Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha starts dancing on loud music of Paisa Phekh Tamasha Dekh song. Whole Modi family come out hearing loud music and ask what is she doing. She says it is her marriage today and she is dancing happily. Jigar angrily switches off music. Radha switches it on again. Jigar breaks muisc player and says if she continues her nonsense, she will not marry her. Radha angrily walks into her room.

Ahem says his family that Gopi and Kokila have gone to search Meera and Vidya and until they come back, we have to delay the marriage. Pari says she has an idea and tells it to everyone. Hetal and Pari go near Radha’s room and start their drama. Pari asks Hetal if Jigar will really marry Radha. She says it is a fake marriage, without any rituals and people. Radha hears that, gathers all families members and says she will marry Jigar in a temple and asks Pari to come and help her get ready. Hetal smiles saying her plan went well.

Gopi and Kokila are traveling in Activa in search of kids. Kokila’s phone falls. Gopi says she will stop bike, but Kokila says finding kids is important than mobile now.

Ahem calls Gopi, but she does not pick call. He tells about it to Baa. Baa says she must be busy finding kids and asks whole family to get ready for another drama.

Gopi and Kokila reach goods carrier railway station and start searching kids there. Gopi prays god to help her. She sees Meera’s tiffin on floor and shows it to Kokila. Kokila says this means Meera and Vidya are somewhere around here and we should find them soon. Kidnapper lady clashes with them. Kokila apologizes her and asks what is she doing at this station. Lady says she wants to board train from here. Kokila says ticket vendor told this is a good carrier station and not passenger. Gopi says that means she is the kidnapper and they both start following her.

Whole family eagerly wait for Kokila and Gopi to return. Radha gets ready as a bride and comes down. She asks how is she looking and says Pari dressed her well, says they should leave for temple now.

Gopi and Kokila hear women laughing, Gopi peeps from hole and sees Meera and Vidya tied to a chair with mad ladies surrounding them. She informs about it to Kokila.

Radha asks everyone to leave towards temple now. Jigar says Ahem that Gopi is not picking call and Kokila has left her mobile in. Pari says they can reach temple and delay marriage for sometime. They all leave towards temple.

Kokila and Gopi knock door repeatedly. Mad ladies go out to check. Kokila and Gopi get into room and lock door from inside. They then free kids and think of escaping from window. They drop kids out of window.

Radha and Modi family reaches temple and Radha asks Panditji to start rituals.

Kokila asks Gopi to get out from window first. Gopi says she has arthritis and it will be dificult for her to get later, so she should go out while she stops kidnappers. Kokila says we both will fight with kidnappers. They both beath them with sticks and escape locking door from outside. They flee in Activa while kidnapper ladies run behind them unsuccessfully.

Precap: Pandit asks Jigar to apply sindhoor on Radha’s forehead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wtf??? Why do they keep dragging this stupid show ???? How long are they gonna drag this and yeh rishta ????? Stop these two serials please !!! In yeh rishta everyday there’s some stupid function or another but there is no story n in saathiya always evil wins!! And the face of kokila makes me sick she’s overacting

    1. If u don’t wanna watch then shut the f**k up

  2. Thanks, Mr.Writer for bringing this amazing twists. U r the best. Please continue dragging this serial. Don’t ever throw Radha out of this serial. She is the reason why this show is fun to watch.

  3. it really getng worst day by day

  4. Great to watch this. You Dimpy f*** up and get lost. Rupal ji is doing a fabulous job portraying the role of Mrs Kokila Modi. And Devoleena I am addicted to her ! I simply just love her ! This serial should continue for ages. It shows even if initially evil wins ultimately the final winner is good.

  5. Please end this serial Asap and Radha must be kicked out of the show

  6. this show should have been ended happily with rashi rather than dragging the storyline

  7. lame serial!!!!!!!
    *pukes* Radha *pukes*
    *slap* Kokila *slap*

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