Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha’s marriage starts with Jigar coming to temple on a horse with baaraat. Radha happily comes out of marriage hall to receive baraat. Jigar runs with horse from there. Pari asks Radha now what will she do. Radha asks Ahem to bring back his brother in 30 min, else she will kill Meera and Vidya. She calls her mad kidnapper friends, but they don’t pick her call. She acts as speaking to them and asks them to kill kids if marriage does not happen in 30 minutes.

Kokila and Gopi are on the way home on their bike with kids to stop marriage. Jigar comes back to marriage hall. Radha forcefully exchanges garland. Pari tries to stop Jigar, but he says children’s life is important to them and starts pheras.

Gopi and Kokila reach home with kids and ask Meethi about family members. Meethi says they all went to temple for marriage. Gopi tries to call Ahem, but Radha snatches phone from everyone. Pheras start. Gopi gets injured and Kokila rides bike. Radha forcefully wears mangalsutra from Jigar’s hand.

Kokila rides Activa and reaches temple with Gopi to stop marriage. Panditji asks Jigar to apply sindhoor on Radha’s forehead. Kokila and Gopi run to stop, but Jigar already applies sindoor. They both stand silently. Meera and Vidya come and say Radha tortured them a lot. Radha claps and says Gopi though she rescued Vidya and Meera, she could not stop her marriage and now she is legally wed to Radha. She taunts Pari by showing her mangalsutra and sindoor. She says though we both were Jigar’s wives, she is the one who slept with him and is her unborn child’s mother, so Pari is just his wife for namesake and should get out of house. Gopi asks her to stop her drama as even god will not accept her marriage. Radha asks her to stop her pravachan/lecture and says after so many years, she got happiness. She asks Jigar to come with him now as she wants to have suhagraat with him and privacy. Jigar leaves with her.

Whole Modi family reaches home with Radha and Jigar. Radha forcefully performs her graha pravesh and enters home. She asks Pari to pack her bags and get out of house now and says she has to prepare for her sughaag raat also. Whole family silently watches her going towards her room. Once she goes in, Jigar starts crying and asking family why are his problems not decreasing. Kokila asks him to calm down as she will find some way to send out Radha soon.

Precap: Gopi tries to stop Pari leaving house with bags. Kokila asks Gopi if she stops, she will break the remaining relationship she has with her.

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  1. Name of the serial doesn’t suits to thi crap story. End this crapp…soon

  2. Rada is such a good character. Love her. So is Kokila. Amazing serial. Hope this serial never ends. May evil prevail.

  3. Better stop this show.. if not we will complaint abt it to BCCC…

  4. John u r radhas khhasam

  5. Flippin’ hate radha

  6. The Writer is an Ass! Can’t he find something better to write!!!

  7. hi u better stop this serial wat is this rubbish of radha very irritating just stop this once thing is u killed rashi its a bad thng,next pari damage,n now it is stupidity getting back radha wats all this who the hell doing such meaning less twists plz put an end mark for this

  8. Such a stupid direction. Stupid radha irritating a lot cant c her face and expressions. Noone will watch this serial. Story is very verýyyy bad.

  9. Such a loussy serial insane brainless and irritating story.

  10. I love gopi n better you kil radha as rashi but i want rashi to come back

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