Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kids talk about Paridhi. Meera says, we shall support Paridhi. Vidya says, she is number one liar. She wants mom to lose. Tolu and Molu talk about Paridhi too. Urmila talks to Rashi’s pic and says she lighted the Navratri Jyot. She gets emotional. Her husband stand beside her. She hears the song voice and rushes out. She sees the neighbours doing garba. Kinjal is shocked too. She tells Dhawal that she invited them only for puja and not for dandiya Urmila puts the speaker off. She asks them, why they played dandiya. They say that they are just tenants and can do whatever they wants. They talk about Urmila being a selfish woman. Kinjal gets angry on them and asks them to shut up.

Paridhi sees Rashi playing the dandiya on TV and thinks it is a strange dance. She thinks to dance her way and starts dancing on a music. Tolu and Vidya go inside while Meera and Molu think to help her. Kinjal scolds them and says I don’t believe that you people are saying these words against them. She speaks on Urmila’s favour and talks about her values. She tells her that she gave good values to her daughter and Rashi died while saving Gopi. She says, she just gave them permission to do the puja. They remind Kinjal that Urmila threw you out of the house that day. Kinjal tells her that it was their private matter and warns everyone not to utter a single word against Urmila else get out of chawl. They get shocked and tensed. Kinjal holds Urmila’s hand. Urmila looks at her shockingly.

Paridhi saves Gopi from fire to get raised in everyone’s eyes

Urmila, Kinjal and everyone go inside the house. Kinjal asks Urmila not to take any tension and she will deal with chawl people. Urmila holds Kinjal’s hand and asks her to stay back. She tells her that this house doesn’t appear like one without you. Kinjal hugs her and cries. She wipes her tears. Urmila tells her that she knows about Navratri festivities speciality and says she will give permission to the chawl people to do the dandiya. Kinjal smiles.

Pari practices doing dandiya while putting pot on her head. Meera and Molu come there and the pot falls down from Pari’s head. She gets angry and scolds them. She asks the kids to go out and closes the door. She thinks she has to do the dance and impresst the elders. Vidya and Tolu get angry on Molu and Meera. Tolu says, I hate Pari. They are stupid to support Pari. He calls Urmila and inform her that Pari shouted at Meera and Molu. Urmila gets angry and says how dare she? Tolu says, Molu and Meera wanted to help Pari. Urmila tells them that she will scold Pari. She calls Pari and asks, why did you shout at my Molu. Pari thinks Molu complained to her. Urmila tells her that Molu was trying to help her. Pari tells her that she got angry on kids as she was practising.

Dhawal gives gifts to everyone. Urmila scolds Dhawal for bringing red saree for Kinjal and says she will take it. Kinjal argues with her. Urmila asks her to change her favourite colour. Kinjal tells her that you should be ashamed. Madhuben asks them to calm down and tells Urmila that red color suits on young people. Dhawal says, he will bring red color saree for Urmila. Kinjal and Urmila get angry.

Pari talks to Rashi’s pic and says you got a loving husband. I tried to become like you and is practising Dandiya. She puts the photo frame on the wall. It slips a little, breaking the glass. Pari thinks what to do now. Gopi asks Meethi about cleaning the house. She asks her to cleam Paridhi’s room as well.

Urmila asks Kinjal, what she is cooking. Kinjal tells her that she is cooking Upma. Urmila scolds her and they start fighting. Urmila’s husband tells Dhawal that they were incomplete without each other.

Paridhi wonders what to do. Gopi comes there with Meethi. Pari asks, did you come here to see my practice. Did you got scared? Gopi tells her that she asked Meethi to clean the room and asks her to help Meethi. Pari says, she will help Meethi by removing the unwanted stuff from her phone. Gopi tries to clean the photo frame and the one which was already broken falls down. Paridhi blames Gopi and asks her to get the photo frame. Gopi suspects her.

Gopi sees gum on the photo frame and questions Paridhi. She tells that she will tell Jigar about it. Paridhi gets tensed.

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