Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seeta continues describing her story to Modi bhavan. She says she married when she was 5 years old. Gopi is shocked and asks child marriage. Seeta says yes, her in-laws came to receive her and panditji suggested her to run away. Jaggi says panditji is really daring. Seeta says panditji is like his father and cares about her. She says when she married she was 5 years ago and her husband Ramesh was 25 years old. Gopi asks what…why didn’t her parents react. Seeta reminisces her mother torturing her and starts crying. Gopi asks what happened. Seeta says her father tried to protect her, but in front of her mother, even he cannot do anything. Her mother called her manhoos/inauspicious. Gopi reminisces Urmila calling her same and Urmila reminisces same. Gopi says she is so young, she must be studying. Seeta says she studied till 5th standard and her grandma did not let her study after that. Gopi reminisces Urmila stopping her studies and gets teary eyed.

Gaura searches property papers in Chanda’s room. Babies start crying. Chanda tries to console them. Vidya acts as searching necklace in a cupboard and Chanda yells to hurry up. Vidya gets a necklace set. Chanda’s eyes widen in greed and excitedly says this is so big, same like queens wear. Vidya says she told her if she had gotten excited like this, babies would have woken up.

Mona comments Pari that one more member is added in Modi bhavan. Jaggi asks Seeta to stop crying. Gopi asks Sona to get more milk for Seeta and asks Seeta to stop crying, she can stay here till she wants to. Pari asks what….she lets strangers stay in this house like a hotel room. Mona backs Pari. Gopi confronts her and says they both act as big social activist and walk holding lamps, but never help real victims like Seeta. Mona tries to speak. Urmila shuts her mouth. Gopi asks Sona to take Seeta and show her room. Once in room, Seeta sees broken glass and starts cleaning it. Sona says now she realized who cleaned Jai and Veeru’s room. Jaggi tells Urmila that Gopi is a mini package with so many qualities, she becomes good saas, good bahu, good friend, even good victim. Urmila says yes, she should have realized Gopi’s qualities when she used to stay with her. Jaggi asks what.. Urmila says it is a big story.

Sona gets clothes, blankets, and towels, etc for Seeta. Gopi asks Seeta to sit on bed and relax. Seeta says she is totally drenched and bed will get wet. Gopi asks her to change her clothes.

Gaur gets property papers and gets very happy. Chanda hears babies crying and tries to leave. Vidya stops her and asks to wear necklace first. Chanda says something is wrong, babies are cries, even then Vidya is stopping. She rushes to her room and sees Gaura walking out with papers. She strangulates Gaura and tries to snatch papers. Gaura slaps her. Chanda runs and picks baby and threatens to return papers, else she will harm baby.

Precap: Chanda tries to snatch baby from Gaura. Vidya tries to hold Chanda and pushes her in a scuffle. Chanda hits her head to a pillar and falls down unconscious. Gaura checks her pulse and says she is dead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Issaq its sad to hear whatever happened with u but the good thing is u never give up u faced all the problems and proved yourself .

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    Mahi and Issaq forget the bad things watever happened in the past and make present and future beautiful?.

    1. For sure bhai

  3. Isaaq

    Mahi you did the right thing. That boy was evil. I can’t believe he faked his suicide. I remember my friend wanted to do that to his girlfriend and I shouted at him that why was he trying to break someone heart?

    It’s good that you shared everything with your mum. My parents don’t even know what has been going on in my life for 10 years. When they see me, they think I’m very happy. My mother and sister are the only ones would understand how it is like for a woman to be away from her lover. I’m really close with my elder sister and she doesn’t know what I’m going through. Actually I don’t intend to tell anyone in family about my love life because in my religion in Islam, outside marriage relationships are forbidden.

    I’m surprised that my mother doesn’t even know what I’m going through rn. She’s always known if I’m sad or happy. But for the first time, she doesn’t know that her daughter is suffering because she is away from her Adam.

    My parents know who Adam is and they’ve praised him a lot of times. But they don’t know about the rishta i share with him. When Adam greeted my parents at school once, my parents didn’t know that he was their future son in law. Strange isn’t it?

    I remember when me and Adam met for the first time when he taunted me for being weird and horrible. I still remember that day. His friend was saying hi to me and Adam start laughing at me. I started hating him and the hatred brought us together. He taught me how the love my life.

    I can’t believe we are back to square one. We’re once again strangers like before. Our bond started 10 years ago. We were together even before we met. And I’m sure that one day, God will unite these two lovers once again when the time is right. He united us plenty of times. This isn’t the first time. We’ve been separated three times because of evil and fate.

    And I understand what you went through when he faked his suicide. If Adam truly died, my life would be over and I’d probably end up like Gopi did when Ahem died. Like Parvati said in KGGK, my life begins with Adam and ends with Adam

    1. Isaaq

      It’s a good thing that I chose to live. How could leave this world and leave my Adam on his own? He was born a month before me (exactly 30 days later)

      In Islam, Eve came from Adam. I can say that I also come from my Adam. Adam was the one who has always given me a new life.

    2. Isaaq

      But I’m glad me and Adam have separated several times. Distance increases love. I’ve learnt to be more independent and I’ve never felt alone because I always have Adams blessings and teachings with me.

      1. Isaaq ur absolutely right now he changed but I am not ready to get into a relation and break my dad’s trust just now he called me I told him d same thing………

  4. Motilal Johns Dad

    hai bacho kaise ho mere comments post hi nahi karte ye zalim log . mein to bas apne beta Premlal aka John ko suderne keliye yaha ata hoon . kash premlal sudar jaye

  5. Zara zamana john ka deewana . Leila my love wer r u i am eagerly waiting for you plz come back my love ? i cannot live wothout you?? Aisa kya guna kiya lut gaye oh lut gaye hum teri mohabaat me ?

  6. main kya karu ha muje budda john mil gaya maon lya karu ha muje bewakoof lover mil gaya?

  7. meri bachu main tum logo ki dadi bol rahi hoon . Issaq beta tum kaise ho aur sab kaise chal raha hai

  8. Thanks Sid and thanks akshy

  9. Thanks a lot Rose for correcting me. I have missed a lot of episodes in between. I remember watching some of the scenes sometime around last year may that Meera wanted to marry Sanskar and and she was hating Dharam. But Dharam had love for her inside. And I have also watched in another scene (same episode I guess), where Ahem hated Dheera marriage and Jogar convinced him that “though he himself and Paridhi has so much of age gap, they are happy so will be Dheera.” But later I have missed so many episodes inbetween and started watching where Gopi was getting married to Dr.Krishna.

    Don’t feel like watching it. The serial for me has become worst after Rashi died.

  10. And mahi I like episode but it hate gaura and I am fine nandhani

  11. Isaaq…u live in cloud cuckoo land. Stop spinning sob stories….these other idiots fall for ur sh1t…hahaha

    1. Isaaq

      How dare you looooool? You’re going to speak to me like that? When are you people going to learn? You don’t have no compassion for others. I hope you rot in hell. People like you are the reason why I’m always arrogant and I like to put them in their place. Ignorant piece of sh1t???

      A snake bites back you know?? I’m going to carry on telling everyone on here. And from now on, it’s not going to be sob stories I’m very sure. Next time don’t mock me? Because if you aren’t aware, I have like 30 people supporting me. You can easily get harassed on here by everyone if you talk against me. So remember next time?

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      U r a big idiot not we .Issaq is just sharing her real story with us I know u are the same psycho john who is commenting in Daddy name fool.

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Dnt dare to insult any Sunshine members or else u WL be insulted and harrased here?.

    4. Its sick of u to comment like this. John u r too childish and in sensitive. I know its u who us commenting rubbish about Issaq

  12. I am from Pakistan in first year. My subjects are maths stats economic s

    1. Isaaq

      Where are you from in Pakistan? I live in England but my family originates from Kashmir. Before the creation of Pakistan, my family used to live in Bombay. I’m a Mughal descent as well??

    2. Isaaq

      I’m 19 years old.

  13. What is ur age and where do u from mahi Sid akshy give me ur introduction ? if u don’t mind

    1. sharad I am 19 from India

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Sharad I am 22 years old and I am studying 1st year MBA and I am from Mangalore India ?.

  14. Nadini and chitu what’s ur age and where are u from

  15. Isaaq

    Guys I’ve decided to only give you all notice if anything drastically happens in terms of Adam. I’m not going to talk about personal things on here. I was foolish to believe that everyone on here were compassionate. They’re sick and disgusting people on here that laugh at sensitive topics such as mine.

    1. Isaaq

      I just find it uncomfortable because not only sunshine is reading my story but there’s silent readers as well who may not be as nice as you guys

    2. Isaaq while many of us were with u then why u need to bother about those people we r all there we understand u OK u don’t have to worry

      1. Isaaq

        You’re right. These people just annoy me. They have no sympathy whatsoever.

        Anyways, I’m in the process of thinking of a new plan. I was supposed to be going London but I had to meet a company today at university. It’s the largest accounting firm in the world??

        Today I’m meeting them to discuss a project they’re working on with Apple (the ones who created IPhones and IPads). Me and my team are going to help the firm with this project today.

        I’ve also got a meeting with a organisation I’ve joined today that relates to entrepreneurship. I have to choose my projects today and meet my new team. I’ve got a busy day. I get excited when I meet this really rich and successful people and it makes me feel proud of my achievements

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Issaq u need to be worry abt these cheap ppl . Bcoz there are 30+ friends are there to support you if anyone comment bad abt u . So u can share here anything.

  16. Isaaq

    These negative people on here are just uneducated fools are jealous of me. It’s strange,. In real life people are jealous of me and online people are the same. It makes me happy when people get jealous of me because it shows that I’m better than them. To make you fools more jealous, this is the firm I’m working with today

    1. Isaaq


    2. All d best dear

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Good 1??

  17. Isaaq

    I had the chance to go to Scotland Glasgow next week but I don’t know how to travel there and reach at the firm at 9am? The travel journey by train is 4 hours? I really want to go

  18. Ishaaq I am from Punjab ( Islamabad ) and I am 16 years old

  19. Ishaaq and mahi I am from Punjab ( Islamabad ) and I am 16 years old and

  20. Awesome.

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