Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Show starts off with the ending of the last episode. At Umang’s place with Radha telling why Urmilaa was raising washing machine gifted by Umang. Madhu says it is Urmilaa’s habitual trait and that Urmilaa is an example of walking cartoon – not exactly the same words but the gist conveys the similar meaning.

While the small talks are on ; Gopi notices the exchange of look between Umang and his wife, Lady in white. Later as Umang goes upstairs, Gopi follows him, So does the wife.

In between ; Radha is asked to get the water heated in the barroom by Umang, that geyser is not working and so Radha has to use the heater coil.
Gopi sees all these taking place. So does Umang’s wife. Gopi shares her concerns and worry with Ahem. Ahem too says something

is missing the eye which the inner eye has seen.

Umang later tampers with the electrical box in his bathroom, closes the drain, keeps the Heating Coil in the bucket, plastic. And goes off.

The wife stops Gopi and asks what is she doing upstairs while the rest are downstairs, Gopi offers a pretext that she wants to see the Home that her sis Radha married. Rest of the home is seen except the bedroom. Well Gopi continues with her tour round the home much to the worry of the lady. The wife calls Umang from the cordless and cautions Umang regarding Gopi coming his way.

Gopi checks out the bedroom and finds it alright and then the bathroom. She comes close to the exposed wire when she stumbles on the small plastic stool. And in the process knocks of the cap off the drain hole.

Hidden behind is Umang.

Downstairs preparations for lunch is being done, Gopi offers to help.

Radha is asked by Umang to check if the water is heated. Radha Goes upstairs.

Everyone is seated for lunch. Madhu misses Radha and Gopi says Radha has gone upstairs may to her room. Again, looks are exchanged by Umang and the lady.

Upstairs Radha smells burnt rubber or some other thing, sees smoke coming out of the bathroom, A blast takes places as she sees sparks from the bucket.

Downstairs scream is heard much to the shock of the family. Umang and the lady exchange sly looks.

Gopi and Ahem rush upstairs first up, followed by others.

Radha is nowhere to be seen, plastic pieces are scattered all over. Kinjal then sees Radha lying on the floor, injured.

After that the usual scene follows, Gopi hugs Radha, Madhu follows the suit and then after ensuring Radha’s well being, first aid is done.

Gopi tries to cast her doubts about Umang’s intentions, Ahem intervenes to say, Gopi is concerned of her sister and nods to her to keep quiet. After some time the maternal family of Radha take leave. Gopi once more says she would like to stay back, but Ahem dissuades Gopi.

Urmilaa conveys through Cell phone the happenings of the day in her own style to Raashi and says she had free enjoyment of drama. After more talk with spice, Urmilaa is stopped by Madhu.

The Episode Ends On Urmilaa’s Face ! ! !

Preview : – Kokila, Ahem And Gopi – Gopi tells that something is going on between the lady in white and Umang. Further she adds that things are not fine at Umang’s place, Radha is not safe. By chance Radha survived presumed attack on her. For certain, Umang and the lady would attempt to cause harm to Radha. Ahem endorses what Gopi says. So then Kokila says that the sooner the better they, Ahem And Gopi accompany her.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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