Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari alleges Gopi for mixing pain in her haldi paste and says everyone think Gopi does not make mistake, but in my case, she always makes mistakes and lies. Kokila asks her to shut up. Pari asks instead of scolding Gopi, why is she scolding her. Gopi says if she thinks she is purposefully doing misake, then she will not attend any functions of hers and walks out from there. Pari says Gopi spoilt her haldi function. Kokila asks her to stop cribbing and to wash her face for the haldi ceremony.

Pari’s dad comes to Gopi’s room and says he knows she does not like Pari, but she has to give her a chance and make Pari like her. Gopi says he has misunderstood her, but dad is adamant in his words.

Urmila comes home back angrily and thinks how can Modi family forget Rashi’s death so easily and start Jigar’s marriage function. Kinjal comes and asks her to stop getting angry, else she will fall ill. Urmila asks her stop her drama, says she is hands in glove with her mom and went to celebrate functions. Kinjal says it is not like that and asks what is wrong if Jigar thinks of moving forward in life for his and his children’s better life. Madhuben asks if Rashi would have felt good seeing her unhappy. Urmila thinks she will not let this marriage happen.

Pari cribs on Gopi and starts cleaning her paint haldi. Roopmati comes and says she should forget everything and be happy as tomorrow is their special day. Pari asks why is it special day for her. Roopmati says she means special day for Pari. Gopi says Ahem that she did not do anything and Kokila is also doubting her with Pari. Ahem says mom is not doubting you. Roopmathi/ugly Radha hears their conversation hiding and thinks her plan to punish Gopi is working well. Kokila meets Gopi and says she knows she did not mix paint in haldi/turmeric, but must have checked it at least before applying it on Pari, asks her to be careful next time. Gopi gets overwhelmed thinking even Kokila is doubting her.

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Gopi reaches Pari’s room with her bridal wear. Pari gets angry seeing her, takes dress and shuts doors on her face. Once she goes Roopmati comes and says she came to help her get ready. Pari says she needed someone to help and thanks her.

Jigar looks at his marriage dress and starts crying. Ahem comes there. Jigar hugs him and cries vigorously, asking how can he do this to Rashi. Ahem says he understands his state of mind and says Rashi must be proud of your faithfulness, asks him to get ready soon.

Roopmathi/ugly Radha helps Pari get ready. Pari asks her to get hair dryer and set her hair. She gets hair dryer and purposefully drops it on her foot. Pari asks her to apply ointment on her. She does so and then helps her wear jewelry. Kokila calls Roopmati and she leaves. Pari sees her broken bangle on floor and says her dad that it is a bad sign and she is worried that something wrong will happen. Dad says nothing will happen and ask her not to believe in superstitions. He says she is really looking like Pari/Angel today.

Hetal calls Gopi and says she is feeling bad that she is not attending her devar’s marriage ceremony and without her, her devrani cannot come, says she will be happy if she attends marriage. Kokila asks Hetal not to force Gopi if she does not want to come. Ahem tries to interrupt, but Gopi stops him.

Precap: Urmila reaches marriage venue with a sign board that this marriage cannot happen. Urmila asks her to move aside and let marriage complete.

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  1. Yess, Urmilla u r making this show more fun. Thanks Mr.Writer for making this show more enjoyable.

    1. John….nice joke keep it up yaar.

  2. Don’t know why always something…no everything goes wrong in this modibhavan n the most shocking news is that jigar is going to be get married to both radha n pari disgusting what wrong message is this serial giving to the audience to have more than one wife…how can radha manage so easily but not others without getting into the eyes of kokila ….in other matters she discovers each n everything but not radha why……make some logic use some brains n write a better story r else take wrap n start a new story withgrown up kids…..always sorrows

    1. Seriously… stupidest story filled with just sorrows… Illogical too.. how can radha be back so soon for all the mistakes she did… Backwas… I have stopped watching… Hope the TRP drops and they wrap up…

    1. U r welcome john

    2. U r welcomed john

  3. One more message is being conveyed to d audience….one should remarry immediately after death of ones wife…..n dat too with a huge celebration….third class show….

  4. Agree with u rishi….atleast show should have taken a leap of an yea before jigars wedding …show fat d wedding could have been tolerable by rashis fan……
    writers n dirrectors r disgusting

    1. feel like all dump heads are clubbed in this one show…

  5. Rubbish

    1. What a rubbish story………

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