Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem goes to pick coffee from vending machine, but it does not work. Gopi comes and gets him coffee. He says he does not need coffee. She says she is taking it for herself. He goes to Kokila’s room, reminisces insulting her, their happier days and starts crying vigorously. He kisses her hand and hugs her. Gopi sees that and thinks when he loves his mom so much, then why did he leave her.

Meera, Vidya and Jigar come in the morning. Meera asks how is daadi now. Gopi says she is fine. Meera says she did not ask her. Gopi says she is informing Jigar and says Kokila is fine and after tests, docs will discharge her. Ahem asks where is Mansi. Meera says she is upset about her engagement breakup and says because of someone, engagement stopped unncessarily. Gopi asks if her daadi’s health is more importan than her papa’s second engagement. Meera says she knows what is right and says her papa’s happiness matters to her, she wants to see her papa and Meera mom unite. She continues that some people think if they exit from someone’s life, their life will be shattered, but it is not the case for her papa, he will live happily with Mansi. Gopi asks if she has forgotten how to speak to elder asks her not to make her remind she is her mother and misbehave with elders. Meera asks her to stop her drama and asks Vidya to call Mansi and inform that they have reached hospital safely. Gopi says everyone mom wants children’s happiness and even children cannot see mom’s tears, though it is breaking of their engagement. Meera asks how dare she…Ahem asks them both to stop. Doc comes and he asks how is mom.

Kokila wakes up. Vidya says she wants her daadi to come to her home so that she can take care of her. Kokila says she cannot come there as it is not her house. She goes near Ahem and says it is time for him to come back to his family and his mom and says she wants to spend rest of her life with her son. She asks him not to become so tough and says she will apologize him if she has made any mistake. Mansi silently watches everything. Ahem says he cannot return back and says that house is not his, he is spend life freely in Mumbai, so he will not go back to Rajkot and says I am sorry Mrs. Modi. Kokila says Gopi that he is calling her again Mrs. Modi instead of mom and says she forgot he does not consider her as his mom and asks Gopi and Jigar to take her back home. Gopi says she is still weak. Ahem says even he wants her to stay with him until she is well. She says she will not get well in life now until her son stays with her. She says she did not know he son will not hold her hand again and says in childhood he was so arrogant and egoistic, but she used to control him with love, says mom has ways to console her child, but her son has grown so much that she does not have any way now except requesting him holding her hands. She says Jigar and Gopi to her back. Meera and Vidya request her to stay. She hugs them and says she has to go as god gave her grandchildren but does not want to pamper them. She hugs Ahem and blesses him to live happily and asks Jigar and Gopi again to take her. They all 3 walk out leaving Ahem tearful.

Precap: Kokila says Ahem tough he does not consider her mom, she consider him son and asks him to set her body afire when she dies.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This is a perfect serial.

  2. abb kitnaa time lagengi..iss boring serial ko katam karne me…. itana stupid…our over emotional serial mene app ni jindagi me nehi deka… plz… stop this serial….

  3. Gopi give a tight slap to Meera so that she can behave…

  4. Gopi, you are very sensitive. Anyway Meera has some feelings for you so you should make her believe that you are innocent.

  5. I mean Vidya.Meera is totally out of control.

  6. wow wat spoil brats!! wat a wonderful upbringing ahem and their so call mother mansi give them.If their were mine i’ll give to two tight slap each to them for speaking against elders like that. no respect i tell yo. Ahem doesnt even sees that and even encourages them while mansi says she is their mother what mother would let their child behave like tht?

  7. Meera is probably mad because she usually does whatever she wants and is afraid if Ahem gets back together with Gopi, she will not be able to go out and get drunk and party anymore. I hope Gopi brings up about Meera going to jail and Mansi knew all about it. Also, about Vidya and Meera sneaking around for Meera to party. What is Ahem soooo angry about? He left his family behind to own a bakery? He did not know how to make a cup of tea! Why did he leave his family behind but took the children? He should have left them too.

  8. Meera is a b*t*h

  9. Meera is b*t*h.

  10. But meera is absolutly right on her place, as gopi killed radha only to be mahan

  11. What will happen now? Mansi doesn’t seem to be that bad. It’s all ahem!

  12. Mansi isn’t bad, but Ahem is someone else’s husband. Ahem needs to get a divorce first. I don’t know why Mansi would want to be with someone that treats his mom and the rest of the family so bad.

  13. Dont like the way Meera behaved to her mom.if that was me, I would have slapped her there and then..and I cant understand y Ahem is so angry on his family..hopefully the next episode is more interesting and not just the yelling and all.

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