Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode Begins with everyone playing and in happy frame of mind.

Baa is Meera ; Radha in her own world, trying to find an opportunity to harm Meera. She goes over to Baa and Meera, tries to take Meera away. But Baa dissuades her.

There is an interlude between Ahem and Gopi ; Gopi tries to tell Ahem the reason for not playing but is interrupted with the ball hitting Ahem. Mini fight between Raashi and Jigar take place, ending with much merriment all-round with Jigar saying even though Gopi Sis in law is not playing, she is indeed in our team, Jigar’s team.

Shah home Madhu says that Urmilaa should take care of pregnant Kinjal well. Madhu also creates a fear if Kokila comes to know as to how much Kinjal is suffering at Urmilaa’s hands. Urmilaa might even end up in jail.

Hereabouts, Radha slips over the slippery wet moss near the edge of the cliff. Just about holds her balance by holding the railings.

Baa hurts herself when she steps on a thorn. Everyone fuss over Baa, Raashi goes to get first aid. Somehow family togetherness and happiness is with the family, merriment, funny remarks by Jigar are made.

Radha seizes the opportunity to lead Meera towards the danger area.

Gopi misses Meera and goes to look for Meera.

Radha in pretext of hide and seek, leads Meera towards the edge of the cliff. Radha hides behind a tree.

Finally, Gopi finds Meera after some search. Meera goes to the edge of the cliff, despite Gopi’s calls. Meera picks a ball and turns around. Gopi picks up Meera. Radha is disappointed.

The rest of the family are still fussing Baa and feel the togetherness. Ahem’s Father, Hetal and Kokila are glad that they stopped at this place so that they are outdoors instead of everyday life of being indoor.

Kokila misses Gopi ; Kokila and Ahem look for Gopi.

Radha throws over a stone in Gopi’s path, who steps on it and trips, but she manages to keep her balance.

Well, one more try from Radha, and this time Gopi trips and slips on the wet moss. Gopi loses her hold on Meera who falls over the edge of the cliff and falls into the river. Gopi screams ” Meera” ; Kokila And Ahem Scream ” Meera. Radha smiles.

Ahem jumps into the river, Modi family are distraught. Gopi is hysterical. Raashi take care of Gopi.

Baa faints and is revived. Kokila asks Hetal and Jigar to take Baa home. Raashi is asked to call her mother to reach Modi home and police is called.

Meanwhile, Modi family had reached the river level and are on the shore of the river.

Raashi calls her mother, but no answer, tries Kinjal but line is busy. Then she calls Dhawal and message is passed.

Ahem is in the river, trying his best and in vain to find Meera.

Shah home the usual drama of Madhu and Kinjal is taking place. Dhawal calls Kinjal and informs her of the disaster. While in this mode, Madhu had taken the cellular phone from Kinjal. She screams. Jitu and Jayanthilal come over. Later they leave the home.

Police arrive to take control of the situation. Ambulance also arrive.

The Episode Ends With Gopi In Hysterical State! ! !

Precap:- Divers say that child is not found despite their best efforts and it is almost impossible to find the child because the area in the river where Meera fell is deep. Radha is happy.

Update Credit to: Manzz

  1. Oh god what a sudden mishap! Seems a black future for gopi and all modi family.

  2. Such a b*t*h that Radha is man
    Poor gopi and meera

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