Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kokila asking Gopi not to go to Paridhi. She says this is my order. He comes and says sorry. He says I can’t stay here any longer. You bear so much because of Paridhi. Ahem says its ok, I understand. Vivaan smirks and leaves. Kokila asks Gopi to get Vivaan’s room cleaned by Meethi. She sees a coat and thinks when did Dewarji wear this. She recalls colliding with Vivaan. She recalls Paridhi telling Gopi that she hugged Vivaan thinking him to be Jigar. Gopi says Vivaan might have wear this jeans to betray Paridhi. She worries for her. Paridhi comes to the hotel and enquires about her father. She is being told by the receptionist that he checked out. She calls him and asks where are you. Her father says you mother’s cousin have died and asks is everything fine.

Paridhi cuts the call and thinks she can’t say anything to her Papa. She gets Gopi’s call. Gopi says I have full faith on you. Paridhi asks her to help her. Gopi says I know the truth and asks where are you. Paridhi tells her that she has been waiting near the hotel. Gopi steps out of house and recalls Ahem and Kokila’s words not to go.

Hetal knocks on Jigar’s door. Jigar cries in his room and asks Hetal to leave him for sometime. Ahem insists to leave him alone. Kokila takes Hetal. Paridhi tells that she loves Jigar and says I can’t hurt you. Jigar says why did you do this with me Paridhi. I am stupid. How can I do this mistake. He thinks when I started feeling that you are right girl for me, you played this game with me. He cries again. Kokila says she can’t see Jigar’s condition. Kokila asks Meethi about Gopi. Meethi says she went out. Ahem wonders where she did go? Kokila says she went for Paridhi. Ahem says how can it happen. Kokila says I can’t believe that my Gopi went to help Paridhi without my consent. She thinks why did she change? Ahem says he will bring her. Kokila stops him.

Paridhi is seen walking on the road. Vivaan chases her. Paridhi gets tense and starts walking fast. Gopi comes in her car.Vivaan hides. Paridhi asks Gopi to drive fast. She asks what happened. Paridhi tells her that Vivaan was following her. Kokila tells Hetal that Gopi couldn’t identify among right and wrong and gets sad thinking Gopi supporting Paridhi. She says Paridhi took soul of the house. Hetal feels pain for Jigar and says she can’t trust on any stranger now. She says Gopi can’t understand that Paridhi is taking her advantage. Jigar talks to Rashi’s pic and apologizes to her for loving Paridhi. He promises to give love to their sons.

Gopi tells Paridhi that she saw Jigar’s coat in Vivaan room and tells everything. She says we will reach home now. She asks her to tell about Vivaan and her past. Paridhi says she was very happy and thought she got her life happiness. They were even engaged and their marriage date was fixed. Then she got a call from Sonia, Vivaan ex girl friend. Sonina warns her against Vivaan and tells her that Vivaan used to beat her and was dangerous. Paridhi says she knows everything about her and disconnects the call. She says I couldn’t believe that Vivaan would raise a hand on a woman. Sonia comes to Paridhi and tells her that Vivaan beat him as she told her about his truth. Paridhi is shocked. She shows her marks. She asks her to save herself. Paridhi says she was very shocked and decided not to have any relation with Vivaan.

Kokila tells Gopi that you have only one option, either Paridhi or your family. You have to choose any one. Paridhi asks Gopi to go inside and says she will manage. Gopi stops Paridhi and says she will come with her shocking Kokila.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This is too much dragging..
    If Gopi leaves the house again then it is stupidity ……

  2. This eposide is kinda same from yesterday’s one.

  3. wtf its yesterdays

  4. This is yesterday’s episode

  5. Where is radha

  6. I hate dis serial

  7. Tis is nt today’s update

  8. I just love this serial, because of Radha and Pari.

    1. are u mad

    2. john ha ha ha ,,,ur comments always make me laugh,,,,,

  9. So far Pari has lied about her assignment on joint families, traps Jigar into signing papers and getting married, pretends she got beat up, sends the family to jail, has Radha drug Jigar, does not like Jigar’s kids, does not do any work or cook because her cell phone is glued to her hand, she is no different from Radha, lies about everything, and will not leave the Modi house. Now Jigar is so in love with her (I don’t know how that makes sense), and we are supposed to feel sorry for her? Wow! She sounds like the perfect wife for anyone. Not to mention, she looks like a schoolgirl and has no clue what being a wife is. How did she fall in love with Jigar’s kids all of a sudden?

  10. They should get rid of everyone on the cast and let Paridhi be on the show by herself. Ever since she has been on, it has become “The Pari Show.” They want to “oust” her from the house every day. But, if they did that, the serial would end because there is no interesting acting or storyline. Gopi should divorce Ahem and marry Pari. After everything she did, Gopi acts like she is an angel. And cares more about her than her husband and family. How does a coat prove Pari was telling the truth?

  11. Are their 2 johns

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