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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha gets Tripti’s call. Radha says, it is good that you called me. She says one big trouble has come up. She tells that Rashi has brought a parrot which tells about past and future. Tripti asks, have you gone mad too with Kokila. She says, Parrot can’t decide about our destiny. Rashi says, this parrot is not an ordinary one. It is Panditji’s parrot. She hears some noise and turns to see Urmila coming secretly. She asks, what are you doing here? Urmila asks her, with whom you was talking too. Radha doesn’t reply and says you can’t come in this house. I will tell everyone about you.

Urmila threatens her and says I heard your conversation about Parrot. She asks, what was it. Radha gets tensed. Urmila says, I know everything. You was behind Meera’s murder attempt and also you tried to kill Kokila with the help of Tripti. She says, I wants to take revenge from this family. Radha says, what do you mean? Urmila says, my Rashi have gone mad because of this family. They hear Kokila’s screams. Radha asks, what did you do? Urmila says, I leaked her bathroom geyser gas. She asks her to keep quiet or else….. Radha assures her that she won’t open her mouth.

Urmila asks her to organize her meeting with Tripti and says now see what I do with this Modi family. Radha comes to Kokila’s room and sees her hand burnt. Kokila wonders how the geyser bursted. Gopi goes behind Radha. Radha collides with Rashi and asks where you were when Koko got hurt? Radha says, I was outside. Gopi says, I was with her, don’t know how the geyser bursted.

Radha comes to Urmila and tells her about Kokila’s injury. Urmila tells her that they will go to meet Tripti. Radha says, we will call her first. Urmila says, we will go directly and says if I get angry then your relation with this house will break. She continues that Tripti will be surprised to see her. They leaves.

Dhaval tells Pooja that he is getting late. Pooja holds his hand and offers to drop him. Dhaval thanks him and says I will go. He takes an auto and leaves. Pooja looks on.

Urmila comes to Tripti’s house with Radha and greets her. Tripti gets shocked. Urmila says, you got surprised seeing me. Tripti signs Radha, why she came here? Radha tells her that Mamaji is with us now. Urmila tells her that they will win.

Gopi tells Kokila that Radha tried to kill Parrot and she saved it. She says, I saw Tripti calling on her phone. Tripti says, I can’t believe that your real daughter kicked you out of her house. Urmila says, she supported her family. Rashi says, we have to separate Radha and Tripti. Urmila asks Tripti and Radha to do as she says. Tripti agrees.

Urmila and Radha say they will leave now. Radha asks Urmila to come to the market with her. They leaves. Urmila purposely leave her phone at Tripti’s house. Tripti wonders whose phone is this. Urmila calls on her number and asks her to keep her phone safely. She also asks her not to read any of the messages on her phone. She reads a message sent from Radha’s phone that she will give testimony against Tripti.

Urmila comes back to Modi Bhavan and laughs. Everyone smiles looking at her. She recalls the plan made by Rashi. Rashi explains her plan. Urmila praises her plan. She recalls how they acted to make heavy sound, so that Radha thinks geyser bursted. Rashi asks Urmila to go through the pipe and jump afterwards. Rashi and Gopi changes Radha’s sim card. Kokila says, I am proud of you. She says, you used your acting in good use and thanks Urmila. Urmila smiles.

Hetal says, we have done what we can do. Gopi says, whatever we wants will happen. Tripti and Radha team will break. Tripti thinks Radha is playing double game with her. She thinks, this can’t happen. May be Mamiji is playing game with me. Radha can’t lie with me.

Tripti calls on Radha’s number. Rashi says, what we have to do now. Kokila says, it means she read the message. Gopi asks Rashi, not to pick the call. Kokila says, Radha and Tripti should not talk to each other then only Tripti’s doubt will increase. Rashi asks Urmila to go on the pretext of taking her phone. Urmila says, I will handle her. Kokila asks her to be careful. Urmila nods and leaves.

Precap: Kokila asks Radha to leave from her house. Radha is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. One more waste&worst episode….. Is such a over action is necessary to catch that Radha rat even they won’t do such over action to catch no 1 terrorists……..why can’t Radha doubt urmila how she came to know kokila murder attempt………idiots…….how long we must keep on asking to change the story line……..these writers has became big Radha’s…….no brains……just end this nuisance and nonsense….instead of calling cops these idiots are keeping group meetings …..why can’t Radha notice her sim…..big idiot…..fool……

  2. Wow koki in the buildi(ng)

  3. Kya bat hai lokeshwari dev Kuf

  4. I really liked today’s epi….the planning ws very goodddd….nd i liked the most thing tht radha nd triptii believes i don’t undtnd one thng y kokila is shoutng at radha in precap….i believe it should be some other plannn….its gong intsng……i like itt…..i wish i even don’t miss one epi…

  5. i’m eagerly waiting for monday’s’s being more interesting now…

  6. there are so many negative comments about this programmed – it reaaly should be taken off the air – its just annoying and boring

  7. It looks like some thing filmy no reality.

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