Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells family that Gopi will not stay with them and bid adieu. Doc says he is trying his best, but is not at this time. Kokila says she will go to temple and do maha mrutynjay pooja for Gopi’s life. Gopi has to live for her at least. She sees Ahem holding Gopi’s thread and asks why is he holding it when he does not care her at all. She asks Pari if she can book tickets from her mobile. Pari says yes. she asks her to book Ahem’s Mumbai ticket as he was adamant to go back since he came in. Ahem says he will not leave gopi. She says he left her long ago and she will not let him do any drama. She says even his children and friend should go with him. He continues that he will not go.

Kokila continues that she did let gopi get even a scratch even after many years, but Ahem’s daughter pushed Gopi from building. She asks Meera when she was feeling so bad for cruel Radha, why did not she hesitate pushing her mom from building. Meera says it was an accident. She says she and her dad’s favor is not needed here. She snatches Gopi’s thread from Ahem and throws it from window.

Ahem runs down and searches thread while whole family run behind him and request to calm down. Ahem finds thread on tree, climbs it, gets it down and kisses it. He then runs into hospital. Hetal asks him to stop, but Vidya asks her not to stop him.

Kokila reaches temple for maha mrutyunjay havan and says until Gopi wakes up and calls her name, she will not stop mantra. Pandit says he will do pooja, but she says she will not let anyone in between her and her eshwar. Pandit gives her pooja items and asks her to do milk abhishek before starting havan. Ahem helps her with milk abhishek and requests her to let him sit for havan. She says Gopi is only her daughter and not his wife. He kneels down and requests. She says he did not want to sit in havan with Gopi during bapuji’s barsi, so she will not let him this time, she pushes him out of temple and says he should not show his face again in life. Mansi says let us go from here. Kokila starts havan.

Ahem reminisces asking Gopi she performs pooja every other day and asks what is signifance of today’s pooja. She says it is var savitri vrat today and tells him about its significance. He goes to another temple, sees ladies performing vrat savitri prooja and says even he wants to do it for his wife. Ladies laugh on him. Pari scolds ladies that he wants to save his wife’s life, but they should be ashamed to joke on him. She says Ahem that she will teach him how to do pooja in detail.

Precap: Ahem sits for pooja when Vidya calls him and asks to come to hospital right now as Gopi’s condition is very critical.

Update Credit to: MA

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  31. Guys, a great news for sns fans:
    Ahem gets glad that Gopi has come out of her coma and is stable now. He apologizes and thanks her. He gets the food for Gopi and wanted Gopi to have it. Kokila finds the food spicy and scolds Ahem for bringing such spicy food for patient. Ahem asks Kokila for Gopi’s hand and Kokila refuses. Gopi gets moved by Ahem’s words and convinces Kokila to say yes. Ahem lifts Gopi and takes the wedding vows around the small diya. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and takes the wedding rounds. They get married again in the ICU. Meera has done a big mistake and regrets. She cries and apologizes to Ahem. Ahem’s love and trust have made Gopi fine.

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