Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2014 Written Update

1000th episode!

Episode begins with police asing everyone to leave. Ahem says how can he leave his daughter alone? He feels meera calling him and starts running to the corner of the cliff (trust me, I had tears in my eyes, Nazim take a bow! No one apart from you could have done it so well, well a perfect dad!) Everyone start running behind him and when ahem is about to jump into the waters again, jigar holds his hand. Ahem is distraught and jigar and ahem hug. Koki comes to him and asks what he wanted to do, and tells him that god would keep meera safe. Gopi also hugs him and jigar assures the police that they leave the place. Gopi goes to koki and asks her to remove her pain the way she does by bringing back meera, koki is stern and is remembering about how

she warned Gopi not to go to that danger area. Ahem is reluctant to leave and koki yells at him and takes him away. Jigar takes the family and himself,rashi,gopi,koki and ahem leave in one car and the rest in the other one. Ahem puts his head on Koki’s shoulder and cries. She asks him to control himself as everyone are searching for meera and they will definitely find her by the next day morning. They reach MM and hetal opens the door and asks about meera. They all enter inside and all of them are sad and silent. Madhu ben also questions Gopi where Is meera? Koki tells that haven’t found her yet but they will as soon as possible. Baa also tells them to have faith and meera will return. Gopi and Ahem fall on the floor crying and everyone try to control them. Radha is giving evil looks( I personally feel even Umang is kind than Radha).

Next day morning, everyone are waiting in the hall. Baa gets up and goes to the mandir and everyone follow her except koki. They pray to God and they hear the car sound. Gopi and Ahem run to the door and the police come there. The police come there and tell them that they have searched the entire place and they couldn’t find meera. Everyone are shocked. The police gives a piece of the frock and tell them that they found it near a rock. He also adds that they heard that there are crocodiles over there so they might have …gopi doesn’t let him complete and yells “nahii..”. everyone are shocked and radha is happy!

Gopi tells that Lord Krishna wouldn’t do something like this to her. She is crying and ahem yells meerraa(God, this man will definitely make me cry buckets). Jigar and Koki come to him and he says that she is his life and she cant leave him..he tells that he will search for her..he is crying his heart out and hugs Jigar..(cant write more..too numb to write)…

The police leave saying that they would return if they find any information. Rashi feels one accident took meera away from them. Koki is angry and says this is not accident but Gopi’s carelessness. Everyone are shocked. Koki yells saying that she always felt Gopi can never go wrong but today she proved her wron. She says gopi has given them the biggest pain of their lives. Everyone are shocked and radha is happy

Precap: After the leap, Rashi all modern with full sleeves blouse with the keys of MM in her hands, and thinks to herself that now the whole MM is in her hands. She goes to open the wardrobe and finds a snake and is afraid, it’s a toy snake used by her sons to scare her. They go behind Koki who is sitting all dull and sad. On the other side, gopi is shown in chudidhars with kids and is painting…

Update Credit to: Madhu

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  1. Very Emotional Episode . I Fell Very Bad For Meera ;-(;-(;-(

  2. whay is this meera died and kokila said to gopi to go out from modi house ahem will also say nothing kokila likes gopi so much then how she will do gopi is a mother she will have much pain than kokila how kokila can do like this please change this

  3. OMG! How could koki throw gopi out of MM., Very rude of her. She even didn’t think of gopi’s pain of losing the only daughter……… Ahem did a wonderful acting in this episode, seems father to meera in real life too…..has a fatherly atittude….apart from building muscles……… Reading about crocodiles near the pond gave currents in my stomach. By the way it’s gopi’s mistake, she should have told about her pregnancy, it could melt koki’s anger.

  4. olga maluleka south africa

    I feel sorry for Gopi nd Meera

  5. F.Y.I meera doesn’t die she is alive and re enters S.N.S

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