Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd May 2014 Written Update

Gauri sees that Ahem is hesistant to fill boot camp form. She asks him why is he not filling it. Radha days without filling her parent’s name in the form, she cannot go to a boot camp. Gauri starts crying and goes to her room. Gopi and Ahem scold Radha for telling it to Gauri. Radha asks god who are his parents. Ahem says Gauri, referring to Gopi that he knows a girl who did not know her parent’s names and could not study, but she had god with her and used to think god will help her in every movement of her life. He says that girl can read and write now and can even teach. God gave her a family now. He looks at Gopi standing behind.

Gopi says Gauri that she will fill lord Krishna and Rukmini’s name in her boot camp form. She fills the form. Radha watches them standing behind. She gets a call from Tripti. Radha says she was calling her from such a long time. Tripti says she has to change many numbers due to her problems. Radha says about Gauri going to a boot camp. Tripti says it is a good thing, it is easy to kidnap or kill Gauri there as they may doubt her if Gauri is kidnapped again. She asks Radha to send Gauri to a boot camp. Radha gets happy and thinks Modi parivar will lose their favourite Gauri.

Kids are having breakfast and say they are happy that Gauri is going to a boot camp with them. Radha she will also go to boot camp to take care of children. Kids say they does not want her to come and calls her servant. Rashi backs her children. Hetal says let her go. Radha says Rashi she is not servant and they are taking advantage of Kokila’s memory loss. Kokila hears her and asks her what does she mean. Radha says she mean people are taking care well of her as a family member. Kokila says Hetal that with her freedom for servants, Radha is misbehaving with her sister Rashi. Radha insists to go to the camp. Kokila agrees.

Urmila’s husband asks her to inform everything to police. Prateek asks what is he talking about. Kinjal gets a call from Jigar who informs that he is waiting for Prateek out. Kinjal informs Prateek about Jigar waiting for her. Prateek asks Kinjal to come with him as Kokila and her family members had come to the camp yesterday. Kinjal says she cannot come and asks Prateek not call Kokila grandma there.

Kokila’s family and kids watch boot camp teacher doing bungie jump and clap for him surprisingly. Teacher then informs about the boot camp’s schedule and asks parents not to interfere in his training until he asks them to involve. He sees Gopi signaling kids and asks her not to pamper kids. Gopi asks him sorry. Radha eagerly waits for Tripti and goes in search for her. Rashi goes to washroom.

Urmila sees fake police coming to their house. Inspector enters house and calls Dhaval saying his 24 hour period is over and to hand him money. Urmila, Kinjal and Dhaval start beating fake inspector and his constable. Fake inspector tries to stab Dhaval with knife. Urmila sees that and hits inspector with flower vase. Inspector stumbles and gets unconscious. Urmila and his family get tensed seeing him getting unconscious and falling on the ground.

Tripti meets Radha disguised as a training coach. Radha gets happy seeing her. Original coach there starts with a task for the kids.

Kids start their task. Even Gauri starts with her task and finishes the task first. Coach sees her finishing first and announces her winner. He announces Ahem as bad performer.

Rashi goes in search of wash room and sees Radha talking to someone.

Precap: Radha sees Rashi coming towards her and informs Tripti.

Update Credit to: MA

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