Jigar obviously agrees. Koki and Hetal join them and Koki asks Rashi how many days is she going to stay at her mother’s place. Rashi looks uncomfortable and Urmi comes out with Gopi. Rashi says a few days but Koki asks how many days. Urmi begins to talk to her but Koki looks at her angrily and Urmi turns towards Hetal and tells them whatever happened between them is in the past. She then tells Baa that she would understand that daughters like to be with their mother when they are pregnant especially for the first time. She does not mean to say that Rashi’s mothers in law don’t take care of her or ill treat her (Koki and Hetal looked annoyed) but a mother is a mother after all. Koki asks Rashi if she does not wish to join them for Mahakumbh. Rashi agrees to come. The Modis begin to leave and Goshi share a tense eyelock. Hetal tells Rashi to take care and Jigar tells Hetal that he will drop Rashi and come. Gopi gives a final look to Rashi before entering the car and Rashi thinks that she will not go for Mahakumbh.


Kinjal gets Rashi’s bag out happily and the doorbell rings. Urshi enter and Kinjal tells her happily that she has packed her bag. Rashi tells her rudely that she is not going anywhere. Kinjal tries to interrupt but Rashi asks her angrily why she wants her to leave so soon. Rashi tells her she knows nobody wants her to stay there and Urmi looks stunned. Rashi adds that this is her house and she will stay for as many days as she wants. Kinjal asks if she has come there on her own or was she thrown out of MM? Rashi is angry as Kinjal smiles.

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Koki asks Baa if she is there then who is with Meera. Baa tells Koki that Meera was with her (Koki) as Gopi watches both. Koki tells Baa that Meera fell asleep on the bed in her room. Gopi worries that Meera is alone and rushes to Baa’s room but finds the cot empty.

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