Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2013 Written Update

Gopi sees Rashi crying in her room and feels sad for her. She wonders who cast an evil eye on Rashi’s happiness and she is unable to see her so sad. She prays to Kanhaji to help Rashi the way He has always helped her.

Radha is in GoHem room playing with Meera and Tolu-Molu. Gopi comes there and sees Tolu-Molu sadly. She prays that for the sake of these kids Kanhaji should end RaJi fight.

Urmi enters Modi office. Ahem calls up the receptionist to get a file to his cabin. Urmi enters as the receptionist goes from there. Jigar sees her and asks her why she hasn’t left yet. He tells her that he does not want to create a scene there and orders her to leave. He goes to Ahem’s room and Urmi is determined not to leave till Jigar listens to her. Jigar

hands over a file to Ahem and is about to leave. Ahem stops Jigar and asks if he is ok. He tells him to send a lawyer home to meet Chirag and is about to leave. He stops and demands to talk to him about his fight with Rashi. Jigar says he is ok but Ahem chides him lovingly that he is lying to his elder brother and makes him sit on his chair. Jigar tells him that there is only one way but Ahem says divorce is not the way. He tells him not to take decisions so hastily. He reminds him that he (Ahem) was like this and used to take decisions in anger and reminds him that he (Jigar) has solved his (Ahem’s) problems in the past and now he is…He tells him to rethink about this and forget about divorce. He leaves but Jigar looks upset.


Lawyer is in MM and says that Mr. Modi has called him. Koki asks him angrily which Mr. Modi has called him. JiHem arrive and Ahem declares that he has called him. He declares that he wants a divorce from Gopi. Koki is shocked and Gopi in tears.


Urmi is sitting outside and she hides behind a newspaper when Ahem leaves the cabin. Jigar comes out too and Urmi calls him. Jigar ignores her and leaves closing the door on her face. He calls up a lawyer and tells him that he wants to talk about divorce and asks him to come home to start legal formalities. Urmi overhears and is shocked. She leaves from there. Jigar calls up a lawyer again and calls him to the office. Lawyer says he will be there by 5 pm.

Ahem calls up Gopi and she asks if him if he was able to talk to Jigar and if he listened to him. Ahem replies that he has spoken to him and he hopes that Jigar will listen to him. He assures her that he will end RaJi fight. He tells her he has to go for a meeting and disconnects the call. Gopi is worried.

Koki is drying clothes outside and sees Urmi coming. She greets her and asks how come she came there at this time. Urmi lies that she was just passing by so she came to meet her grandchildren. Koki taunts her that it has been a long time since she last saw them. Urmi thinks that she won’t move from there even if Koki taunts her. Someone calls Koki inside and Koki goes asking Urmi to follow. She stops seeing Urmi still standing and Urmi says she is coming. Urmi decides that she will drive the lawyer away. She sees a lawyer coming and stops him. He asks her if Mr. Modi is at home. Urmi tells him to get out but the lawyer says that Mr. Modi asked him to come. Urmi replies that he was angry and called him but he should have thought before coming. She is fighting with him and Koki comes out calling for Meethi and sees them. She asks Urmi why she is still outside. The lawyer asks Koki where is Mr. Modi. Koki says that she knows and and asks Urmi why she is troubling him. She asks the lawyer to follow her and leaves from there. Urmi is shocked that Koki knows everything and thinks all at home know. She decides to tell Rashi.


Same as earlier precap


Urmi enters MM and greets everyone. She tells them that she wants to meet Tolu-Molu and goes upstairs. Chirag asks the lawyer where is his old lawyer and the lawyer assures him that he is better than him. Chirag asks him to sit and the lawyer asks him if he wants to do this at this age. Chirag is amused and asks if this has got anything to do with age. Lawyer assures him that he will not allow his wife to take any alimony and Hetal and Chirag are shocked.

RaJi room

Urmi tells Rashi that all at home know and Koki is with the lawyer. Rashi is worried as Urmi tells her to pack her bags. Rashi says this is impossible.

Chirag is confused and tells the lawyer that he is misunderstanding but the lawyer continues assuring him that his wife will get anything from his property after divorce. Hetal is shocked and Chirag asks what he is talking about. JiHem enter and overhear Koki scolding the lawyer for talking about divorce. Koki yells at the lawyer that nobody in their house wants divorce. The lawyer claims that Mr Modi has called a lawyer. Koki asks angrily which Mr. Modi has called him.

Ahem whispers to Jigar angrily if he called the divorce lawyer home. Jigar apologises and says that by mistake he called the divorce lawyer home. Ahem scolds him how he could make such a stupid mistake and everyone is worried now. Jigar apologizes again. He tells Ahem that he will tell everyone the truth and Ahem is shocked. Jigar enters and is about to say that he called that lawyer but Ahem interrupts and declares that he called the lawyer and all are shocked. Ahem glares at Jigar and enters. He repeats that he called the lawyer and Koki asks why. He looks at Gopi and declares that he wants divorce from Gopi. Gopi is shocked and in tears. Koki looks on shocked and the whole family is shocked too. Ahem glares at Jigar who looks stunned. Koki asks him angrily what is he talking about and how could he even think..She yells at the lawyer to leave. The lawyer keeps the papers on the table and leaves. Koki goes to Ahem and asks what nonsense is he talking and if he is in his senses. She asks how he could even think of divorcing Gopi and Ahem looks uncomfortable. Radha starts crying. Koki asks if he has forgotten they have a little daughter and Ahem looks at Gopi. She asks why does he want to separate, she asks Gopi what happened between them but Ahem shakes his head at Gopi and she remains silent. Koki asks Ahem again and Baa asks him tearfully that he is so sensible then what happened. Ahem looks sad and Gopi is crying.

Urshi overhear and think that Jigar told the truth to everyone. They come downstairs and see Koki yelling. She is looking at JiHem orders GoHem to sit there in front of all and clear their misunderstandings. All are shocked. Urmi is confused and pleads Koki to stop this divorce thinking that Koki is talking about RaJi. She scolds Rashi that how she can think of divorce just because of small fights. Koki looks confused and Jigar looks at Ahem guiltily. She tells her to calm down and tells her that nobody is getting divorced. J looks at A guiltily. Koki asks Ahem again and Urmi wonders why she is asking Ahem when RaJi are getting divorced. Ahem tells Koki that he wants to talk to Gopi alone but Koki refuses and orders them to talk in front of her and all. Jigar is about to talk but Ahem stops him angrily. He requests Koki again that he wants to talk to Gopi alone. Chirag tells her to let them talk, maybe they will solve their differences. Koki moves away and Gohem move to their room. Koki thinks that they come to know even if a needle drops and here Gohem are close to divorce and nobody knows! Urshi are shocked.

Tomorrow’s Precap Ahem tells Gopi that Jigar called a divorce lawyer home and he had to take it on himself. Gopi scolds him that to hide one lie he said another lie that has hurt the family. She tells him that there is a big difference between carrying on a business and maintaining relationships. Ahem looks sad.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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