Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi exchanges simcard in Radha’s phone. Radha comes to Kokila and offers her milk. Kokila asks her to keep it and says I will drink later. Radha thinks, she forgot her phone in her room and goes to get it. Rashi changing the sim card still. Radha proceeds towards her room. Rashi hears the foot steps. Radha opens the door. Kokila comes from behind and asks her to come with her. Rashi changes the simcard and keeps the phone on its place.

Kokila asks Radha to come with her quietly. Radha asks, what happened. Kokila tells her angrily, you can’t live in my house anymore. Everyone comes down and asks, what happened? Kokila tells Baa that she brought sugarless milk for her. Rashi thinks, Kokila is acting to safe her. Hetal says, I will make her understand. Kokila warns her not to repeat the mistake else she won’t bear her. Gopi and Rashi smiles.

Urmila comes to Tripti and thanks her for keeping her phone safely. She asks, did anyone call me? And checks the phone. She asks Tripti, did you search anything in my phone. Tripti says, did your phone have something? Urmila says, no. Tripti asks her to be careful with Radha and says she can’t change anytime. Urmila says, she is like my daughter. Tripti says, Radha betrayed her sister and asks her to be careful. Tripti gets Radha’s phone on her mobile. Urmila looks at her phone.

Urmila says, she trust Radha fully and asks her to trust her. She leaves. Tripti thinks both Radha and Urmila are together. Urmila calls Rashi and tells her that Radha called Tripti, but she didn’t pick her call. She asks her to keep Radha away from her phone.

Gopi says, she have an idea. Radha gets Tripti’s call. Kids comes and collide with her, phone falls down. Tripti thinks, Radha is with Modi’s. Kids tell her that they will play in her room and asks Radha to become a monkey. Radha refuses to play with them. Tripti calls her again. Radha disconnects the call. Tripti thinks, something is going on her mind for sure. Kids take her phone and starts playing. Radha runs after Vidya. Hetal, Gopi and Rashi smiles. Vidya drops her phone in water bucket. Radha gets shocked and scolds Vidya. she holds Vidya’s ear and hurts her. Kids asks her to leave Vidya. Gopi looks shocked.

Vidya cries. Radha says, I won’t leave you and is about to slap Vidya. Hetal comes and scolds Radha for hurting the kids. She gets angry and slaps her repeatedly. Radha says, Vidya threw my phone in the water. Hetal says, they are kids. She warns her not to raise her hand on kids again. Gopi and Rashi come inside. Radha cries and says I won’t stay here anymore. She asks Gopi to call Madhuben. Gopi calls her.

Urmila picks the call. Gopi asks her to give the call to Madhuben. Urmila calls Madhuben. Madhuben takes the phone. Gopi tells her that Radha wants to talk to you. Radha tells Madhuben that she can’t stay in Modi house anymore and asks her to take her home. Madhuben refuses to take her home and says I stays at your Mami’s house. You know how is your Mami’s nature. Urmila gets angry. Madhuben asks her to stay in Modi Bhavan. Radha tells Gopi that Maa asked us to stay in Modi Bhavan until Kokila gets fine.

Tripti is waiting for Radha to come out. Kokila comes from behind and asks who are you? Why did you come here? Tripti is speechless. Kokila says, you came here to get charity. She says, my sister Jigna gives charity, but I didn’t. She asks her to leave and refuses to give charity. Tripti looks annoyed. Kokila asks her not to show her face again. Kokila goes inside the house4. Tripti thinks, it is good that Kokila hasn’t got her memory back.

Kids play at home and make noise. Hetal says, Tolu and Molu is like Rashi and Vidya is also like Rashi. Rashi says, you should praise the kids. She says, I couldn’t believe the way you slapped Radha. Hetal smiles and says where is she? Rashi says, she might be cooking for breakfast. Kokila comes inside and tells everyone that Tripti is outside their gate. Everyone is shocked. Kokila says, I got angry seeing her, but I controlled my anger. I scolded her and came inside the house. Gopi says, Tripti will meet Radha surely. She says, time has come to apply plan no. 2. Rashi says, I will inform Mummy. Kokila says, we will prepare for our plan.

Urmila is making tea. Rashi calls her. Urmila tells her, what happened? Rashi asks her to get ready and says time has come for us to implement Plan no. 2. She reminds her what to do. Urmila says, I know everything. Radha thinks, how to call Tripti and thinks calling from Landline is not safe. Kokila comes to her and says we are going to temple. She asks her to accompany her. Radha gets shocked. Then thinks she can call Tripti from public booth. Kokila nods Gopi.

Radha says, until when we will lie to Kokila. Hetal says, we don’t have any other option, we have to continue to act. Radha says, you people act well. No one can understand whether it is acting or reality. Hetal looks surprised.

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  1. is this a punishment for radha how all She troubled MoDi family still this punishment is enough its stupidity

  2. omg,sctthis BS already! why so much nonsense play-acting req? doent the modi fly know of something called police station???

  3. Oh oh oh kya bat hai Ye series kya katum Kira

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