Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2014 Written Update

Rashi comes and sees Kokila with Radha. She asks Radha to clean her room. Kokila says she was talking to someone instead and tries to remember Tripti’s name when Radha starts acting as getting stomach pain. Kokila takes her to her room to give medicine.

Vidya asks Ahem to try food himself. Ahem tastes food and likes it. Vidya asks him to tell it to Gopi that food is nice. He says Gopi that food is nice. Vidya and kids get happy. Kids says we should celebrate today.

Dhaval says Kinjal that if he does not get the money back, police will catch him. Urmila hears their conversation standing near the room door.

Vidya, Samar, Sahir start dancing on a song throwing the sofa pillows. Kokila sees them and starts scolding. Sahir says they have vacations now. Vidya asks them to behave themselves. She asks Hetal to take Sahir/Jigar to take with her to her room. She asks Samar and Vidya to go to their room and study. She then asks Radha to clean the house.

Radha asks Gauri to come with her. Sahir says Gauri will not come. Kokila comes to teach samar, sahir and vidya. She sees misbehaving with Radha and scolds him for misbehaving with elders. Sahir shouts on Kokila also. She beats him for speaking loudly. Rashi and other family members come hearing the sounds. Sahir spits on her face and says he does not want to study and she is not his mother, he runs from there. Kokila shockingly goes out of the room. Hetal runs behind her to console her.

Kinjal says Urmila why she wants to get Dhaval in trouble by not returning his money. Urmila says she did not take money. She says if Urmila has not taken money, then who took it. Prateek’s school teacher calls Kinjal and asks her to send him for camp. Hetal says she will inform her later and cuts the call.

Kokila cries saying her Ahem/Sahir misbehaved with her and spit on her, she did not give him that upbringing and cannot tolerate it. Hetal tries to console her. Kokila says he even said that he is not my son. Hetal asks her not to think much as she is not well.

Rashi scolds Sahir for misbehaving with Kokila. Ahem comes and scolds Sahir for spitting on Kokila. Rashi tries to back Sahir. Ahem scolds Rashi and says Kokila is unwell and Sahir knows it is a bad habit to misbehave with elders. Vidya also says Sahir that he did wrong. Sahir asks sorry for misbehaving with Kokila and says he will ask sorry to Kokila. He asks sorry to Ahem for misbehaving. He goes to Kokila’s room with other family members and knocks her door. Kokila does not open the door. Rashi brings duplicate keys. Ahem opens the door and is shocked to see Kokila unconscious on floor. Ahem picks her up and asks her to open her eyes. Gopi goes to bring doctor.

Kinjal is happy that Prateek got a call for boot camp and calls Rashi to inform her. Rashi does not pick the call. Doctor gives injection to Kokila and asks family not to give her mental pressure and goes from there. Sahir asks sorry to Kokila and asks her to forgive.l Hetal asks Radha to take kids to their room and asks other family members to let Kokila rest. Radha asks Gauri where did she go in the morning. Vidya says they dont want to inform her and lock their door.

Kinkal calls Rashi and tells about the boot camp and says it is Rajkot’s biggest’s summer camp and they selected Prateek as he is very talented, it is very costly camp. She asks if Samar/Sahir got a call. Rashi says they did not and cuts the call. Urmila scolds Kinjal for troubling her daughter.

Rashi asks Hetal to tell Kinjal not to trouble her and says she called jus to inform that Prateek is selected for boot camp. Gopi says we should send our kids for boot camp. Radha hears their conversation and gets happy thinking if kids go for a summer camp, she can get Gauri out of the house.

Precap: Kokila asks Gopi to go with kids on a summer camp. Gopi says Gauri will be alone, so she will not go. Radha hears that and gets tensed.

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