Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2013 Written Update


Urmi still there in Umang house.. she trying her best to convience them that she forgive them and acept their marriageheartedly. aslo she brought gift for them.. first Radha hesitate but Umang nod his head so she acepts…


Madhu Ben asked frm Kinjal abt Urmi? mainwhile doie bell rings.. Madhu thought it must be Urmi and open the door… but instead Gopi and Koki were there… they come in inside.. later Urmi will also enter along Washing Machine and Air Conditioner Madhu ask her frm where she get these things..?? Urmi replied!! thats someone gifted me. Madhu says who’s someone?? than Radha enter along saying me gifted her. Madhu Gopi Koki Kinjal evetyone get shocked… Radha tells her mother these gifts Umang brought fro them, coz we spend our whole life in such poor condition so frm now Umang wants u spend ur remain life with all ficilities. Madhu get mad on Radha and ask her to picked her gifts n get out frm her house they dont needed. Urmi yells on Madhu that how dare she give order thats not her house.. this house is her’s and that decision would also be her which thing she accepts or which not… than Umang also entered on house.. He insist Madhu for acepting his gifts.. but Madhu not accept. than Radha peaise Umang qualities.. Gopi come forward n said to her mother dont heard Umang bettery words he very clever and smart he just doing all for fooling u all. Madhu replied her..!! Yes dear i know how much this guy is disgusting.. Urmi again start her Umang praise song… she tells Madhu that she us very who have Son In Law like him.. nor who Inlaws gives such gifts she is lucky enough otherwise some of Inlaws are good gor nothing. Koki glared at Urmi. Kinjal said to Urmi… good this umang gives just two gifts or she start adoring him.. Urmi shut her up.. while said that u does not need to poke in between wht she bring till yet frm her house.. and if umang gives us so whtz wrong in it? Madhu yet again ask Radha picked ur gifts n go out.. Urmi repeats her words but Madhu shut up her while saying this house is not her’s this house is her brother he run the house and also they beg food frm her either… than Umang sweety said its fine if coz of his gifts u ppl fights so i brought them back.. Koki quitely observed whole stouation.. Urmi stop Umang that no she acept his gifts and wheather Madhu so she would understood her… Radha smiles n both leaves..! Madhi cries and says thar she get furstated handling all.. Koki tell her that hence she was stood quite coz utter between them was fully useless..than she says that she have plan for catching Umang & brings his ture colors infrnt of Radha.


Hetal making food than Rashi comes n ask her where is Koki n Gopi?? Hetal tell her that they both went Rajpal Najar.. Rashi amazed to know that tbey went to my house and no one told me either… Hetal replied both must had some work so thats why they went there… Rashi get annoyed n leaves.
than she call Urmi giving her newz abt Koki Gopi comes in her place.. Urmi replied her they both alread is there sitted infrnt of me so i talk later with u..


Acciding to Koki’s plan Kinjal calling Umang… Umang saw Kinjal number get suspect than he secretly picking phone… Kinjal in very sweetly way talks with him.. she asure him that now she also forgive him and want to meet with him.. coz Radha sitted infrnt of him so he walk out frm his room.. He shows his pleasure and happiness listening Kinjal’s words.. he tells her come at my house we will meet here.
Kinjal cut the call so Koki Gopi and Madhu sitted in right front of her… she get happy that their first plan is suceed but Koki warn her dont be so happy Umang is very smart player so they must need to took all their steps carefully..


Radha calls Umang frm his backside when he cutted Kinjal call.. Umang hear Radha voice get scared.. Radha come near him and ask him hows his new necklace looking.. Umang take sigh of relief and smilingly said wounderful this looks very pretty on her like just made it for her only.. Radha blush n leaves…
Umang tell to Bhabhi plz bring Radha out sone where for couples of hours.. she said why?? Umang replied!! coz Kinjal is coming here meet with me.. she said ohhh!! only bring Radha away or me also go away.. Radha comes n said wht u both talk for?? His Bhabhi said no we just talking Umang said me that he is so busy in his work so why not me take Radha out for move.. Radha blush n says Umangji how much u care abt me.. than both ladies leaves… so Other four ladies come there Gopi saw Radha is coming so they hide behind car… Radha car gone than these four cones out Gopi said Radha is gone so Koki said so wht if she had goes we still doing wht we coming fro?? Kinjal entered inside the Umang house and remain three ladies watch her outside the window… Umang waiting for her… she comes near him.. he shows her… how much he is happy to know Kinjal forgive him… Kinjal seeing Koki n all standing on window Koki asked Gopi capture Umang video as avidence though they will shown Radha later… Kinjal abt to start her conversation than Umang suspects something and turn towards window and The End.

Gopi showing some photos to Koki frm her phone… She suspcious on Umang Bhaibhi who is in photos along Umang as being married woman.. when she is Vidwa… Gopi said there must be something fishy behind it.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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