Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Paridhi that they don’t eat outside food and asks her to go and eat if she wants to eat outside food. Paridhi thinks to eat Pizza. Kids thinks to teach her a lesson. They stop the Pizza guy outside and asks him to give the parcel to them. Meera comes and kids introduce her as Paridhi. They pay the money. Pizza guy leaves. They take Pizza inside and opens the box. They get happy to see veg Pizza. Vidya says, we have to throw this. Meera says, we shall eat this. They begin eating Pizza and eats it. They say it is tasty. Tolu asks, what we have to do now. Vidya starts thinking.

Paridhi waits for Pizza and says she is very hungry. She goes to check the Pizza guy. She sees the Pizza cover on the dining table and gets excited. She opens the box and finds it empty. She gets a chit that Pizza was tasty and asks her to order it again. She wonders who has written it. Kids comes.

Kids tell her that they have eaten the Pizza. Paridhi gets angry and is about to slap them. Gopi comes and holds her hand. She asks her to stay away from kids and don’t dare to trouble them. Paridhi tells her that they want her to leave the house and are troubling her.

Gopi tells Paridhi that if you understands everything then why you are not leaving. Paridhi says she won’t leave this house and also Jigar.

Urmila looks at Urmila applying her lipstick and asks her not to use her stuff. She asks her to go out of her room. Gopi tells Kokila that Urmila is ready to help them. Kokila says, she is sure that they will win for sure. I will tell Urmila to talk to Paridhi’s father and make her understand that she is doing wrong thing. Urmila tells Paridhi that when she is using Rashi’s stuff then why can’t she use her lipstick. She reminds her that she brought her here. And asks her to pack her bags and leave this house. She tells her that Kokila is very stubborn and will throw you out. Paridhi says, she don’t get scared with Gopi, Kokila or Urmila. She tells her to inform Kokila.

Kinjal talks to Madhuben about Urmila agreeing to help Kokila and Gopi. Kinjal says, Rashi was everything for Urmila and it is obvious that she will love Rashi’s kids. Urmila tells Gopi that Paridhi turned a deaf ear to her talks. Gopi suggests her to talk to Paridhi’s father. Urmila says ok. Kokila calls Gopi. Gopi goes to talk to Kokila. Urmila calls Paridhi’s father and tells him about Rashi’s death. She asks him to take Paridhi from here and says that she married Jigar forcibly.

Tolu and Molu talk about their mom. Vidya also joins them. Urmila goes to them and assures that no one will trouble them. Tolu asks her to keep papa away from Pari else she will take their papa away from them. Urmila asures them that she will get Paridhi out of the house anyways. Kids hug Urmila.

Kokila tells Paridhi should not do this. Urmila tells Kokila that Paridhi’s dad scolded her. Kokila says, we have to think something else. She thanks Urmila for helping them. Urmila tells her that she came here to get Paridhi out of Jigar’s house for kids’ sake. Kokila says, it is a good thing that you are supporting us. Gopi says, what we will do now. Urmila says, she will think and leaves.

Paridhi is talking on phone with someone, Urmila sees someone standing outside Modi Bhavan and Paridhi signing him to go. She rushes back inside and tells Gopi that she saw Paridhi talking to someone and says there is something wrong. They go outside and see no one. Urmila tells them that she was talking to someone and that man was standing there. She wonders where did he go?

Hetal says, Paridhi is new in the city. Urmila says, she saw with her own eyes. Kokila says, I have full faith on your words. We have to enquire about that man.

They come inside the house and sees her going to kitchen. Urmila tells Gopi to push Paridhi. Gopi collides with her. Paridhi scolds her for ruining her dress. Gopi says sorry and asks her to change her clothes. She keeps her phone on the table. Gopi eyes her phone, Paridhi comes back and takes her phone back. Kokila tells them that Paridhi always keeps her phone with her. Urmila says, she is very clever. Vidya shows her painting to Kokila. Urmila gets an idea and smiles. She tells that she has an idea. Kokila asks what?

Kokila, Urmila, Hetal and Gopi manage to get Paridhi’s phone. They call on the dialled number and get shocked to hear a man asking Paridhi to come and do not think of betraying him.

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  1. I loved today’s episode.

  2. love dis da way every1 is treating pari.she deservs it afta takin rashis place.yey cnt wait 4 mondays episode.

  3. yes,punish d bad paridhi 4 taking my place 🙂 i m now an angel in heaven

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    1. Gopi modi,jigar modi and rashi modi.ur all da same ppl jus mssgin eachother.

  6. Everyone is here n whr is ahem I think he don’t have dialogues even in this site dumb fellow whr is kokila n other only jigar n Rashi,gopi so sad….this paridhi is disgusting…CID team is back without Rashi but I am moissing Rashi’s cute expressions…….. Kick this paridhi out always in this serial some or other comes n traps the men in the house n ladies go to their rescue….someone enters into the house traps the men n they will have had a boy friend or a husband already n don’t no why they will come to them even they have one…disgusting idiotic serial……idiotic plot…all r idiots….n this paridhi is “OVER ACTION QUEEN”………u hate this paridhi….

  7. can’t see urmilaben shah in this site. With out her kalaakari, love and dedication to work, there is no fun.

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