Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Molu does online shopping from Jigar’s card. Jigar gets SMS and is shocked to see someone is shopping from his credit card. He hears kids doing online shopping and asks who used his card. Molu says he shopped. Jigar asks who taught you this. He says Pari.

Pari gets ready wearing chaniya choli, jewelry, etc., like Rashi and asks Kokila how is she looking. Gopi says she is trying to look like Rashi. Pari sees Hetal sad and says what if Rashi is not there, she is there and asks not to get sad. Jigar comes down shouting her name. Pari thinks he is mesmerized with her beauty. Jigar asks how dare she is. Kokila asks what happened. He says Pari is teaching kids to lie. Pari asks what did she do. Jigar says Pari thought molu to steal his credit card and shop online. Pari says she just taught molu to shop online but did not tell him to steal your credit card. Kokila asks what was the need to teach kids online shopping. Pari says technology has changed and who will teach them all this if not we. Gopi says you taught them to do online shopping, but did not teach what is used to shop online. Jigar asks Pari to keep away from his children. Kokila says Jigar is right and says Molu she will forgive him as he made mistake first time and asks him to apologize. Kids apologize and leave from there. Kokila scolds Pari for breaking her trust and says she cannot be like her Gopi bahu and walks out from there while Hetal and Baa follow her.

Pari apologizes Jigar for her mistake and asks if she is looking like Rashi. Jigar walks out from there. Pari tries to follow him, but falls with her dressing coming in betwen legs. Gopi holds her and says Rashi used to tell not to wear heels with chaniya choli as there is a risk of falling. Jigar says whatever she tries, she cannot take Rashi’s place and leaves from there. Gopi says she was happy that Kokila called her Pari bahu, but Kokila never helped wrong people and she lost her confidence with her mistake. She says if Kokila will know about her lies, she will feel very bad. Gopi sees Jigar crying remembering Rashi and tries to console her by saying kids will feel bad if they see him in this condition. He says he cannot forget Rashi and says he wants to ….. She asks him not to think of that even in his dream and asks him to be courageous. He says Pari is troubling him a lot. She says he has to be courageous for kid’s sake. Pari sees Gopi with Jigar and thinks Gopi will not let her go near Jigar. Jigar says he will go out as he does not want kids to see him in this condition. Gopi says he is right and asks him to come home soon.

Pari comes to her room angrily and removes her jewelry saying everyone in this house are against her.

Savita reaches Modi bhavan to get donation for navratri festival. Kokila gives her cheque. Savita says it is sad this time Rashi is not available and says her bahus will win dandiya competition this time as Gopi does not have her partner Rashi. Pari says she is there in place of Rashi and will team up with Gopi and win competition. Kokila says we are not participating this time. Pari provokes Gopi and asks if she is afraid that she will overtake her. Gopi says Kokila that she will participate in competition for Rashi’s sake. Kokila agrees hesitantly. Gopi thinks with her partcipation she will prove that nobody can take Rashi’s place, not even Pari.

Urmila sees Kinjal silently walking around her and thinks Kinjal has changed and this it is good if she will come back to her home and then thinks why will she come back. She gets Pari’s call who informs that she is participating in dandiya competition and says it is because of Gopi who told Rashi used to dance very well and this time she will win, so she took up challenge. Urmila says Rashi used to win as Gopi was not there for 8 years and nobody can defeat Gopi. Pari says she will do anything to win competition.

Precap: Pari takes out Rashi’s pic and says this time she is participating in dandiya competetion in place of her. Gopi comes and sees her holding Rashi’s pic.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boring boring boring

  2. no shamin kasim its to awesome i love it if u think it is boring then dont see the updates clear

  3. It’s amazing
    But dua you can’t stop shamim kasim from looking at the updates he might have wanted to say that to people so he commented it . You got it dua. You can’t tell anyone what to pod so get your facts straight because you think its good and shamim thinks it’s boring but listen everyone has different opinions . Keep your thoughts to yourself dua. Don’t know who you think you are so keep your big mouth shut and keep your big nose out of stuff. You got it .

  4. Bye people

  5. Pari is highly irritating. Aur kokila ko ho kya gaya. Aur savita aunty ka billi churana so stupid.creatives ko lag raha hai ki kuch bhi dikha sakte hain aur log dekhenge.bahut bakwas hogaya ye serial abhi.koi story line to hain hi nahi

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