Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Gopi scolds Masterji for brainwashing Vidya that Ahem is her step-father, so she scolds her. Masterji says Vidya instead told that and he was also shocked hearing that. Gopi asks then why her pic is in his pencilbox. He says he wanted to gift that box to her with the pic. Once she leaves, he thinks he should evict Ahem soon.

Urmila reaches her and is surprised to see someone bags and saviours served. She steps on sandals and falls on pizza soiling her face. Dhaval’s sister comes out and laughs on her. She takes her and Urmila’s pic. Urmila asks why did she come here. She says she is doing research on joint family and felt her family is best to search. Urmila says her husband that one more person joined our family forcefully. He laughs and says we got high profile guest.

Rashi says her children that they are going on a trip. Kids ask to tell place’s name. She says it is a surprise. Jigar hears her and asks what surprise she is talking about. Rashi says she is talking about kids upcoming results.

Urmila tells that Paridhi is her sister’s daughter. She says her sister married to a rich guy and used to roam in cars and she used to get jealous. Says her husband is a waste man. Says Paridhi does not have sanskaar/good upbringing. Paridhi says what about her, she is jealous of her own sister, she is scold her husband, but her father praises him and says though he has not got money, he has good sanskar. Kinjal and Madhuben laugh hearing that and thinks she is tit for tat to urmila.

Gopi gets a call from her school colleague who informs that Anurag is a mental patient and was suspended from school because of that. Gopi gets suspicious about Masterji/Anurag Joshi hearing her colleague.

Paridhi sees chawl women washing clothes and gets excited. Urmila gets headache with Paridhi’s questions and uses heat pad. Kinjal asks why is she using heat pad. She says she got headache because of Paridhi and she is questioning about joint family. She hears giant and says giant means monster and jokes. Neighbour comes and complains about Paridhi.

Gopi informs Kokila about masterji’s mental illness and tells about he trying to brainwash Vidya. She says we should send him away from home soon and she will talk to him today itself. Rashi hears that and says masterji will not go from here.

Paridhi starts taking interviews of neighbours and asks them to give wierd expressions. Neighbours get angry and asks who is she and from where she has come. She says she is from Delhi and is researching on joint family, asks if they all stay in a single room. They get annoyed and ask her to get out. Urmila hears that and fights neighbour for misbehaving with her niece. Paridhi takes video and asks Urmila to continue her fight. Urmila drags her home and says her drama won’t work here. Paridhi says she needs a big family which has khadoos saas, sehmi bahu and another phatphat bahu who answers immediately. Urmila imagines Kokila’s family and says she will take her to a family like that.

Rashi says tolu/molu got 70% markes and it is because of Masterji. She says though masterji is on medicines, he has not harmed anyone. She asks Hetal just on the basis of Gopi’s doubt, we cannot send masterji out. Kokila asks Rashi to think again. Rashi says masterji has not harmed anyone till now. Kokila says if she thinks masterji is teaching children well, then we can allow him for some more days and then think later. Gopi gets tensed hearing that. Rashi says her children’s education is important to her.

Precap: Masterji thinks until Ahem is there, Gopi cannot come close to me, so Ahem should go away.

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  1. Ok this is the latest new about how rashi characters gonna end….. Well, here’s how it is going to happen.
    We had informed you in our earlier posts that the teacher Anurag Joshi has been toying with the idea of snatching Gopi from Ahem. However, Rashi will be soon learning about Anurag’s evil intentions.
    To save his planned from getting failed, Anurag will try shutting Rashi’s mouth. He will end up hitting Rashi on her head by a rod, thereby, killing her.
    This tragedy will sadden the Modi family no matter how troublesome Rashi had been all her life. And then of course, there are Rucha’s fans, who will have to learn to watch the show sans the scheming bahu.

  2. there are some characters who came in the begining of the serial but now no one talks of them, one is gopis little cousin by the name of panna, if after the leap and all these abt 11 yrs in the story they could show her grown up instead of a new character. Dhaval’s sister was never mentioned. always urmila said dhaval was single child of her brother and so rashi used to tie rakhi to him. If there is no story pls dont drag this just end it. and if you want new characters pls bring the characters already in the story. Why did you not bring Panna as a grown up at least the story would not have suffered. but then while dragging story writers also forget which all characters they created.

  3. No paridhi is not dhawal’s sister becoz dhawal calls urmila fai n paridhi calls her masi n btw if dhawal will be paridhi’s bro then he will live in nice house not in urmila house

  4. Lagta hai yeh log isi hafte rashi ka kam tamam kar denge.!!!

  5. Aww so it’s confirmed rashi is leaving the show

  6. I am broke by reading this Omg i am broke. .i read that Rashi will be killed by Masterji (Manoj Chandila). Says a source from the show, “Masterji secretly loves Gopi and wants her at any cost. He will try to kill Ahem thinking that this would leave Gopi with no option but to marry him. But Rashi will come in the way and get killed.” Rucha didn’t revert to our text message. Rucha confirmed, “Yes, I am quitting the show, but there is no clarity regarding my last day of shoot. It could be either July 31 or August 1. However, I can’t disclose what will happen to my character.”

  7. Baawre…!!!!another new entry……I think they will pair up her with jigar after Rashi’s death…..from where does this new characters come….this girl who is known as dhawal’s sis hasn’t seen since the starting n now one even spoke abt her….but achanak a kaha say aaghaya……????? They had made this Rashi very ziddhi that now she is not even considering their words….it is all because of this kokila n gopi……vinash kaalae vipareeth Buddhi…..

  8. Wow.. masterji a mental!!!!!!??

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