Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kokila’s mum calling Hetal and asking her to make her talk to Kokila. Hetal says she is sleeping and comes to her room. She is shocked to see Kokila fallen on the ground and is shocked. She ends the call and tries to wake up Kokila. Parag wakes up and sees Kokila. Hetal says she has high fever. He says I will call the doctor. They make her lie on the bed. He calls the doctor. Rashi comes there and asks what happened to her. Hetal says Kokila has high fever. Kokila asks Rashi to leave. She says Jigna I don’t want to see your face, just leave. Rashi leaves.

Hetal makes Kokila drink water and asks her to take some rest. Gopi and Ahem are together. Gopi says are you worried about mum, wait I will call Rashi and asks about him, I will ask her to bring kids here so that we can spend some time with kids. Hee says fine. Urmila watchees tv. Gopi calls Rashi and asks about kids and Kokila. Rashi says kids are fine, but Kokila has high fever, the doctor is coming now. She tells her everything and Gopi gets worried. She says I will come there. Rashi says you can’t come, Kaki does not know you are out of jail. Urmila takes the phone. Rashi says I don’t have time to talk to you, and ask Gopi not to come here. She ends the call.

Ahem asks Gopi did she talk. He gets a call and says yes I m coming in 15 mins. Gopi says Maa ji has fever, so I was thinking to go and see her. He says no, don’t go. She says I will see her when she is sleeping. He says then fine. He leaves.

Kokila says I don’t know when did I sleep on the ground. The doctor checks her and asks her to take the medicines on time, and take full rest. Hetal says yes, we will take care of her. The doctor talks to Parag and asks about Kokila. Radha hears them. The doctor says her condition is becoming serious. Rashi is shocked. He asks are you giving her medicines on time. Rashi says yes. Radha comes and says yes we all take care of her. Parag says Kokila said she took the medicine. The doctor says lets observe for some more days and leaves.

Radha smiles and Rashi catches this sight. She asks Radha why is she smiling. Radha says no, nothing. Rashi says I know you are happy seeing all of us worried. Radha gets Tripti’s call and gets tensed. Rashi asks whose call is it. Radha hides the phone. Rashi asks her to take the call. Radha says yes and leaves. Rashi says I have to keep an eye on her. Radha talks to Tripti and gives her good news that Kokila is unwell because of wrong medicines. Tripti asks what did you get about right medicines. Radha says its in my belongings, no one will touch it. Tripti asks her to throw the medicines in trash and calls her again. Radha says fine, and takes the medicines. She thinks she will throw it later. Rashi comes to her. Radha turns and is shocked to see Rashi. Radha hides the medicines.

Radha moves backwards. Rashi asks why are you going back. Radha throws all the medicines down by the window. Rashi asks with whom were you talking and what are you hiding. Radha gets tensed. Radha says I have to go to temple to help pandit ji, so I was thinking that. Rashi says I m always keeping an eye on you, got it. She leaves. Radha sees the medicines on the ground and thinks to clean it before anyone sees it. Gopi comes home and stops near the medicines as the kids meet her.

Gopi talks to them. They say we will see if Kokila is sleeping, then you can come. She says fine, go. Hetal asks Meethi to make Khichdi for Kokila before she wakes up. The kids signal Gopi to com. Gopi does not notice the medicines on the ground. Hetal is shocked seeing Gopi. Gopi says I wanted to see Maa ji once. Hetal says if Kokila sees you…. Gopi says I will see her once and leave. The kids say we have to go to drawing class but we won’t go. Gopi says I will ask Rashi to bring you all to me in evening, now you all go. They hug her. Gopi asks Meera to take care of everyone. Meera says yes, I will talk Maa to Kokila Dadi. Hetal says Meera spends lots of time with Kokila. Radha sees Gopi and is shocked. Gopi greets her. Radha says I will be back. Baa asks what happened, is everything fine.

Radha says nothing. Baa says I know a ayurvedic idea to add in Kokila’s massage oil, I will tell you and you make it. Radha says yes, but……. Baa says Radha will make it, come with me in my room. Radha thinks if anyone sees medicines outside then………. Meera brings Gopi to Kokila. Gopi sees Kokila and enters the room. Gopi says Maa ji and cries seeing her. She says I wish you get your memory back and get well. She says I want you to identify all of us.

She touches her feet and her tear falls on her feet. Kokila moves and Gopi is shocked. She runs and hides before Kokila wakes up. Kokila gets up and asks Meera who was here. Meera says I m here. Kokila says no, someone was here. Meera stops her and asks her not to worry and sleep. Kokila goes to loo. Hetal comes and asks Gopi to come with her. Gopi cries and leaves.

She comes out and talks to Kanha ji. She says till when will Maa ji be in this state, I can’t see her like this, I request you to make her fine. She sees the medicines on the ground and is shocked. She picks them and says this is Maa ji’s medicine, but why are they here, if this is here, then what medicines is Maa ji taking. She gets worried.

Gopi checks Kokila’s medicines and is shocked. Hetal and Baa look on. Rashi sees Kokila coming.

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  2. sick and tired of this show.. booo!!!!!! Radha please kick yourself….and kokila…u keep sleeping.. its better than u awake…and growling at every other person…….so u sleep….stupid maaji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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