Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2014 Written Update

Radha, Rashi and Gopi bring Gauri to check if she has a mole. Radha asks Rashi to check as Gauri’s dress zip is not opening. Rashi checks and does not find mole on Gauri’s back. She asks Gopi to check. Gopi checks and says then the lady is telling lie, she is not Gauri’s mother. Radha messages lady to run from there. Gopi and Rashi come down and inform they did not find a mole on Gauri’s back and lady is telling lie. Lady tries to run. Rashi and Jigar follow her. Kids follow her and throw stone on her. Lady gets hurts and falls. Rashi catches her, but lady bites her and escapes, she gets into an auto and escape. Jigar sees Rashi injured and asks to bring first-aid box. Kokila sees Jigar holding Rashi’s hand and asks him to leave her hand. She says she will apply medicine to Rashi.

Urvashi is angry on Dhaval that he went without informing her. Dhaval comes and says he thinks he should return money to police as it is being earned illegally. Dhaval searches for money and does not find it.

Ahem informs inspector that he does not have lady’s pic, but she told her name as Sheela. Inspector says he doubts that lady was involved with Gauri and Kokil’a accident and says there must be some more people involved. He says Gauri’s life is at risk and asks if they want to keep her. Kokila says Gauri saved her life, so she does not want to send her. Inspector says he will do his investigation and goes from there. Kokila says Ahem we should be more careful now. Radha hears their conversation and gets tensed. Gopi sees her getting tensed.

Rashi calls Urvashi and informs her about the kidnapper coming to kidnapy Gauri and says she is puzzled why she wanted to kidnap Gauri. Urvashi says once Kokila’s memory is back, mystery will be solved. Urvashi informs about Dhaval getting a lot of money.

Radha wakes up after a bad dream. Samar/Sahir getup and ask what happened. She says she got a bad dream about Gauri. Samar/Sahir go out to call Gauri. Gauri comes and asks Vidya what happened. Vidya tells about her dream. Gauri says not to worry and says she will recite a bhajan. She starts bhajan Radhe Radhe ratte jao……Gopi hear bhajan and goes to check. Kokila also gets up hearing Gauri’s bhajan. Kokila says she thinks Gauri is related her in her past life, she thinks Gauri is her dear one and prays god to protect Gauri. Radha watches them and thinks she should do something about Meera.

Gopi comes to her room and sees Ahem looking at Meera’s pic. Gauri makes Vidya, Samar/Sahir sleep and goes back to her room. Radha looks at Gauri and starts a drama. She acts like praying god and says since Gauri came home, only bad is happening to the family. She then looks at Gauri and asks her to go and sleep. Radha gets Tripti’s call who asks if she thought something to get Gauri out of the house. Radha says she has made a plan.

Ahem calls Meera’s name in sleep. Gopi hears him, goes near him and catches his hand. She looks at Meera’s pic in his wallet. Ahem gets up and asks Gopi how dare she to touch him. Gopi says even she remembers Meera a lot. Ahem gets up and goes out angrily. Radha sees Ahem coming out.

Gauri remembers Radha’s words. Radha comes to Gauri’s room and starts telling loudly that Ahem and Gopi fought because of Gauri and they think Vidya was going to be kidnapped becase of Gauri. She should not tell it to baa as she will get tensed. Radha hears hears her conversation and comes out. She sees Gopi and Ahem crying and thinks Radha was right, Gopi and Radha are fighting because of her and she should go out of this house.


Precap: Rashi informs Kokila that she searched whole house and did not find kids. Kokila thinks kidnapper kidnapped all our kids.

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  1. Ahem calls Meera’s name in sleep. awwww so cute………

  2. Ahem gets up and asks Gopi how dare she to touch him.——– now on dat line ahem was actin mean,,, wot for?? :/ ..

  3. hw much more this radha’s evilness is going to go. ahem just like u lost ur daughter gopi lost her kid, she does not show her hurt but u dont understand her also. why dont the modi people keep an eye on radha as it is hw many times radhas acts should have given suspicion to them. Gopi should now think only about her children not her rashiben. becoz anytime rashi is in trouble gopi is the person to save her. if she uses her intelligence even 1% she can find out the culprit, becoz yesterday i think she saw radha evesdropping when ahem and inspector were talking and she was afraid.

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