Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi is shocked to see goon peeping into Mona’s room. She calls Jaggi. Mona also is shocked seeing a stranger. Goon runs down. Jaggi catches him and slaps. Gopi says he is the same man who came in as courier bo, she asks Jaggi to call police. Goon points knife at Gopi’s neck and warns to call the girl out. Pari thinks he is talking about Mona and angrily calls her. Mona comes down. Pari yells that she trusted her and got her married to her son. Urmila starts drama and yells she is characterless like her name and her boss Ajeet/villain has called her back. Mona says she does not know this man. Goon says he is searching another girl.

Doc checks Gaura and says it is a miracle, she can walk on her feet. He will start physiotherapy for her. Vidya, Dharam, and Shravan get very happy that Gaura can walk miraculously. Gaura starts drama that she can lose her life, but not let anything happen to Dharam. Dharam emotionally hugs her. She winks at Chanda. Chanda stands dumstuck.

Urmila asks goon to leave Gopi. Goon reacts. Urmila hits his head with vase. Jaggi pulls Gopi out and holds Goon. Goon runs warning he will not spare them and will get that girl at any cost.

Gaura and her family’s emotional drama continues. Doc leaves. Family disperses. Chanda taunts Gaura that she did a big drama. Gaura stops her and says she should thank her for whatever she did. She pulls Chanda’s hair and says whatever she did today is not forgivable, but because of her,s he can walk freely in front of her family.

Mona confronts Pari how can she consider her characterless. Pari says she came under Urmila’s words. Mona yells she disrespected. Urmila asks to stop drama, Jaggi’s life is at risk as he has gone behind goon. Mona leaves and Pari walks behind her. Jaggi returns and asks Urmila to get him lassi as he is very hungry. She asks if he is fine. He says he tried to catch goon, but goon ran away. Urmila goes to bring lassi. Gopi scolds Jaggi why did he risk his life, what if something had happened to him. He says he is fine. She says he should not dare think of risking his life. He says if she is worried about him, he will not.

Gaura slaps Chanda repeatedly and warns her that she will kill her if she tries to trick her.. She strangulates her neck and throws her on sofa. Chanda writhes in pain.

Goon;s boss says that they have to find Seeta at any cost. Goon says according to Modi family’s discuss, it seems Seeta is not at their home. Boss says rich people lie a lot, Seeta is in their home itself.

Gopi passes by Jaggi’s room and hears him shouting. She gets in and sees Jaggi coming out with soap smeared around his body and says there is no water in bathroom. Gopi laughs and goes to check. Jaggi thinks Gopi laughed at least. Mona and Sona also discuss there is no water. Urmila says she will go and check water tank. Jai and Veer get worried that they hid Seeta in water tank, what will they do now.

Kokila reminisces Gaura’s warning that she should take all the blame on her, else she will blast her house. Out of flashback, constable yells at her to have food and not do any drama. Kokila cries and prays god to kill her and not let her suffer in installments.

Precap: Jaggi asks Jai and Veeru why are they crying. The both tell that they hid the girl/Seeta in water tank and to save her. Everyone run towards tank and Jaggi tries to unlock tank cover.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Isaaq

    Hi Neha. Thank you for saying my love story is inspiring. Yes I’ve faced a lot of hurdles in my life. Thank you for wishing me to be with Adam. I just need all of your blessings. I need to think of a plan and I need all of your help. I need everyone to help me think of a plan to make Adam realise how much I love him. My plans aren’t working at all because hes hiding his feelings and hes doing it well. I don’t know but hes trying to distant himself from me. If he thought I was stalking him, he would of blocked me. He declined my follow request after it was pending for a month. I’m not going to be stupid and block him. I’m not going to be angry at him. I know hes doing this for a reason. Ever since childhood, he gets worried about everyone and worries about everything. He always get anxious about what he does. I think he doesn’t want to hurt me that’s why.

    Adam I know would never decline someone’s follow request to break their heart. I know theres a reason behind his actions. I know he would happily accept someones request. He accepts strangers but he doesn’t accept mine. I know what hes doing is to forget me. He declined me this morning at 9am. I also woke up remembering him. I just need to meet him face to face. I know hes pretending. He thinks I’m going to hate him but hes wrong. I know hes not a bad person and know hes hiding his feelings

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Issaq u meet him personally and tell HW much u love him and also make him to confess that he too loves you on Valentines day .

    2. Isaaq di I am glad that u r going to confess ur feelings to him he is very great urs is a best love story I ever heard all the best isaaq di I love u…..

  2. Don’t worry isaaq everything will be alright soon.Ur Adam will be always urs only..No one will snatch him from u..True love always wins..Just u have to wait patiently.
    If he really loves u he cannot stay away from.He will understand u nd come to u live his life with u happily..True love always wins so stay positive my dear friend

    1. Isaaq

      Im waiting patiently yes. I know he will understand soon. Im waiting for Valentines Day. I know during that day, the only thing in his mind will be love. He will see banners and advertisements of Valentines Day. He will see couples romancing in public. Last year, he couldn’t control his emotions on Valentines Day. This year, Im sure he wont be able to. Im going to confess to him on that day. I know he wont refuse. True love always wins yes but it isn’t easy. Its weird how we both woke up remembering each other but he decided to distance himself from me by declining my request.

      1. Nandhini

        Ohh woww Isaaq! I am waiting for the valentines day to confess ur love to Adam?? he is a very selfless man as you said..thats why he gets hurt easily by others…with you on his side,, no one will be able to mess up with him…

    2. Isaaq

      Its almost as if he fears his feelings. He cant accept that he is in love with me yet. This is why I need to meet him face to face to remind him that we belong with each other. Adam can hide his feelings over the phone but face to face, I can see his emotions through his eyes

  3. Today’s episode was good.. sita reminds me jiaa manek.

    1. Isaaq

      I know right. She talks exactly like early Gopi used to. She acts exactly like her.

  4. Hi freinds,who was ur favourite character in SNS??
    Mine was old raashi(rucha) I was missing her so much..I wish she should come back

    1. Isaaq

      Rashi is definitely my favourite character too.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)


    3. Nandhini

      Hii Neha! My favorite character is jigar and dharam?

    4. Chithu

      Hi Neha I like Gopi, Jagi, Dhara. N Sona

    5. Chithu

      Now a days I like Urmila too. She have turned to a very caring person

    6. hi neha accept welcome from my side too.

    7. Hi Neha my fav are gopi Jai veeru jaggi and vidya

    8. Riana

      Hi mega…My favourite character is Rashi,Gopi,Jaggi,kids,Urmilla

      1. Riana

        Sorry Neha

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Star Plus long time running show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will showcase that Jaggi’s goodness melting down Gopi.

    Jaggi is similar to Ahem which makes Gopi weak but now she also feels love for him when he holds her saving from falling.

    As per the track, Jaggi tries to go out in hurry but her feet get slipped and she is about to fall and Jaggi saves her.

    Gopi feels shy seeing Jaggi and feels that she starts getting closer to Jaggi.

    Furthermore, Jaggi and Gopi’s romance is not go longer because Gaura has fixed a bomb in temple.

    Gaura (Vandana Pathak) fixes bomb to kill entire Modi family taking revenge from Kokila

    Jaggi takes blessing from god while Gopi senses as some danger near to her.

    Gaura has planned to kill entire Modi family members just to make Kokila cry lifetimes.

    How will Gopi save family from Gaura’s bomb plan?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Chithu

      The bomb is active since many days and upto know it didn’t blast. Lol
      When will Gopi find the bomb. I think Gaura have planted bombs I some other places also.

  6. Mona looks so funny with all that makeup on.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Sia,Neha,Sharad,Guru hw was episode.
    But wen kokila WL come out of jail I think gaura WL be exposed soon and she may ran away or her character might end . And with Gopi’s son entry new track may start wt say friends

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Sid! I want that great grand ma gaura’s track to end as you predicted…then fresh track of gopi’s son and seeta and new villains will be very exciting…the innocent seeta will be guided by gopi and she too will grow up to be a strong woman…those episodes where the bond between gopi and seeta will be so interesting to watch!

    2. Chithu

      I think Gaura track may not end that soon. Still the is no news of Meera. They will continue Gaura’s track simultaneously. She is too clever and will not be exposed soon

    3. Yes Sid Bhai I want this track to end and focus on dheera vivan gogi and gopis son

    4. Hi sunshines boss, shakaib, akshay,nisha, sowmya, nandhini, isaaq,rose,chinu,chithu, gettu, pratiyusha, mahi,neha,sharad, guru,ramona,rani,arvind, Ann simona, sheereste sia,sp,vp,priyanka, ragini and all sunshines, I like this episode and I think gaura really face came true.

  8. Hello frnds missd u all episode was nce n little bit funny ?..
    Welcme Neha n Sharad..neha am also frm Andhra,Kurnool..
    Chithu I also watch pardes bt nt regularly..
    Isaaq ur stry I really inspiring yaar..wenevr I vl read ur stry It vl touch my heart..go n unite vit ur Adam n cmplete ur stry dear..really like u so much dear..god bless u..

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you so much! God bless you too! I’m not giving up and Neha and everyone is right, true love will always win. My story will complete and I will get my old identity back as happy and peaceful.

    2. Hi Priyanka we missed u too how r u dng

  9. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends. Sorry for not commenting in previous one, as I was busy. Coming to episode, it was awesome. and Precap is interesting. Welcome back nandi di…. Isaaq di, Neha is right, you will get your love. Sid Bhai, I want that gaura has some motive with Gopi’s son and it shows that both Gopi’s son and. GAURA JOIN hand. I don’t think so, that gaura’s character will end.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Sid! I want that great grand ma gaura’s track to end as you predicted…then fresh track of gopi’s son and seeta and new villains will be very exciting…the innocent seeta will be guided by gopi and she too will grow up to be a strong woman…those episodes where the bond between gopi and seeta will be so interesting to watch!

      1. Nandhini

        I am sorry my comment again got posted here…thank you shakaib!? but i thimk Gaura’s chatacter will end soon and new vamps will be introduced…i think mona will plot many things against seeta…

  10. Welcome back Nandhni and welcome to the group Neha and Sharad!

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you Rani!

  11. Hi all Sunshine friends.Welcome Neha and Sharad.

  12. Kal aur aaj ka episode nahi dekh paya hoon Just read written update.Interesting lag raha hai.Baad mein dekhna hoga.

  13. Nandhini

    I think there will be no leap…the story will continue after Chanda and Gaura’s track and they will go to singapore and new story will start with gopi’s son…his adopted parents or seeta’s parents and seeta’s fiancee who was supposed to marry her will be new villains…if Gaura gets killed or disappeared,, then urvashi may get cured from coma and she may turn negative too…and already pari and mona are there to make everything worse…

  14. Nandhini

    Hii Sharad! Welcome to sunshine family!

    1. Isaaq

      Yh you’re right Nandi. He’s a selfless man and he only lives to help others. He cannot bare to see other people suffer. He’s not even like a human. He’s an angel that has no evil heart. Neha said that he’s lucky that have a girl like me in his life but the truth is that I’m the one who is lucky that I’ve got a future husband who is like an angel. I’m probably the most luckiest girls in the world that I’m getting a husband who always wants to support his loved ones. He is the perfect husband and I’m sure he is the perfect father. I can see Adam raising my children very well. I can see him teaching my children very good sanskaar. He guided me 3 years ago and helped me become a strong girl. I’m confident he is the perfect father that will always guide his children to the right path.

      And when we are together, I will always stay at his side. Adam is my life and I will always have blind faith in him. I have faith in him because I know his true emotions and feelings. I can sense his emotions by looking through his eyes. When we first shared an eye lock with each other, I saw love in his eyes. But last year, when we shared an eye lock again, I saw pain in his eyes of the separation from he that he has to go through. They say that “eyes are the windows to the soul”, this quote is correct. Me and him have spiritual connection which is why we love each other.

      And I will always support him. I pray every morning to God to keep Adam happy for the rest of the day and that he has no worries. The first thing I worry about in the morning is Adam. Because his pain is my pain. All I want is for Adam to be happy. His smile and laugh is the only thing that brings me peace. 5 years ago, my responsibility was to study and make myself successful. But today I have a new responsibility and that is Adam. I’ve promised God and myself that no matter what happens, I won’t let anything happen to Adam and will never let any evil enter his life. I will face torture and suffering but I will never let harm or distress come to him.

      1. Nandhini

        I also reckon you are the lucky girl to get a selfless person like Adam as ur future husband?? when you have children in future,, they will also have same characteristics like him…or maybe half like you and half like him?now i declare the most luckiest ones are ur future children who will get more loving parents- soft father Adam and strict mother Isaaq?? both parents will teach them good sanskaar throughout…they are so lucky! I feel the best for them now!??

      2. Isaaq di whenever u start telling about Adam did u find u could tell alot and lot about him and this shows ur love towards him u r very lucky as Nandini di said ur future children are lucky but Adam will be a soft father but isaaq di is a law student so very strict she only have one dialogue ORDER ODER ORDER!!!!! wat do u say Nandini di

  15. Isaaq

    Those who have read season 5 of Gopi Destiny so far, the precap showed Prem and Jigar fighting over Sanjana.

    However, the current story will be put on hold. The next episode will begin a mini track based on Heer previous life as Divya. Heer will basically dream about her previous life. For three episodes, it will narrate the tragic love story of Divya and Veer. The mini track will be inspired by Veer-Zara where Divya will be modern girl from Delhi and Veer will be from the Punjab. They will fall in love. Sindoora will play the vamp role in this flashback track. Both lovers will die like Romeo and Juliet. Once Heer dream finishes, she won’t remember everything. Heer father will tell her to go and complete an order to deliver food to the engagement ceremony in New Delhi, where Heer will reunite with Jigar once again.

    1. Isaaq

      This prequel will be based on the time before Gopi Destiny when Gopi was still in prison for killing Radha. Gopi had a year left when the this prequel is set. Meera and Vidya will probably appear in this flashback as well?It’s going to be an exciting three part mini track of season 5

    2. Nandhini

      I havent watched veer-zara but i am excited for this previous birth love track…so yaay heer will unite with jigar as i wished before!?…i am happy that jigar wont fall for the puppy love with sanjana and will unite with heer finally!!

  16. this gaura is too much, she should get exposed.

  17. Chithu

    Welcome sharad.

  18. Chithu

    All our new members hearty welcome. Pl comment here regularly and help us to keep our group lively.

  19. Chithu

    Its funny that after 6 yrs since Mona’s marriage Paridhi doubted here. All those green tea and face pack session have not created any bond.
    I think Seeta and Gopi’s bond will be very much like koki- Gopi’s bond. Cant wait to see new track.

    1. when will start new track?

  20. Sharad welcome to sunshine group !!!!

  21. Great Isaaq!..I think u r loving ADAM madly.if u want to express ur feelings 1st convey him that how much care u can take abt his family…..2nd tel him how u give value to his emotions…..3rd how u gonna support him in all matters…4th finally do spl arrangements like his fav food or place…….5th finally express your love…..wait for his reply…..if yes we all r happy for u…..I am not expecting no for u…..for sure he Wil accept……but before u wanna express u have to prepare for everything u have to accept everything…….don’t wait til valentines day…..before valentines day u should propose him…..I wish he may tell yesssss for u and u both together celebrate Valentine’s day…..all the best

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you for your advice! I’m not sure about proposing as I’m 19 and I don’t want to get married yet loooool.

      I want to share a relationship with him where he can tell me everything. I always want to solve his problems so that he’s always happy.

      And obviously his emotions are the most important to me because when he’s upset then I’m upset. I share emotions with him and so it’s my duty to keep him happy.

      I care about his family a lot and his brother is also a law student like me and I want to support his brother as well. I love his parents as they have raised an angel

  22. Riana

    Avg episode…i am eager to see the nxt part…when will meet her future DIL in Water tank Lol???

  23. Isaaq

    Yes Mahi?? I’ll be a strict mother and I will always want discipline. I have nephews and nieces at home and I always shout at them to have manners and speak with respect. I have a feeling I will be a strict mother in law as well? I might end up like Kokila?

    Yh Adam is very soft and he’s completely chill. You watch, when I stop my children from going partying, they’ll ask their father instead.

    My future daughter in laws should be worried? I’m going to be a caring mother in law but if the daughter in law is very lazy and rude, I will be very angry. But hopefully my sons don’t choose any evil girl.

    And yes Nandi my children are blessed. They will have two parents who love each other. The love between me and Adam will bring peace for my children.

    I’m going to train my children personally as well to fight with evil vamps and villains. I’m going to teach them everything I know. Adam isn’t much of an expert in stuff like revenge.

  24. Isaaq di definitely u will get good dilaws I trust on u ……..Lol u be like koki but don’t expect ur dils to be like gopi I mean very strict bcoz generation gap na we all will be ruled by them lol

  25. Isaaq

    Guys unfortunately he keeps declined my follow requests. Before he used to keep it pending to think about it but now he’s doing to keep me away from his life.

    What am I meant to do if the man wants to move on? He won’t accept his feelings. I’m going to stop pestering him and let him come himself. He will realise himself. I just hate the fact that he’s doing this. I’ve decided I’m going to pretend to be arrogant to him to put some sense into his head.

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